The Cold Winds Of Change

Average Proposition 8 Supporter

Average Proposition 8 Supporter

Those of you who, like myself, have a gay youngster living happily at home can skip this post.  You are the good guys.   You are the chorus I would be preaching to.   Of course if you feel the need for a little bit of support and goodwill, please read on.  This piece is written for the idiot Californians who have been supporting Proposition 8.  Specifically, it is for those coprolite-brained idiots who objected to first graders attending their teacher’s wedding.

For those of you who do not live in this strange land called California, Proposition 8 is the final gasp of the Christianoid bigots who would ban gay marriage in California.  These mewling velociraptors are not quietly surrendering to extinction.   They are fighting it tooth and nail, and spitting their poison at any and all targets.   You can read the entire story here, but to give you the short version: a lesbian first grade teacher got married to her same sex partner.   The parents of her students are amongst the nicest people on earth.  They brought their kids to their teacher’s wedding.   Armed with pink rose petals and soap bubbles, the kiddies greeted their teacher and her new spouse as they left the mayor’s office.

Of course, if this was a heterosexual marriage, the Christianoid velociraptors would go all misty-eyed over the story.  If the marriage was in an Assembly of God Church, I would have no doubt that the whole pack would dissolve into gooey puddles of Christianoid love.  However, this was a gay wedding, so the Christianoids are having a hissy fit.   Their reaction to this brings me back to 1967 when the New Jersey school system was first being integrated.  You should have heard the Sussex County bigots scream!   To believe them, all the innocent young white students would be indoctrinated by sinful Negroes.   If you believed them, we would all grow up to be beret-wearing, fried-chicken-and-watermelon-eating, gun-toting radicals.  Forty one years later, I am hearing similar inanities out of the opponents of gay marriage.

These morons must know that they are fighting for a doomed cause.   Even if they do manage to pass Prop 8, the meteor of civil rights will not be stopped. In 1967, Jesus did not want African-Americans teaching in white schools. Well, screw Jesus, African-Americans are teaching white students anyway. Twenty years ago the Aryan Nation was sued out of existence for trying to reestablish segregation.   Twenty years from now, the American Civil Liberties Union will be suing these Christianoid numbnuts for objecting to gay marriage. I hope I live to see the day.   I would just enjoy that so much.

The kids who attended their teacher’s wedding learned a very important lesson; love is good and hate is bad.  These kids are learning that equal rights means that everybody is equal.  They are also learning that marriage is a happy thing.   The parents who brought them to the wedding are to be applauded, praised, and cherished.   They are the heroes who are making a better world.  The hell of it is, I bet that most of those parents are just too modest to admit it.   Maybe their parents raised them to be the good and decent people they are.  The proponents of Prop. 8 are dinosaurs.   Their true objection is that the world is changing.  Gays and lesbians are simply an easy target for their fears.   These Christianoids are heading for extinction.  The kids attending their teacher’s wedding is proof of this.  Gays are part of the real world, and there is nothing the Christianoids can do about it.

Let’s also face the fact that I am just a romantic at heart.   There is something about moppets tossing rose pedals at weddings that makes me misty-eyed.   If I am ever so blessed that the teacher, Erin Carder, ever reads this, I would like to wish her and her wife Kerri McCoy all the joy in the world.   May you be as happy as my own wife and I have been for the last 26 years.

To the Happy Couple, All the Good Things on Earth

To the Happy Couple, All the Good Things on Earth

18 Comments on “The Cold Winds Of Change”

  1. Adastra says:

    Coprolite for brains? Would be apt on the point of the petrified connotation, but this shite smells too foul to be mistaken for petrification. No, Bill, this shite is still alive, flourishing and gag-reflexive.

    I personally believe it is the Christianoids’ hearts that are made of petrified doo-doo.

    With love under will,

    Bob, Adastra,
    The Wizzard of Jacksonville

  2. billdunlap says:

    I just listened to a Prop. 8 commercial. I just got my gag reflex back under control. Sorry, Bob, but it’s their brains.

    Excuse the overstatement, it is the walnut sized mass of nerve ending between the ears. Is that better?

  3. chouchou says:

    You’re right that proposition 8 is about rights. It is a classic fight between whose rights should take precedence over whose. Since your blog seems aimed at inviting intelligent debate, I’ll be happy to share my opinion regarding it.

    First of all, the constitution, state or federal, did not just float down from heaven. It was created by The People as an overarching set of rules we agree to live by. California’s state constitution never granted same-sex couples the right to marriage — it was unheard of back when California became a state. Traditional marriage remained the will of The People of California, even as little as eight years ago.

