3. Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause

Adolph Could Not Have Done it Without Him

Adolph Could Not Have Done it Without Him

As shown by the Minutemen, Libertarians use scapegoating as a unifying principle. Contrasting American Libertarians with German National Socialists, there were many more scapegoats than just Jews. Disabled people were the first victims of Nazi genocide. The corporations were looking towards milking the national coffers for scheckel they could get. The Nazis preached that Jews, socialists, intellectuals, and disabled people were threats to German principles, and Brown Shirts would beat them up in the streets of Berlin. The disabled were quietly murdered and cremated in a chilling prequel to Auschwitz. That way the money that went to care for the disabled could be sucked up by the corporations.
Libertarians are not beating people up in the streets yet, but they are getting close with the Minutemen. Undocumented workers are being presented as the cause of all economic woes. Mexican migrants are accused of stealing American jobs. They are also accused of stealing American tax money through social services. As I mentioned in my last post, the low wages that undocumented farm workers earn make produce grown by small farms competitive. If the small farmer had to pay minimum wage, he would have to sell his produce at a higher price than produce imported from Mexico. Not being able to make a living, the small farmer would have to sell out to a corporation. The myth of government spending is also an excuse to oppress undocumented workers. Fear of money being drained from the non-existent government mattress is used as an excuse to disregard the 14th amendment.
Threats against undocumented workers create a dangerous undercurrent of violence in the Libertarian movement. Libertarians feel free to invoke their Second Amendment rights to defend themselves against the “migrant threat”, while ignoring constitutional guarantees of due process and legal protection for everybody. Violence is proposed as the answer to other problems than simply undocumented workers. A Libertarian on another blog recommends shooting somebody over the theft of a sandwich. With this sort of mentality, it’s only a matter of time before the Minutemen work themselves into actual violence against undocumented workers and other scapegoats
Once the violence begins, other minorities will also be targeted. We can look forward to threats and violence against anybody who does not conform to the Libertarian version of American values. Through the Protestant Work Ethic, poor people are seen as inferior and targets for Libertarian bile. Disabled people are seen as objects of charity and not as actual individuals with contributions to be made. Disabled people have already become verbal targets for demanding their Constitutional rights through the courts. African Americans have been verbal targets for years, and Libertarians now use Martin Luther King as a ventriloquist puppet just as they use Tom Jefferson.
There is a strong current of bullying and preying on the weak in Libertarian philosophy. Essentially it is the philosophy of the school yard bully. Disagreements with the majority are simply not allowed. Rather than argue, Libertarians deride opposition. They shout down rather than speak. “Do you think government can do a better job?” is a common intimidation tactic. Another tactic is referencing grade school anti-socialist propaganda. When all else fails they appeal to the Founding Fathers like Christianoids appealing to the Bible.
The purpose of Libertarianism is to manipulate society for corporate advantage. Corporations want workers who will obey, not workers who will think. Peer pressure makes a workforce that is ready to follow company policy without question. This is why there is such an anti-intellectual current amongst Libertarians. This is why there is always the threat of violence. Scapegoating assures the corporations employees who will not stop and consider their own needs and wants. To do so would be unAmerican.

Another Winning Combination

Another Winning Combination

2. Disdain for Human Rights Part 2: The Minutemen

Nazi Minuteman

Nazi Minuteman

There is no branch of the Libertarian Party that shows its true fascist colors better than the Minutemen. That they are tolerated within the ranks of the Libertarians is proof that the Libertarians have absolutely no respect or regard for the Constitution they claim to be defending. The Minutemen are the Libertarian version of the Nazi Brown Shirts. Rather than tormenting Jews, the American Fascists are tormenting undocumented workers. Their actions vary from posting bizarre paranoid articles on the Internet to threats of actual violence and bodily harm to Mexican immigrants; documented and undocumented alike.

Claiming 2nd Amendment rights, The Minutemen are armed and claim that they are a legal and well regulated militia. They are not legal. Minutemen exist in defiance of the 14th Amendment.


Everybody within the borders of the United States has the same legal protections. Undocumented workers have the same rights to legal protection for their lives and property as American citizens. Undocumented workers have the same rights of due process and a jury of their peers. So far, the Minutemen have contented themselves with blowing off a lot of hot air. They do some counter protesting, or they swill beer in their yards while watching the border. So far there has been no violence. Once the Minutemen harm an undocumented worker, they will prove themselves to be an illegal organization and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The Minuteman are a perfect illustration of the mindless nationalism which dominates the entire Libertarian movement. It is reminiscent of Nazi Aryan superiority. To the Libertarians, only American citizens have the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Apparently Constitutional rights are so rare that there are not enough to share with guests. The very name “Minutemen” brings to mind the Revolutionary War and Paul Revere’s famous ride. It is a chilling reminder of the Brown Shirt’s association with the Teutonic Knights and the Vikings. The Minutemen evoke mythic history to confront their make-believe danger.

