700 Billion Dollars Down the Toilet

Save Our Struggling Billionaires

Save Our Struggling Billionaires

I cannot believe that Congress did this.  They took 700 billion dollars and gave it to the same idiots who created the financial crisis in the first place. Congress took 400,000 dollars from everybody over the age of 18 and just handed it Bush’s cronies. A Democratic Congress did this.   Democrats.  They just rolled over and let Bush rub them on the tummy like dogs.   This is just sickening.

The worst of it is that it was the Democrats who did this.  I think this pretty much shows that the Democrats are no better than the Republicans and are just as trustworthy.  That money could have been used for the public good.  Congress could have used it to bring accountability to the financial industry, stabilize the housing market, and create a national health system.  Instead, the money was just handed over to the very people who caused the problem, no strings attached.

What is totally aggravating here is the obvious hypocrisy.   After years of preaching the unregulated market, and preaching against the social safety net, our legislators just hand over 700 billion dollars to a bunch of criminals without a string attached. Then that corporate meat puppet, Pelosi, has the unmitigated nerve to say that accountability is the next step.  Accountability is the first step, Nancy, and we need you to understand that.

But what’s worse, Nancy Pelosi says that accountability will be the next step. What the hell?  This revised bail out decreases federal oversight of the financial industry. She just handed 700 billion to the people who ripped off the American public, and she calls this accountability?  People of San Francisco, will you not rid us of this misbegotten Neocon?   Vote for Cindy Sheehan, Vote for Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Vote for Norton I, please, San Francisco, anything but another two years of Bush’s lapdog as Speaker of the House.   We cannot afford to have the same people in charge of Washington anymore.

It’s time to get a great big can of Raid, and spray it into the Capitol Building.   Then we can watch Congress pouring out of the halls, except for the old and the weak.  They will be lying on the floor with their arms and legs wiggling in the air.  Then we need to go through the chambers of Congress and the Senate with a broom, and sweep out the useless corpses.  When Barack Obama takes the White House in January, let him come with a hostile Congress waiting for him.   Let it be a Congress who knows they have their jobs because we, the people of the United States, put them there.

We need change in Washington, and we need it now.  Not tomorrow, not next week, and not when Barack Obama gets around to it.  We have chickens coming home to roost and the financial meltdown is just the first.   The cost of fighting two useless wars at once is going to hit us hard very soon.  The oil crisis is going to hit while Obama is in office, and let’s not forget global warming.   Life is going to get very interesting very soon.  Do we have the people in Washington who can handle it? I doubt it.

The President is elected through the electoral college.  That is more an indication of which political party is in control than who we want as President.   Screw the Presidency; let’s throw out our Congressmen.   If they are going to hand over public money to thieves, they don’t deserve their jobs.  Let’s put in a few Green candidates, or a few independents; anybody but this current crop of idiots.

We Got Ours, Jack

We Got Ours, Jack

6 Comments on “700 Billion Dollars Down the Toilet”

  1. omgdidisaythat says:

    I think you pretty much nailed it on the head there grumpy old man.
    Of course you know there will be no change at all. Do you have any personal plans?

  2. Craig B says:

    Call the office for info on how you can help!

  3. billdunlap says:

    >Do you have any personal plans?<

    As a matter of fact, I am planning to start believing in God next week. It’s a relatively harmless delusion that may provide me with a bit of comfort when the shit really hits the fan.

  4. billdunlap says:

    If I lived in San Francisco I would be in your office right now, working for Cindy. As it is, when I start believing in God I will begin by praying that she beats the hell out of Pelosi.

  5. Jody says:

    Nancy Pelosi is one of the most unresponsive representatives ever. San Franciscans want to end the war and they voted to impeach Bush and Cheney with Proposition J on the ’06 ballot. But Nancy continues to put war funding on the table while keeping impeachment off the table. Cindy Sheehan demands accountability on Wall Street and in the White House. Do what you can to send Cindy to Congress in Nancy’s place!

  6. billdunlap says:

    Nancy Pelosi is another Bill Clinton. She is out to increase her mutual fund portfolio at the expense of the voters. Please, unelect her, San Francisco. Cindy Sheehan would be a much better choice.

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