14. Fraudulent Elections

The Face of Things to Come

The Face of Things to Come

One of the things that really puzzles me about Libertarians is their fascination with the federal government.  For a movement that advocates states rights, they seem to ignore most of the major functions of the state governments.  This is evident in their ineffective attempt at election reform. Libertarians are concentrating their efforts at the federal level and have forgotten that every state regulates its own elections.  State authority supersedes federal authority on almost every level, and that includes federal elections.  Demanding reform on the federal level is a smoke screen to hide the corruption going on at the state level.  Trying to impose change from above is definitely against the libertarian philosophy.  It would be more effective to concentrate election reform to the states where the cheating occurred.  Yet the Libertarians hold the federal government accountable due to their absolute good/absolute evil view of the world.  This assures that their will be no effective election reform and the corporations can cheat with impunity.

If there ever is a third party president, it will be a Libertarian.  A Libertarian is guaranteed to do nothing to threaten corporate profits or corporate control.  A Libertarian president will not increase funding to the starving watch dog agencies, or sign new environmental bills into laws.  A Libertarian president can be depended on to support further cuts to our social safety net, veto national health, and privatize Social Security.  As the New American Century crashes faster than the Thousand Year Reich, the Libertarians wait in the wings to take on the mantel of American Fascism.

2 Comments on “14. Fraudulent Elections”

  1. jonolan says:

    And yet it would still be better than a socialist state such as the Democrats hope for.

  2. billdunlap says:

    Say that after you have been given the choice between having your teeth fixed and buying your wife the medication she needs to live. I have to make that choice every month.

    Yes, I can see how you might be afraid of free health care, a minumum standard of living, and a population with the means to puchase your product if you decide to go into business on your own.

    Stop and think, friend, Socialist Europe just bailed us out of our latest idiocy to the tune of half a trillion dollars. Where did the socialists get that sort of money? If socialism is so bad for business, why aren’t we supporting the European economy? If socialism is so bad, why are Europeans pitying us?

    It’s time to deprogram yourself from the elementary school propaganda. You’re not afraid of socialism, you are afraid of the boogyman,

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