Indeed, undocumented workers pose no danger to either the American economy or the tax payer’s money. Undocumented workers take jobs that the average Libertarian spits upon, and the undocumented worker’s role in agriculture is the only thing that keeps the small farmer competitive with the agromonopolies. In a healthy economy, the cost of medical and social services are easily absorbed through the intelligent investment of our tax money. True, right now we do not have a healthy economy. Thanks to the Neocons and their Libertarian lap-dogs, we have a very sick economy. Still, that is no excuse for ignoring the 14th Amendment.

This brings us to the Libertarian disdain for human rights. Just like the Nazi Brown Shirts, the Minutemen exist only to deny rights to a minority. In this specific case, to a brown skinned Spanish speaking minority. You might notice that the Minutemen are not that active at the Canadian border, even though we do get our share of undocumented Canadians. I have not heard of the Minutemen protesting the undocumented Irish in San Francisco. The Minutemen are simply an expression of economic white elitism that is one of the cornerstones of the Libertarian movement.

In my next post I will be describing scapegoating in Libertarianism, and then we will return to the subject of the Minutemen.

It's Official

Change You Can Predict

2. Disdain for Human Rights Part 1; Overview

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

There are few things that threaten corporate profits more than human rights.  Laws that protect the rights and dignity of humans beings also protect human beings from corporate exploitation.  Human rights include the right to housing, the right to medical care, the right to a living wage, and the right to legal protections from abuse.  Each of these rights limit corporate profits.  All fascist movements exists to destroy all laws that limit corporations.  That is why eliminating human rights is amongst the Libertarian Party’s highest priorities.

Disdain for human rights goes along with the rampant nationalism.  In Germany the Nazis had their myths of genetic superiority.  Nationalism was equated with Aryan purity.  If you were pure Aryan, you were superior to non-Aryans, and that gave you more rights than everyone else.  So the rest of the population had to identify with Aryan superiority or be treated as a lesser person with fewer rights.  Sympathy and compassion towards the genetically inferior people (Slavs and Jews) was seen as inferiority by the master race.  This perceived inferiority became a reason for arrests and imprisonment in work camps.

In the case of the Libertarian movement,  disdain for human rights is presented as a religious principle. (We’ll go into the confusion between government and religion in the appropriate place.)  The American myths taught in the school rooms take on a religious aura.  The westward expansion stops being the story of blatant imperialism and becomes a myth equal to Moses leading the Children of Abraham into the promised land. Native Americans cease to be the victims of Imperialism and become “The Enemy”. Minorities who have been exploited by Corporate America become naturally inferior to those Americans who have embraced the values of our pioneer ancestors.  African Americans,  Gays,  and Hispanics who have been historically oppressed by American Society,  are seen as weak and inferior for demanding their Constitutional rights through the courts rather than embracing the Social Darwinist principle of survival of the fittest

The myth of individualism and dog-eat-dog Capitalism extends to the Libertarian’s own rights as workers and members of society.  This is shown by the heavy influence that the Protestant Work Ethic has on the Libertarian movement.  The original Protestant Work Ethic of the Puritans stated that wealth was a sign that you were going to heaven.  Poverty was God’s way of telling the world that you were damned.  Amongst Libertarians wealth is seen as a sign of superiority and poverty a sign of inferiority.  Therefor,  impoverished African Americans are impoverished due to their inferiority,  not because of prejudice. Their inability to find work is not due to the fact that American jobs are being outsourced but through some imagined inferiority. Like all other movements where religion gets confused with politics, Libertarians see no need to be logical.

Our Puritan forefathers also believed that illness and tragedy were signs of God’s displeasure.  If you were wealthy and died of pneumonia,  it was a sign that God wanted you in heaven early.  If you were not so wealthy and died leaving a small estate or no estate,  it was a sign that you were screaming in hell and that your wife and children would soon be screaming with you.  So in the Libertarian mind set,  getting a fatal disease or suffering a disabling accident is a sign of inferiority.  Only the inferior demand a national health plan because true Americans can pay their own way.  If a True American gets sick or injured he has the insurance or the Capital to pay outrageous medical bills.  If he is too sick to work and the medical bills are too much for him,  then he is inferior and he can beg pennies in the streets or die in the gutter.

