Conclusion: the Libertarian Appeal: Part Two

Dear Lord, Save my Nation From Libertarians

Dear Lord, Save my Nation From Libertarians

The Libertarian appeal is that it is based on fairy stories.  It is a direct appeal to the propaganda we were exposed to as children.  We were raised on stories about the American Revolution and the brave heroes that established American freedoms.  Libertarians deliberately confuse human freedom with corporate freedom.  They exist to prevent laws that will sacrifice corporate profits in favor of human rights. Eliminating clean air laws is good for the corporations, but most of the kids in Richmond, California suffer from asthma due to air pollution from the oil refineries.  Are these kids free?  Eliminating school taxes may increase corporate profits, but it raises a generation who never heard of the Holocaust.  Is ignorance freedom?  Outsourcing may increase corporate dividends, but it leaves the black market as the sole means of survival for many poor people. Are these people free?

Libertarians exist as a fifth column in American society.  Fascist movements can come out of the left as easily as out of the right.  Mussolini’s Corporationism was a left wing movement back in the day, while Hitler’s Nazis were a right wing movement away from socialism.  Libertarians have spread across the political spectrum, and act as a divisive force in American politics.  Libertarians on both sides of the spectrum constantly confuse individual liberty with corporate rights. Laws that limit corporate crime do not threaten your freedom.  Yet Libertarians will tell you that they do.  Laws that watch online transactions only prevent corporations from laundering dirty money.  Yet Libertarians would have those laws appealed so that corporations can steal more easily.

Libertarians constantly identify with the employers rather than with the employees.  They resist unions, work place safety regulations, and the minimum wage with the same fervor as a Christianoid keeping Harry Potter out of the school library.  Libertarians jump up and down and hold their breaths over laws that limit hate speech, but they resist any attempt to make Fox News and CNN accountable for their lies.  Back in the 1920s, William Randolph Hearst instituted a huge lie campaign to outlaw hemp.  Thanks to deregulation as advocated by the Libertarians, corporations can once again lie and get away with it.

Another part of the Libertarian appeal is that they promise to bring us back to a simpler time.  Karl Hess painted a picture of a simpler America that never existed.  It was an America that never needed foreign trade.  It was a magical land where there were no class distinctions because the Free Market treated everybody the same.  According to Hess, all America needed to do was get rid of those pesky federal regulations, and the economy would take care of itself.  The Blue Meanies would run away and all would be right in Pepperland.

Welcome to reality.  Some of you may be reading this from a library, because you can no longer afford an Internet connection.  More of you may be reading this in the library because you no longer have a home in which to install an Internet connection.  Some of you may be waiting for the foreclosure notice to come in the mail or the sheriff to come to the door.  You have watched your retirement accounts disappear and waved goodbye to your jobs as they flew away to the mysterious east.  We can all thank the Free Market and Federal deregulation for the loss of our homes and our jobs.

Stop and think.  Banks from Socialist Europe are coming in to save our economy.  The Euro is now holding up the dollar.  Europe enforces its anti-monopoly laws and has stricter financial regulations than the United States.  Libertarians claim that such regulations should have restrained trade and choked the European economy.  Europe has strong unions.  Libertarians claim that unions choke commerce through red tape and inefficiency.  Europe has national health.  Libertarians claim that should have killed investment through over-taxation.  Yet Europe bailed us out to the tune of half a trillion dollars.  Banks in Socialist Europe had the capital to save us from our free market economy.

Libertarian philosophy brought us into this mess.  We have ignored our own best interests and listened to free market fairy tales.  We have gained nothing but pain from deregulating the economy.  We have gained nothing from the lowering corporate taxes.  We have been so hoodwinked into thinking that deregulation is our friend, that we have been cheering on the corporations as they ripped us off.  It is time to ignore Libertarian madness.  If we don’t wise up, our children and grandchildren are going to face the exact same disasters we are facing today.  What’s worse is that these are the same disasters our grandparents faced in 1929.  How many times are we going to fall for the same lies before we wake up?

Change That European Bankers are Demanding

Change That European Bankers are Demanding

4 Comments on “Conclusion: the Libertarian Appeal: Part Two”

  1. Thom says:

    I am someone who identifies with the message of liberty, and have called myself a (small-L) libertarian for a few years. You have made some good points against it, some of the same ones that led me to question how workable a libertarian country would be. Good stuff.

    I do need to point out that America’s market is not a free market, and that any amount of regulation will not stop the boom/bust cycle we’ve had since the 1920s. The issue here is the Federal Reserve system, which is responsible for artificially inflating market values. This makes our economy look great for a number of years, but as we saw in the dotcom bust and now the housing bubble, it is not sustainable. The argument over more or less regulation is moot unless and until our money supply is grounded on something other than the word of our government.

    I’m linking a paper entitled “Economic Impressions: Their Cause and Cure” by Murray Rothbard. I hope you give it a look.

    • Bob Powell says:

      Regarding “until our money supply is grounded on something other than the word of our government.”

      The Federal Reserve is only “government” by the most extreme stretching of imagination. Our elected “government” can’t even find out what it’s done and doing. Given it’s owned and run by the banks, is it any wonder that it bailed out the big banks?

      See here for comments on the Fed.

      Were control of the money supply to be truly a government function as required by the Constitution, and were our government not controlled by corporate power, the financial system could operate in service to all Americans and not favor capital over those who work for a wage.

      The Fed blew the dot-com and housing bubbles to keep the economy from collapsing in the near term; somehow they miscalculated and the collapse came before the 2008 election. They’re recovering nicely and seem to have successfully blamed deficits created by “conservatives” the supposedly liberal Obama. See

      This sets the stage for a far more disastrous collapse soon to come.

  2. billdunlap says:

    I suspect that strict adherence to the law and to ethics will severely restrict the current boom/bust cycle. Speaking as an insider, one of the biggest challenges we face. I once lost a job for killing a mortgage because the customers were lying to me. I lost my job and the mortgage went through regardless. The bust of 2000 happened because Clinton was throwing money at people who were designing websites about their cats.

    We would not be in this state if the laws were enforced.

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