Who Is Pulling the Strings?

A Very Good Question

A Very Good Question

We could always depend on John McCain to defend the free market. It did not matter what happened, John McCain believed in the Free Market as strongly as Jerry Falwell believed in Jesus.  The Tech Bubble burst, and John McCain blamed it on government regulations.  Nobody could deny reality better than John McCain.  He was the living embodiment of Voltaire’s Dr. Pantagruel, who preached that we are in a perfect world even after the most horrible things that happened to him.  Like Dr. Pantagruel, McCain lives in his own little fantasy world.  Despite the reality, McCain could be depended on to preach the Free Market.

Today, John McCain has become the champion of strong market regulations.  How the hell did that happen?  McCain ignored our sick economy for years.  He ignored the growing homeless crisis while pointing to the booming stock market.  He ignored the reality that the U.S stock market is no longer an indicator of U.S economic health.  How can the stock market reflect American economic health when American industry has been outsourced?  Today the U.S stock market is more of an indicator of Chinese economic health.  Now, all of a sudden, John McCain is pointing the finger of shame at the regulatory agencies for not doing their jobs.

How can the regulatory agencies do their jobs without the funding or the personnel needed to do the job? McCain was an active supporter of the deregulation that made the economic meltdown happen.  How can the regulatory agencies do their jobs when McCain helped legalize corporate crime?  Instead of going up before the American public and saying; “oops, I kinda’ screwed the pooch there, didn’t I?” McCain blamed the very regulatory agencies that he helped to emasculate.  Talk about blaming the victim.

What caused this change of heart?  Why has John McCain changed his tune and championed strong economic regulations?  I think it has something to do with the fact that the European banks are going to want a return on their investments.  Those banks are not propping up our sick and dying economy simply because they love us.  They are propping it up because they don’t want to be pulled off the cliff after us. After all, these are not American loan officers.  They are not going to give billions of dollars in loans to an indigent nation just for the commission. Europe has regulations against making bad loans.  The European banks are going to want full value for every Euro they put in the U.S.

John McCain is not just being examined by the American public, he is also being examined by the European banks.  They want to make sure that our next president will turn over a new leaf for the American economy.  The European bankers want to know that the next president will restore the financial regulations that FDR instituted in the Thirties.  They want to know that the regulatory agencies are fully funded and once again watching out for the American economy.  Europe wants to be certain that American tax money will be used to invest in U.S industry and economic growth, and U.S based corporations pay their fair share. The Europeans will want U.S jobs pulled out of China and Mexico and returned to American soil where they belong.

We are in a unique situation to take back our government and our economy.  Do we want national health? This is the time to demand it.  Do we want an end to the ridiculous war on drugs?  Go for it!  Do we want to stop the Middle Eastern Wars and limit the president’s powers to start them?  We will never have a better chance. Today is the day we take back our government.

The Neocons have utterly destroyed our economy.  They are no longer in control.  Somebody else is holding the other end of John McCain’s leash.  That somebody has Obama’s leash in the other hand.  I imagine that particular somebody speaking with a British accent.  Now is the perfect time to pressure Congress for the social changes we need.  Demand national health, demand the end of war and the end of nuclear weapons.  Demand the pretty moon.  Chances are we’ll get it.

We'll Promise you Anything as Long as You Give the Job to John


The only thing I’m afraid of is that the American public will swallow another free market pipe dream. Then our grandchildren will be reliving this same nightmare.

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