Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

They are born in the same communities.  They go to the same schools and join the same clubs.   When they graduate they pursue the same professions (generally law), and they buy their homes in the same communities.   They are Democrats and they are Republicans.  Their political affiliations are more a matter of family tradition than ideals or beliefs.   Kennedy is an old Democratic family while Bush is an old Republican family.   The affiliations are more like sports teams than differences in beliefs.  They are wealthy families and they are going to put their own class first.

It’s not a matter of evil or greed, or even stupidity.   It’s a matter of environment.   They grow up in an America of million dollar homes.   To them, this is the norm.  They are educated in private schools.   This is the standard of education they are used to.   When they go to the expensive Ivy League schools, they join exclusive clubs and fraternities.  Sometimes they befriend somebody who grew up in a $100,000 dollar home and maybe went to a wealthy public school or parochial school.   These people become their CFAs or even attorneys.   Life agents and CPAs flock to Hyannis Port and Palm Beach like fledgling actors to Hollywood.  Each one looking for his big chance to join the power elite.  These people are known as trained monkeys.  They do their tricks and get their bananas, and keep their positions by not challenging their employer’s preconceptions.

Telling the boss he is wrong is not the road to wealth and privilege.  Telling the boss that private schools and million dollar homes are not the norm does not guarantee a long and healthy career in the financial industry.  Piss off the boss by telling him the truth, and some other monkey will have your job and your commissions.   Public relations and advertising is not there just to fool the masses, but to reassure our leaders as well.   Myths about homelessness being entirely about substance abuse, or that outsourcing makes things better for everybody, are there to make our leaders feel good.   They believe the very crap they pay for.  They pay public relations firms billions a year to spread rumors about abortion, the war on Iraq, and homelessness–and the bosses believe it.

Back when I was selling life insurance, I had one general agent tell me that he used to be concerned about the environment.  Then he realized that it was the scientist’s jobs to fix all the damage.  Since he had confidence in American scientific acumen, he no longer worried.  This same genius told me to tell my clients that Muslims were building terrorist weapons in the basements of every mosque in the United States.   Needless to say, I was not with that agency for very long.  To give you an idea of the trained monkey mentality, the top agent racially humiliated an African American junior agent in the board room, and only one other agent joined me in protesting this.  We were both junior agents and so we were ignored and eased out.   One does not allow bigotry to be challenged amongst the wealthy.

Is it any wonder that so many minorities were hurt during the mortgage meltdown?  Is it any wonder that jobs were just sent out of the country without any concern about its effect on the population?  After all, outsourcing increased the value of their mutual funds.   If it benefited them, it would benefit everybody, right?   After all, million dollar homes and private schools are the norm, right?   If people lost their jobs, they could work at McDonald’s, right? There is no need for a social safety net.   If they needed extra money, the poor could just get a subprime loan.

When their own idiocy caught up with them, and the American financial industry triggered an world wide stock market collapse, the Democrats joined with the Republicans to give their own class a 700 billion dollar bail out.  After all, if it’s good for them, it’s good for everybody, right?

Give--There Are Millionaires Starving in the Berkeley Hills

Give--There Are Millionaires Starving in the Berkeley Hills

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