Any one of us can find ourselves in financial trouble through no fault of our own.  As one speaker I heard stated it, “we are all one paycheck away from homelessness”.  Tragedy can hit any one of us at any time, and it is not a sign from a non-existent God nor is it a sign of inferiority.  The only people who benefit from the Libertarian movement are the corporations.  As corporations have the most money,  they are perceived as being superior and having more rights than the rest of us.  Collective bargaining,  employment laws, and nondiscrimination laws are seen as weaknesses.  Therefor corporations can under pay their workers,  can have dangerous work environments, and discriminate without restraint.  Corporations can also hire goons to break strikes, refuse medical treatment to the terminally ill or indigent, and evict poor people from their homes.  According to the Libertarian movement It is the fault of the victims for not being “American” enough.

The myth of the individual is simply a divide and conquer tactic designed to prevent Americans from working together.  If we work together for common goals, such as human rights for everybody and not just the wealthy, we are a threat to corporate profits.  We will look at this in more detail in my next post,  which will concern the Minute Men.

A Republicrat Like Biden is Change?

A Republicrat Like Biden is Change?

1. Powerful and Consuming Nationalism Part Two: The Myth of Government Spending

The Face of Freedom in Corporate America

The Face of Freedom in Corporate America

Corporations are leeches sucking the life’s blood out of any government which allows them to grow out of control. Many of the people who penned the Constitution knew this. This is why the Constitution grants we the people the rights and powers to regulate corporations. This is why Libertarian propagandists keep quoting the Federalist Papers instead of the actual Constitution. When confronted with the actual Constitution, the Libertarian propagandists claim that the Founders didn’t really want government regulation of corporations. So Libertarians simply ignore the parts of the Constitution they don’t like.

The problem with corporations is that they are clever and adaptive parasites that rarely kill their hosts the same way twice. Nationalism is a form of protective coloring that helps corporations fool their victims into thinking that they are benign entities. In Germany, the corporations wrapped themselves in the trappings of socialism. They even called their political instrument the National Socialist Party and sucked out government money in the name of the people. The Nazis funded the construction of the Volkswagen factories, but it was Henry Ford who pocketed all the profits. Hitler began a program of guaranteed employment, but it was the government that was actually paying the salaries. The corporations were getting free labor.

American corporations are living in hog heaven. They have no less than 50 individual governments to suck dry, but they are held back by the Federal Government. For instance, in order for Enron to have ripped off the State of California as badly as they did, they had to trick the California voters into deregulating the state power industry and take it away from federal oversight. Once the feds were no longer monitoring its bookkeeping, Enron stole with impunity and then used Federal bankruptcy regulations to steal from their employees. This is the true purpose of the Libertarian party. The idea is to so weaken the Federal Government so that it can no longer regulate the corporations and Enron scams can become common business practices.

Having no real Constitutional means to deregulate themselves, the corporations rely on deception. The biggest lie that they are telling their true believers is the myth of government spending. According to the myth of government spending, all our tax money is stuffed into a giant mattress, and then parceled out by a Scrooge-like treasurer. I think that it is a major failure in our public school system that anybody would fall for that whopper.

The truth of the matter is that our tax money is an essential and irreplaceable part of our national economy. Our tax money is not stuffed into the Presidential mattress. Our tax money should be put to work keeping America healthy, working, and strong. Our tax money should be invested in industries which are on American soil and paying living wages to Americans. Our tax money should be invested in small business loans to guarantee competition in a capitalist economy, mortgages for affordable housing, and into other interest accumulating and profit making investments to assure the health of the American economy.

We do not spend our tax money. It is the interest on our tax money that is spent. Spending more money than is taxed is a sign of a healthy economy. After nearly 30 years of Neocon rule, we have an extremely sick economy. We have massive unemployment and homelessness which succeeds in keeping wages down for the few service jobs left in the U.S. Corporations are sucking out billions in profits while Americans are losing their homes, and the Libertarians blame the victims.

The idea behind all this is to so weaken the Federal Government that it will never again be an effective public guardian. The Libertarians wrap themselves up in the flag to pretend they act in the public interest. They make up evidence that the income tax is illegal and unAmerican; ignoring both the 18th Amendment and the Administrative Law Act which certainly makes the income tax legal. 30 years of Neocon rule has left the Federal Government too broke to effectively monitor corporate crime, and the corporate criminals who fund the Libertarian Party like that just fine. The fact that Libertarians, Born Again Christians, and the Neocons are all telling the same lie shows that they are all working for the same corporations.

Cleaning Up After Bush

Cleaning Up After Bush

1. Powerful and Consuming Nationalism Part One- Overview

The True Face of Libertarians Today

The True Face of Libertarians Today

Libertarianism is fascism tarted up in the American Flag. The original name for fascism was corporationism because fascism is rule by the corporations. Hopefully, the discerning reader will see the parallels between Libertarianism and Neoconservatism, and realize that they are two faces of the same worthless coin. Libertarianism organizes non-conformists to support Neoconservative goals, and those goals are no less than the corporate tyranny of the United States.

