Government of the Corporations by the Corporations and for the Corporations

The Face of Capitalism

The Face of Capitalism

This Post is for my friend Mikki.

Capitalism did not exactly take the intellectual world by storm. The intellectual elite and Bohemians of the 17th and 18th Centuries found it to be as bad an idea as Royalty. After all, Henry VIII began ennobling Capitalist burghers back in the 1600s. By the time the U.S Constitution was ratified, European Royalty were entirely capitalists and worked in tandem to keep the commoners out of commerce. By the early 1800s, the European intellectuals were waiting for the new American capitalists to become as corrupt and effete as European royalty.

One of the new Capitalist institutions that scared European thinkers the most was the concept of the corporation. Corporations were seen as monsters ravaging the lives of Europeans and Americans alike. Corporations were institutions where the wealthy could pool their resources and be treated as a single entity. Corporations were considered legal individuals under the law, were subjected to special lower taxes, and commanded resources well beyond the capability of individual mortals. Corporations could turn their vast financial powers against smaller and vulnerable individual business people. Corporations were so hated that Mary Shelley wrote a book about them. It was called Frankenstein.

An animated soulless corpse mindlessly destroying the countryside was indeed an apt simile to describe the corporations. The fledgling United States soon found them to be the greatest enemy of individual freedom and a healthy economy ever faced. President Jackson was forced to impose laws to prevent corporations from price fixing, salary fixing, and destroying competition. The corporations responded by trying to have Jackson impeached and removed from office for accepting a hogshead of cheese. They failed and the rest of the history of the United States can be seen as the federal government protecting the freedoms of its citizens from the depredations of the corporations.

The early 20th Century saw the next phase of the corporate attack on human rights and freedoms. It was called Fascism. Fascism is a system of government where the natural resources and production strength of a nation is held in trust for the corporations. Mussolini coined the phrase fascism because his friends did not like his original name for the philosophy: Corporationism. In Fascism the government removes all laws regulating the behavior of corporations, while maintaining the laws which protect corporations from individuals. For instance, in Nazi Germany, the Volkswagen corporation was privately held but was subsidized by German tax money. All corporations enjoyed the same rights to the point where there was no real competition in Germany and the corporations were dictating policy to Hitler and the Reichstags. The fact is that Germany fell long before the allies invaded Berlin, the corporations ate Germany like a cancer.

Indeed, we frequently go through periods when the corporations destroy us like a plague of locusts. The last time resulted in the crash of 1929. This time we are going through a series of crashes which are doing more long term damage to our economy than corporations have ever done before These crashes are not prevented because we have our own fascist movement which is very active in the United States today. It is misnamed The Libertarian Party and it is working hand in hand with the neocons to deprive us all of our rights and our freedoms.

Over the next two weeks I will be examining the Libertarian party in light of the 14 points of fascism. I will show how the Libertarians are pursuing the same goals and intentions of the Nazi party and how they are using the same propaganda and misdirection that the Nazis used to take power. I do so in hopes that people will see through the lies of the Libertarian corporate lap-dogs and in hopes that the citizens of the United States will take back their government before it is too late.

One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

7 Comments on “Government of the Corporations by the Corporations and for the Corporations”

  1. Could I re post this series (yes I read it all)? It’s “right on” and needs to be spread like the gospel far and wide. I’ll be sure to give you full credit.

  2. billdunlap says:

    You’re sending Michael Moore to my blog? Why do I feel like I have a messy living room?

  3. Drew says:

    I completely disagree with your characterization of fascism. You said:
    “Fascism is a system of government where the natural resources and production strength of a nation is held in trust for the corporations.”
    This is false. Look up corporatism in an enyclopedia and you will see that it is the exact opposite of the situation you describe. Mussolini’s corporate state was modelled on Sorel’s Anarcho-Syndicalism. The idea was that all the members within an industry would be organized into interest groups (similair to the guild system) called CORPORATIONS (nothing to do with American Business corporations) where labor and managers cooperate and elect representatives that would negotiate with the fascist party. These corporations would be under the supervision of the National Fascist Party and would be forced to uphold that nation’s collective goals. In both Fascist Italy and also National Socialist Germany the corporations were under constant state intervention and control . In fact, by 1945 most of German business was nationalized and directly controlled by the state (see: state socialism). Capitalists sided with the Fascists and Nazis initially to protect their interests from international socialists and anarchists, but it was only a matter of time before they were effectively beaten into submission to the parties. Look up information on the economies of these two regimes if you don’t believe me.
    The situation you describe in which business corporations manipulate politicans using money is the exact opposite of corporatism and could be describe as laissez faire capitalism or maybe plutocracy/oligarchy. Of course you didn’t know that because you are probably reading antiquated Trotskyite screeds of crap from the Frankfurt school written by Marxists who wanted to portray fascism as the final stage of capitalism. They failed at making a solid arguement. Fascism is not an economic system, it is a form of extreme totalitarian nationalism. Economics in the Fascist state looked only partially different than those of the communist Soviet Union with heavy federal control of industries, because economics were of little importance to the Fascists.
    Don’t take this as an insult, I think you just be more informed about what you are talking about.

  4. billdunlap says:

    Then if Mussolini was such a champion of freedom, why did his people hang his corpse by the toes? The only freedom the Italian people enjoyed was the freedom to be exploited by the corporations. Italy did not rush out to reestablish Mussolini’s dictatorship after the war. Italy established a parliamentary democracy. The only people who wanted Fascism reestablished was a handful of old school bankers, and they gave it up after Michael Sidona was mysteriously murdered.

    All governments are economic entities, and the fascism of Mussolini is indeed closer to the fascism of the United States, but however you look at it, fascism is Rule by the Corporations. That was Mussolini’s own definition, and that is what it was.

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