Way To Go America!

Remind You of Your IRA?

Remind You of Your IRA?

Never have I been prouder to be a American.  The 700 billion dollar corporate welfare bill was defeated and we did it together. The American people called up their Representatives and told them not to vote for that bill.  They threatened their Congressmen with their jobs.  The American people acted as if this was a democratic republic.  The shock was felt across the world.  The Asian stock markets collapsed. They were shocked when they discovered that we were no longer going to be their milk cows.   We need change in America and we cannot afford to wait for Barack Obama to get around doing it.  We have to do it ourselves.  Yesterday, we showed some backbone for the first time since 1980.   Maybe we have started something. Everybody who made a phone call to Congress, everybody who sent an email, everybody who signed a petition, is a hero.

The people who caused this economic disaster cannot possibly stay in charge.   The bail out would only have assured that the same idiots who caused the bail out would be free to continue on their merry way.  They would take our 700 billion dollars and use it to cause even more damage.  They would not change their business plan, which is take the money and run.  They would not tighten up their investment rules. On the other hand, the government could take the seven billion dollars and actually use it to do some good.  The SEC, FTC, and the Treasury could get their funding back. They could hire on new agents and prevent the crimes that caused our economy to melt down in the first place.  They could subsidize housing and end homelessness.   A fraction of that 700 billion could be used to start a nifty national health plan.

Right now they are working on a revised corporate welfare bill.   Don’t fall for it.  The world is not going to end simply because the idiots that caused this crisis lost their money.  Why should they get bailed out when all of us have lost?   We lost our jobs when they outsourced them. They ripped us off when they sold us investments which are now worthless.   Remember, the present Secretary of the Treasury was the former chairman of Goldman Sachs. Paulson is one of the architects of the crash.  Next time you call your Representative to say no to the bail out, you might demand his immediate resignation.

Right now there are European banks which are more than willing to support the failing American institutions in return for a fair return on their investments.   Let them bail us out.   The first thing that will happen is that the current crop of criminals will be tossed out in the streets.   Then the banking, mortgage, and investment industries will be reorganized back into pre-1980 conditions.  Our investments will come back a little more slowly, but they will come back.  Best of all, we will be safer with a partnership with the Europeans than we have been dealing with the Chinese.  Maybe, with luck, our jobs will come home from their nice vacations in the mysterious east.   I miss our industrial base, don’t you?   Won’t it be nice when we have it back?

People, we are on a roll.  This is not the time to rest on our laurels, and we don’t have to limit ourselves to the economy.   What do you think would happen if we all called our Representatives and told them, “bring home the troops or your job is off the table”?   I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that the wars in the Middle East will end before the election.   Within days we will have a withdrawal plan.  It’s time to pump up the volume.   We made the first step of taking back our government.   Let’s follow through.

Please, there are Billionaires Starving on Wall Street

Please, there are Billionaires Starving on Wall Street

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