This is not to say that there are not major differences between American fascism and German fascism, but the Libertarians have adopted the basic structure. For instance, the Nazis had a very subtle propaganda method based on their public school system. The Libertarians have adopted the very same propaganda method, and why not? The American public school system is based on the German one. This method can be described as a direct and shameless appeal to national pride.

Fascist propaganda reduces history to bedtime stories. The Nazis treated the legends of Charlemagne as if they were real. They spoke of a time when Germany was united behind the Kaiser, and all of Germany lived under the code of chivalry. Hitler promised the German people that he would turn the clock back to a time that never happened. The Libertarians are making the same promise.

Here in America, Libertarian propaganda is a shameless appeal to elementary school stories. George Washington and the Cherry Tree becomes more real than the fact that Washington was a slaveholder. Everyone is supposed to forget that John Adams was a royalist who wanted the president addressed as “Your High and Mightiness”, and as president, Adams had a reporter jailed for criticizing him. Libertarians who oppress undocumented workers call themselves Minutemen.

The American founders are reduced from being real people to puppets mouthing whatever the Libertarians want them to mouth. They serve the same purpose Charlemagne served for the Nazis. The American Founders are presented as prophets whose words are sacred and not to be questioned. This places the Federalist Papers as the last word in American Politics instead of the Constitution. The Constitution gives the American people the right to limit the power of the corporations while the Federalist Papers were written to convince corporate officers to accept the Constitution. This is why Libertarian propagandists constantly confuse the Federalist Papers with the Constitution, which will better serve the cause of corporate tyranny.

American fascism promises to turn back the clock back to a revised history where the Federal Government did not tax the citizens. This is patently untrue, because the first thing Tom Jefferson did was impose federal taxes. George Washington put down a rebellion over whiskey taxes. Libertarians want to ignore the entire second part of the Constitution. This is the part that gives the American people the power to enforce laws to regulate corporations. For instance, Libertarians claim to be against censorship, but oppose laws to prevent Fox McNews from lying. They would confuse the Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers to justify allowing corporate propaganda.

In short, Libertarians want to further corporate tyranny by ignoring any part of the Constitution that limits corporate power. They use the Founders as puppets to justify their emasculation of the Constitution. Is it any wonder that George W. Bush called the Constitution “just a god damned piece of paper”? This is how Libertarians use rampant nationalism to trick us out of our right to stand up to the corporations. We’ll come back to this in the next post.

Vote for the Corporate Approved

Vote for the Corporate Approved

Government of the Corporations by the Corporations and for the Corporations

The Face of Capitalism

The Face of Capitalism

This Post is for my friend Mikki.

Capitalism did not exactly take the intellectual world by storm. The intellectual elite and Bohemians of the 17th and 18th Centuries found it to be as bad an idea as Royalty. After all, Henry VIII began ennobling Capitalist burghers back in the 1600s. By the time the U.S Constitution was ratified, European Royalty were entirely capitalists and worked in tandem to keep the commoners out of commerce. By the early 1800s, the European intellectuals were waiting for the new American capitalists to become as corrupt and effete as European royalty.

One of the new Capitalist institutions that scared European thinkers the most was the concept of the corporation. Corporations were seen as monsters ravaging the lives of Europeans and Americans alike. Corporations were institutions where the wealthy could pool their resources and be treated as a single entity. Corporations were considered legal individuals under the law, were subjected to special lower taxes, and commanded resources well beyond the capability of individual mortals. Corporations could turn their vast financial powers against smaller and vulnerable individual business people. Corporations were so hated that Mary Shelley wrote a book about them. It was called Frankenstein.

An animated soulless corpse mindlessly destroying the countryside was indeed an apt simile to describe the corporations. The fledgling United States soon found them to be the greatest enemy of individual freedom and a healthy economy ever faced. President Jackson was forced to impose laws to prevent corporations from price fixing, salary fixing, and destroying competition. The corporations responded by trying to have Jackson impeached and removed from office for accepting a hogshead of cheese. They failed and the rest of the history of the United States can be seen as the federal government protecting the freedoms of its citizens from the depredations of the corporations.

The early 20th Century saw the next phase of the corporate attack on human rights and freedoms. It was called Fascism. Fascism is a system of government where the natural resources and production strength of a nation is held in trust for the corporations. Mussolini coined the phrase fascism because his friends did not like his original name for the philosophy: Corporationism. In Fascism the government removes all laws regulating the behavior of corporations, while maintaining the laws which protect corporations from individuals. For instance, in Nazi Germany, the Volkswagen corporation was privately held but was subsidized by German tax money. All corporations enjoyed the same rights to the point where there was no real competition in Germany and the corporations were dictating policy to Hitler and the Reichstags. The fact is that Germany fell long before the allies invaded Berlin, the corporations ate Germany like a cancer.

