4. Supremacy of the Military

Uncle Erwin Wants You in the Minutemen

Uncle Erwin Wants You in the Minutemen

The purpose of the Libertarian Party is to organize bohemians and non-conformists behind the principles of Mussolini’s corporationism. Like the early German fascist party, Libertarians are building their own militarism from the bottom up. The Nazis had the Brown Shirts, who started out simply wandering the streets and passing out pamphlets. Later they stood on soapboxes and gave grave warnings about the International Jewish Conspiracy. They grew in numbers to the point where they were undermining the rule of law through assaulting actual criminals and perceived enemies alike. Finally the Brown Shirts were formally inducted into the German military and became the SS.

As I mentioned before, the Libertarians have their own version of the Brown Shirts called the Minutemen. Like the Brown Shirts, they place themselves into the roles of legendary heroes from a mythic time. The Minutemen present migrant laborers from Mexico as a threat to be resisted by armed force. The Brown Shirts made the same claims about Jews. The Brown Shirts worked themselves up to attacking all perceived enemies, political and racial, while the Minutemen have the potential to do the same. Right now, Libertarians are working to eliminate the hard won civil rights concessions of the Sixties. Can armed intimidation be far behind?

A significant difference between the Minutemen and the Brown Shirts is that the Brown Shirts did not get their firearms until after the fascists rose to power. Thanks to the Second Amendment, the Minutemen are armed right now. This makes the Minutemen a greater potential danger than the Brown Shirts who had been limited to fists, clubs and broken bottles. At any time the Minutemen can work themselves out of the talking phase and into physical violence.

Libertarians see the Second Amendment as an excuse to take the law into their own hands, and any attempt to maintain rule by law as a threat to their freedoms. Any attempt to limit the use of firearms is seen as a threat to the Constitution, even when the limitations are within the Constitution itself. The Minutemen exist in direct defiance of the 14th Amendment. Like the Brown Shirts before them, the Minutemen are a threat to the very laws they claim to be defending.

Hopefully, the intelligent reader has already spotted the obvious differences between Libertarian claims and Libertarian actions. Libertarians claim to be against war and anti-military. Yet they tolerate paramilitary groups within their ranks. This proves that the antimilitary claims made by the Libertarians are a lie. Examine the Ron Paul website carefully enough and you see that Paul is not antimilitary. Paul’s objection to the Middle Eastern wars are entirely based on the Myth of Government Spending as well as the fascist obsession with National Security which we’ll be touching on later. A careful examination of the Constitution will show that Paul’s Constitutional objections to the Iraq war are as delusional as his objection to the Income Tax. It is based on the Federalist Papers, not the Constitution. Unfortunately Congress granted Bush emergency powers which was very unwise but Constitutional.

Libertarian resistance to the war is actuallya sign of militarism. It is not a promise to better cooperate with the United Nations in the pursuit of human rights. I think that the Libertarians are preparing for invasion of foreign countries closer to home. As oil becomes more scarce in the Middle East, the United States will be looking to invade and conquer oil sources closer to home. Hugo Chavez has certainly made such claims. The vilification of Mexican undocumented workers is certainly a first step in that direction.

He Could Have Chosen Paris

He Could Have Chosen Paris

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