13. Rampant Cronyism and Corruption

All Friends Together

All Friends Together

Once again, the multinational corporations have screwed the pooch, and triggered another world stock market crash.  By circumventing the regulations imposed by the New Deal, American corporations have managed to move the clock back to 1929.  Europe has bailed out the United States economy to the tune of a half trillion dollars.  That was not done out of the goodness of Europe’s heart.  The European bankers had to do it to keep us from pulling them down with us.  There are going to be repercussions as the European banks secure their investments.  There is going to be heavy pressure for the new president to tighten up on federal oversight, restore the watch dog agencies, and undo deregulation.

The Libertarians will be there for the corporations.  Like Christianoids defending Jesus, Libertarians will be defending their God, Marketplace.  They will recite grade school stories about Jefferson and Madison while fighting the very regulations that protect their livelihoods and investments.  Libertarians are corporate America’s fifth column.  Confusing individual liberty with corporate domination, Libertarians can be depended on to defend corporate control.  It never occurs to them that it is Socialist Europe saving our bacon.  Europe, with its bureaucracy, socialized medicine, unions, and the welfare state, had the financial means to save us from ourselves.  Libertarians will ignore that fact with the same determination that Jerry Falwell ignored evolution.  Tom Jefferson preached the Free Market, Libertarians believe the Free Market, and that settles the matter.  Libertarians are as resistant to facts as Christianoids.

The Libertarian Party is way too young to have rampant cronyism.  That has to wait until there are more Libertarians in public office, who can then give plum hand-out jobs to their brother Libertarians. Libertarianism in itself is a sign of corruption.  It is a blatant propaganda ploy by the corporations to hold onto power in America.

Based on the Goldwater Conservatism of the Sixties with a generous dose of the John Birch Society, libertarianism is a reactionary philosophy meant to bring our nation back to a time before corporations were regulated.  There is little difference between the Reagan Republicans of the Eighties and 21st Century Libertarianism except the SDS-style revolutionary rhetoric.  Even that has been warped by propagandistic nationalism to the point where they sound like the old John Birchers.

Our Best Friends With Benefits.

Our Best Friends With Benefits.

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