Indeed, we frequently go through periods when the corporations destroy us like a plague of locusts. The last time resulted in the crash of 1929. This time we are going through a series of crashes which are doing more long term damage to our economy than corporations have ever done before These crashes are not prevented because we have our own fascist movement which is very active in the United States today. It is misnamed The Libertarian Party and it is working hand in hand with the neocons to deprive us all of our rights and our freedoms.

Over the next two weeks I will be examining the Libertarian party in light of the 14 points of fascism. I will show how the Libertarians are pursuing the same goals and intentions of the Nazi party and how they are using the same propaganda and misdirection that the Nazis used to take power. I do so in hopes that people will see through the lies of the Libertarian corporate lap-dogs and in hopes that the citizens of the United States will take back their government before it is too late.

One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

What Are We Hoping For?

No Hope Here

No Hope Here

Alright, I was wrong. Hillary Clinton will not be the next POTUS. I guess the memory of her husband’s misAdministration is too vivid in the national memory for a Clinton rerun. Maybe the American people are regaining the brains they lost during the Reagan campaign. They are not voting for the wife of the crook who signed NAFTA into existence. Maybe the people who just lost their homes remember how Bill Clinton destroyed the social safety net . I most certainly remember that Bill Clinton signed the Financial Reform Act of 1998, which was a major factor in the stock market crash of 2000 and the mortgage meltdown of last year. Whatever the reason, the wife of the crook who pulled the great National Health boondoggle will not be president.

So now we are going to have Barack Obama as our next POTUS. I know that he is going to be the POTUS because McCain’s divorce has been all over FOX McNews and CNN. If McCain was supposed to be POTUS, his divorce would be sat on like they sat on Poppa-Doc Bush’s connection with the Moonies or Baby-Doc Bush’s coke habit. The morally hypocritical American voter would never vote for a divorced president. Look at how the Democrats have been whoring themselves to the religious right. So we are going to have a Black candidate for POTUS and his slogan is “Dare to Hope”. Okay, what is it that we can dare to hope for?

Presidential Administrations follow a certain pattern. The Republicans come into office and rape and ruin the economy and then the Democrats come in and are forced to make some very unpopular decisions in order to repair the economy. Sometimes these are long term decisions. For instance, Jimmy Carter ascended to the Oval Office after 6 years of Nixon and two of Ford. The economy was being strangled from the results of the Vietnam War and the job market was being choked by returning vets. Carter had to raise the interest rates to slow inflation, raise taxes to restore the treasury, and give tax breaks and special low interest business loans to encourage new industry and new jobs. Four years later, the Reagan team took over and took credit for all of Jimmy Carter’s unpopular work.

Barack Obama is going to take over the Oval Office at the end of the Bush misAdministration. Need I say more? Bush has led the crookedest administration since U.S. Grant. Obama will take charge of a treasury that has been utterly raped through corporate welfare, faith based initiatives, irrational taxation, and the Iraq war. The treasury has been so badly depleted that the U.S government has been forced to sell our interstate highways and bridges to multinationals just to make payroll. Oil consumption has passed critical mass years ago. Obama’s energy policy made perfect sense 20 years ago, but today it’s too little too late. Since our GNP is held together entirely by oil production, Obama is looking forward to massive inflation as the dollar devalues. Only an idiot would want to be president after Bush.

Jesus Christ and all Twelve Apostles could not repair the mess that Bush will leave behind. It may appear that Obama can walk on water, but the truth is that he is only another politician. I do not expect him to do what needs to be done to clean up the mess. I do not expect Obama to stand up to the multinationals that have sucked the wealth out of this nation. I do not expect Obama to stop corporate welfare or to even force corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. The president does not possess a magic wand to make there be more oil. Oil prices will continue to rise as extraction and refinement become more and more difficult. As oil production drops, so will the value of the dollar. Since we cannot expect big business to return industry to American soil, the economy will go totally to hell.

So while Obama tries to repair the damage, he is going to have a Greek Chorus of Republicans telling us how things were better under Bush. Obama gets to take the blame for eight years of corporate welfare and subsidizing Christianoid megachurches. He will take the blame for the coming oil shortage, even though there is enough blame for that to go all the way back to the FDR Administration. The U.S. will undoubtedly attack Iran in order to maintain the dollar, and Obama will get the blame for that as well.

