8. Religion and Government Intertwined Part One: Overview

Church and State

Church and State

The founders of this nation tried to create a progressive society free from the chains of superstition.  I have to applaud their efforts even though they did fail.  Churches were the civilizing influences in early American settlements.  After the Europeans settled an area and killed off the native inhabitants, they built churches that became the center of town.  Early town governments met in churches.  Churches did double duty as school houses.  Religion became intertwined with government during America’s very earliest founding.  This blend of government and religion is known to European theologists as the American Religion. The American Religion unites all religions under the government, and the President is seen as the high priest. As high priest.  The President is expected to be more moral than everyone else, because the American Religion promotes morality beyond any religious movement in Europe.  Bill Clinton was impeached because he was an immoral high priest, not because he was a bad president.  Patriotism is also an important factor of the American Religion.  The grade school stories about George Washington never lying and Abe Lincoln freeing the slaves take on a prophetic glow under the American Religion.  Most importantly, Free Market Capitalism is the cornerstone of the American Religion. Nazism promoted German morality and culture, but fell upon the traditional Christian churches for support.  Libertarians have a ready-made religious system in the American mythos.  They have a universal morality they can apply to anybody who disagrees with them, just like traditional Christians.  Libertarians have the Founders as their saints and 18th Century economists as their prophets.  The Capitalist Market Place has replaced God as the mysterious force that moves invisibly through the world, arranging things according to its unknowable will. Market Place also loves American culture and is the unseen champion of Constitutional rights. Libertarian arguments are based on religion instead of reason.  Libertarians are as capable of ignoring scientific evidence as the Christianoids.  To the Libertarian, the dwindling oil supply and global warming are government conspiracies.  They ignore the scientific evidence with the same fearful defensiveness that Christianoids apply to evolution.  The words of their saints can be found in The Federalist Papers, and they cleave unto that book like the Christianoids depend on the Bible.  Libertarians will even ignore the Constitution in favor of the Federalist papers.  Of course, their entire interpretation of the Federalist Papers is based on American Morality, which did not yet exist when the Federalist Papers were written. Nothing reeks of religion more than the Libertarian arguments for small capitalism.  The economists whom the Libertarians revere were all writing back when Hegelian history was a new idea.  Human thought was transitioning from faith to reason.  Many of the early capitalists were either Protestants like Adam Smith, or Mechanists like Thomas Jefferson.  In both cases they were seeing a God-driven universe where God was a grand clockmaker, and Capitalism was one of the gears that kept the universe ticking.  Libertarians trust in the marketplace like Christianoids trust in God.  The Marketplace is supposed to regulate itself, prevent monopolies, punish fraud, and fund the government, all without human intervention. Somehow, the United States is supposed to return to a time of small Capitalism that never happened.  The Constitution was ratified because the thirteen colonies were dying from lack of European trade.  Like all fascist movements, Libertarianism cheerfully ignores historic fact as readily as scientific fact.  The world will rearrange itself according to the will of god (or Marketplace if you prefer) as soon as evil is vanquished. Absolute good versus absolute evil is an underlying principle in Christian society.  The absolute good represented by God is balanced by the absolute evil represented by Satan.  Since Libertarians see The Marketplace as their absolute good they need the government as their absolute evil.  This concept is too complicated for one blog post, so I will continue it tomorrow.  In part three we will examine Libertarian involvement in the occult and alternative religions.

McCain or These Guys. America Better Start Praying

McCain or These Guys. America Better Start Praying

5 Comments on “8. Religion and Government Intertwined Part One: Overview”

  1. anon says:

    “Separation of Church and State” was meant to prevent politics from corrupting religion, not to keep religious ideals or morals out of politics. It was meant to protect religion. Our Founding Fathers established this great independent nation because they were unable to practice their religious faith in Britain – politics corrupted their ability to practice their faith. Notice how many contemporary American leaders invoke the name of God to push forward their own policies, agendas, and careers. This is reminiscent of Muslim Jihadists and extremists. I believe this can be categorized as “taking the Lord’s name in vain”.

    * http://news.yahoo.com/story//ap/20080903/ap_on_el_pr/cvn_palin_iraq_war
    * http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/bush-god-told-me-to-invade-iraq-509925.html
    * http://www.salon.com/opinion/feature/2008/09/09/palin_fundamentalist/index
    * http://www.observer.com/node/45479
    * http://www.bushwatch.com/evangelist.htm

    We, our government, and our faith are in dark times as pride, lust for power, and greed slowly dissolve the moral and ethical fiber the American government.

  2. billdunlap says:

    There is no greater puppet in the hands of Government than the almighty.

  3. john says:

    thank you i am doing a univeirsty project

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