Then come 2012, and the Republicans will strut around like peacocks, telling us what a hero G.W Bush was. They will tell us that we should never have elected a Democrat. Bush will have done all the damage, but Obama will get all the blame.

The Republican's Fall Guys

The Republican's Fall Guys

An American Bed Time Story

Don't Worry, The Evil Libertarians Are No More

The Recession Killed all the Libertarians, and We Lived Happilly Ever After

Once upon a time in a place called the United States, there was a little boy named Tommy who never did anything his mommy and daddy told him to do. His mommy would tell him to clean his room and he would say “no”. His daddy would ask him to take out the garbage, and Tommy would say “no”. Tommy’s mommy and daddy thought that he was so cute that Tommy’s mommy would clean his room for him and his daddy would take out the garbage himself. As Tommy got older, he said no more often. His mommy would say, “don’t run with scissors, you’ll fall and hurt yourself”.

Tommy would reply, “you’re not the boss of me”, and he would run and hurt himself, and then go crying to his mommy. Tommy’s mommy was so upset that her little angel hurt himself that she put a band-aid on the boo-boo and kissed it to make it all better.

Sometimes Tommy’s daddy would say, “I’ll give you ten dollars if you help wash the car tomorrow”.

Then Tommy would say, “could I have the ten dollars now so I can go to the movies with Karl and Ron?”

Sure, Son,” said Tommy’s daddy as he took out his wallet.

The next day, Tommy’s dad washed the car all by himself while Tommy stayed in his room watching TV. Tommy was just so cute and his mommy and daddy loved him so much that there were no consequences. They let their little angel do anything he wanted to do.

Tommy was bigger and stronger than the other kids in the school yard. His daddy was rich and influential so the teachers let Tommy get away with anything he wanted to do. Tommy would beat up some nameless black kid and steal his lunch money, and then tell the principal that the black kid hit him first. Tommy was white, so the principal punished the black kid for losing his lunch money. If Tommy felt like it, he would beat up some nameless little girl and laugh when the little girl got blamed for it. Tommy had a gang of little boys who thought it was really cool that Tommy could beat up anybody he wanted to and get away with it. So they helped him and got away with it too. The principal said that Tommy was a real leader. His teachers gave him good marks because they liked him better than the black kid and everyone knew little girls shouldn’t get better marks than little boys.

Tommy went to an Ivy League college because his daddy gave generously to the alumni association. So Tommy took the place of a Hispanic student who got better grades. Tommy spent his college years partying, but got passing marks because he was a legacy. All of Tommy’s professors knew he was a dunderhead, but the administrators loved him because they could look forward to big donations. When Tommy graduated he went straight into a job with one of his father’s friends.

Tommy did not see where he had to do anything he did not want to do. Tommy’s grade school friends felt the same way. The nameless black kid was not strong enough to keep Tommy from taking his lunch money, so why should Tommy vote in favor of civil rights? If women were not strong enough to defend themselves, why should the government have laws defending them? If Tommy wanted to discriminate against a minority, what business did the government have to tell him he couldn’t? If minorities could not find employment, why should Tommy’s tax money go to a social safety net? It was not Tommy’s fault that the nameless black kid’s dad didn’t have the same connections as his father. Tommy felt the same way about National Health and Social Security. What right did the government have interfering in his health care? What right did the government have taking money out of his pocket to be invested in a Social Security account?

So the day came when Tommy’s doctor had bad news. Tommy had cancer. Tommy wasn’t really worried because he had a job with health benefits. Then Tommy discovered that his health benefits did not cover all of his doctor’s visits. So Tommy had to reach into his savings to pay for his doctor’s visits. Then Tommy discovered that his HMO only paid a percentage of his chemotherapy and Tommy had to pay for the rest out of his pocket. Soon Tommy’s HMO decided that it was too expensive to treat Tommy’s cancer and refused to pay for any of Tommy’s treatments. So Tommy had to hire a lawyer to sue his HMO. That ate up more of Tommy’s savings and Tommy had to reach into his mutual funds and his IRA.

Next Tommy’s employers decided that they wanted a younger worker they could pay less. So Tommy got fired. Tommy did not have enough savings left to pay for his medical care and provide for his family. So Tommy turned to his old grade school gang who ignored him because Tommy should have planned his life better. Tommy then applied for government assistance and was refused because Tommy’s wife made too much money. All was not lost, because Tommy owned his own home. A friendly neighborhood sub-prime lender sold Tommy a high interest adjustable rate mortgage. Tommy’s wife did not make enough money to cover the rising mortgage payments, food and Tommy’s medical expenses. After the mortgage meltdown, Tommy and his family had their home foreclosed on.

Poor Tommy, he started out as mommy and daddy’s little angel who could do no wrong and ended up sick, poor and indigent because there was no social safety net to catch him when he got sick. He died indigent and in agony from poorly treated cancer. The moral of this story is that parents should not let their children grow up to be Libertarians.

Two Guys Dumb Enough to be Left Holding the Bag

Two Guys Dumb Enough to be Left Holding the Bag

Who Are They?

Aren't They Part of the International Jewish Conspiracy?

Aren't They Part of the International Jewish Conspiracy?

They conspired with the Mossad to destroy the Twin Towers. They have conspired to poison our water with fluoride. They are conspiring to give American jobs to undocumented workers. They have conspired to destroy American freedoms through the income tax. They are like rats in the walls, working tirelessly to undermine the Constitution. Whoever they are, they are a busy bunch of bastards.

So who exactly are they? Nobody really knows who they are. Some say they are “Skull and Bones”; a Harvard student’s club. Others say that they are the International Jewish Conspiracy, and that Israel is secretly running the world. I have also heard that they are a secret cabal of Kaballah masters called the Illuminati. That last one just doesn’t make any sense. The Kaballah is a Jewish mystical discipline. So wouldn’t the Illuminati be part of the International Jewish Conspiracy? Who would I go to for an answer to that question?

Americans seem to love conspiracy theories. There are so many of them. Feminists are conspiring to destroy the American Family through abortion. Unions are conspiring to rob honest libertarians from amassing wealth. The number of conspiracies and conspirators is endless. All the ills of the world are because of some mysterious conspirators are manipulating world events for their own sinister ends.

The utter absurdity of conspiracy theories is enough to give me a migraine. Sorry, America, George W. Bush is not Lex Luthor, and Batman and Superman are not going to depose him. If Magneto was real, he would be in his 90s right now. Dr. Evil is a movie character. There are no evil magicians manipulating the world through Kaballistic Numerology. Two high level stock brokers making a deal on a golf course is not a conspiracy. Even if they did belong to Skull and Bones together, it is not a conspiracy.

Why bother doing anything about the state of the world when it’s all the Illuminati’s fault? Were I a member of the Bush misAdministration, I would be encouraging conspiracy theories as much as possible. I would be hiring on-line guerrilla marketers to post phony conspiracy evidence in chatrooms, social networks, and bulletin boards. I would be hiring ghost writers to produce books that “prove” the Mossad conspired with bin Laden, or that jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel girders. There is nothing that can effectively squash the investigation of real crimes as accusations and phony evidence of false crimes.

Conspiracy theories also serve an emotional need for stability. They assure the American public that there is indeed somebody in charge of their lives. Christianoids have Jesus running their lives, and Libertarians have Thomas Jefferson as their savior. Conspiracy Theorists have the International Jewish Conspiracy to blame their failures on. Conspiracy theories assure us that somebody is in charge even if that somebody is a James Bond villain.

The fact is, we are living in a Capitalist chaos with thousands of different factions maneuvering to take advantage of each other. The big fish are out to eat the little fish, and the rest of us are only here to buy gasoline from them. The United States Constitution gives us both the power and the responsibility to put a stop to this kind of capitalist chaos. We have the constitutional power to enforce limits and reasonable laws to end the abuse in government. We are the actual government, and we are not doing our jobs. It is much easier to put another $150 into the tank of the old SUV and blame the price on those damned Illuminati.

Ultimately conspiracy theories are an excuse to continue to avoid our responsibilities to ourselves, to our nation, and to the world. Nobody conspired to have us ignore the corporate abuses happening in the Middle East right now. Nobody conspired to have us ignore the warnings about Global Warning. Nobody forced us to listen to the Capitalist bullcrap spouted by the neocons. We all know the homeless are out there, we ourselves chose to ignore them. The state of the world is our fault, and only we can fix it.

It's not a Conspiracy, it's Just Business as Usual.

It's Not a Conspiracy, it's just Business

The Red King Wakes

I Don't Want to Go to Rehab

I Don't Want to Go to Rehab

Can the Red King wake up? Is it possible for him to overcome his petrochemical addiction and rejoin the rest of us in consensual reality? Quite frankly, I don’t see where he has a choice. The Earth is not squeezing out any more dinosaur juice, and God is not putting it back when he is not looking. Neither Jesus nor Mohammad will be coming back to bring him to heaven so he can escape the consequences of his actions. Back in 1998 Ramsey Clarke’s oil supply report warned him that there was only twenty years of oil left in the Middle East. It’s 2008 now. We are half way to the deadline, and The Red King is already paying for the increased price of petroleum production at the pumps.

Petroleum will never be as cheap as it had been for the last century. Middle Eastern oil was unique in the world. As oil becomes more difficult to extract and refine, there will be more and more little wars as the stronger nations steal the oil from the weaker nations. Meanwhile we will watch oil prices sneak up to $10 a gallon. This is the stage of addiction where the junkie mugs unwary passersby for the money to pay his pusher. So don’t expect a Democrat to avoid a war with Iran. The Red King is starting to tweak. He is too deep into his addiction to be able to visualize life without it. He will rationalize his actions with such excuses as national security, or they hate America, but The Red King will try to mug Iran for the oil he is addicted to no matter what party takes office.

Those little wars are going to make the oil pushers happy. As his fear of withdrawal increases, the Red King will use more oil instead of less. War will use up the oil so that the supply will decrease even faster. We might see the end of Middle Eastern oil production within the next three or four years. Then just watch the prices rise at the pump. The oil pushers will be making unprecedented profits as the domestic sale of gasoline is rationed for the war effort.

Maybe then the Red King will start realizing that his addiction is killing him. Hopefully, the sight of the Middle East, abandoned and poisoned by depleted uranium, will make him realize how his addiction affects the world around him. I doubt it. It’s not as if Ecologists and Peace Activists have not been trying to explain it to him for years. The Red King has been warned and warned about what his addiction is doing to the world. Perhaps when there is plenty of oil for the war effort and none left to run his car, The Red King might wake up and realize what he has been killing himself.

No addict ever goes for help until he reaches his low,andThe Red King has sunk to unimaginable lows. He has forced thousands of American citizens into homelessness just to keep his pushers happy. He has rounded up thousands of imaginary enemies of the state to be tortured in off shore prisons. Over the years, The Red King has destroyed coastlines, and wildernesses in his blind desperate panic to guarantee his next fix. The Red King has poisoned the air and caused the extinction of thousands of plant and animal species. He has created all this destruction just to guaranty tomorrow’s high. It’s pretty plain to see that The Red King is dreaming in the gutter.

It’s pretty obvious that The Red King is too far gone in his addiction to just taper off. Tapering off is too little too late. Maybe if he started back in the Carter Administration when gas was being rationed, he might have been able to taper off on his oil habit. However, 20 years ago, the Red King was still denying he was an addict. He was still making up excuses not to quit The idea of quitting caused him to panic. How was he going to run his car? How would he get to work? How was he going to impress the girls/boys? Where would the electricity come from? He had 10,000 excuses to ignore his addiction.

Then of course there were the excuses became wilder and wilder. The biggest lie the Red King told himself was that Jesus was coming back to bring him to heaven. So The Red King could snort all the oil he wanted. There would be no need for oil in the Kingdom of Heaven. Another excuses he told himself were that the gas shortage was all the fault of American hating Arabs or a Mossad created conspiracy. Then of course there was the most popular rationalization of all: “we haven’t run out of oil yet”.

Now the oil is indeed running out and the Red King is going to be going into withdrawal very soon. The first symptom will be the collapse of the automotive industry. Outsourcing has guaranteed its demise. As the price of transportation increases, importing finished parts from overseas will begin to cost too much. Cars will become too expensive to build. Wal-Mart will be the next industry to collapse as overseas transportation becomes too expensive. American made goods will become less expensive than Chinese imports. The entire neocon world economy will fall to pieces without the oil industry to prop it up. The dollar will fall like a rock as oil production is no longer able to support the American GNP. Bringing America’s industrial base back home and putting Americans back to work is the only way to prevent the dollar from collapsing.

War itself will become too unprofitable to pursue. The Military-Industrial complex depends on petroleum to run its tanks and trucks. The price of exporting weapons will become to expensive to be profitable. War as a means of economic bullying will become unprofitable as well. It will simply be too expensive to send the troops overseas. The troops will be better used in civilian production jobs. Military spending will drop as there will be no reason to have a military in the first place.

Most of us simply don’t make enough money to worry about a fall in the standard of living. Instead, We will be watching a lot of the neocon’s fall to our standard of living. We may no longer have automobiles, but there will be public transportation. Trains will make a come back. We will still have computers. They will become cheaper and more durable. Buying a computer will be an investment rather than something to be discarded after a year. The Internet will still be here as computers can be run on solar power as well as any other power source. The consumer lifestyle will end, but global warming will slow and maybe even reverse.

See, Red King? There is life after addiction. That life could actually be better than living in the constant fear of running out of your drug. The only reason that you were an addict was that you were afraid of change. Well change is the only constant in life. Change can be for the better as well as for the worse. Only you can choose which it is going to be. You can choose to go forward into the post-oil society, or you can kill us all trying to maintain it. We are anxiously waiting for you to decide what you are going to do.

Are the Goddamned Olympics Over Yet?

Are the Goddamned Olympics Over Yet?