    Four activist judges twisted the state constitution to find a right where none had previously existed. It’s happened before; just look at Roe v. Wade.

    Yes, same-sex couples currently have the right to marry. However, the right does not come from the state constitution; it comes from the judges interpretation of the constitution. The People of California now have the opportunity to change their constitution … or not.

    Now, as far as comparing gay rights to the black civil rights movement — I have a problem with that. For years, we have been told that homosexuality is inborn, and there is nothing one can do about it. However, there is another element in the gay community that advocates homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle. So which is it? Is it inborn, or is it a choice? Either you can’t help it, and you are a group that needs the same protections blacks received, or you are simply choosing that lifestyle and therefore shouldn’t get special status just because of your preferences. You can’t have it both ways.

    There are real examples of real rights — the right of freedom of religion and speech that are granted by the US constitution — that are being infringed on. That is why proponents of prop 8 are fighting as adamantly as they are.

    I wish your child and his/her partner a happy and prosperous life with all the rights and privileges that a domestic partnership affords them.

  4. chouchou says:

    PS — feel free to call me names!

  5. billdunlap says:

    And people wonder why I have trouble with libertarian lunacy like yours.

  6. lee says:

    Defining marriage as between one man and one woman is not taking away anyone’s rights. The definition simply distinguishes a union that is biologically capable of producing its own children. Whether a married couple has children or not, I feel like this deserves a separate name–even the potential is kind of a miracle.

    Actually this definition can be seen as the ultimate expression of equality our society has to offer: it takes one man and one woman. One could see a lesbian union as a marginalization of men, or a homosexual union as a marginalization of women.

    Equality is especially important when it comes to raising children. Children deserve/need a father and a mother. Neither parent should be marginalized.

    Yes, many children are already growing up in single-parent homes. Prop 8 should be a reminder to everyone that as a society we need to assist and strengthen families as much as possible. Really, as a society we should be most concerned with the success and health of our families.

    peace out.

  7. lee says:

    also, your rhetoric sounds really hateful to me (almost as hateful maybe as those “christian bigots”) your article is not persuasive.

  8. billdunlap says:

    That has to be the most twisted logic I have heard since I heard Aryan Nation Spokesworm Nicholas Schrecht declare that Whites are so god damned special that we do not dare get tainted by African-Americans.

    Heil Hitler, fascist pig.

  9. billdunlap says:

    And you are right. I find you utterly despicable.

  10. Catseye says:

    That was sweet, about the wedding.

    I live in Oregon. 3 years ago, we legalized same-sex marriage, and my High Priestess married her S.O. in a ceremony that was part of our annual community-wide Spring Equinox festival. The idiot bible-bangers sought and received a moratorium on same-sex marriages and had all marriages that took place between same-sex couples declared null and void until the issue is resolved.

    Many of the people who stood in line for marriage licenses were in their 70’s, and had been in committed relationships for decades. The incredible joy exuding from that marriage-license line would have made a stone weep.

  11. billdunlap says:

    The problem here is we are not dealing with stones. We are dealing with (semi) human beings who are feeling the winds of change. They are scared of the changes that have happened in the world during their lifetime and they are scared of the changes to come. Attacking gays and lesbians make them feel as if they have some control over the changes which are happening. There are no differences between the bigots attacking gays and lesbians today and the bigots like Strom Thurmond and Barry Goldwater who tried to stop desegregation.

    Equal rights means equal rights. They do not mean special rights for special white Christianoids.

  12. boarder900 says:

    I love how when anyone makes a valid argument you simply resort to negative ad hominem attacks. Bill, you have offered no defense to anything and personally I find you rather disgusting myself.

    Based on this page alone, it seems that the only people capable of intelligent thought or discussion are the people who do no advocate same-sex marriage. If I had no opinion on the matter before reading this then this definitely would have persuaded me to protest against same-sex marriage due to the hate you spout.

  13. billdunlap says:

    Not hate, contempt. If somebody did bring up a valid argument, I would happily answer it. So far I have not seen any valid arguments. All the arguments I have seen are either based on religion or libertarianism. Both are reactionary philosophies designed to protect corporate domination. In the case of religion, we are supposed to oppose gay rights because their make believe friend doesn’t approve of gays. Libertarians appose gay rights because that is another limit. Gays become one more minority they can no longer discriminate against.

    I know better than to think that these people will ever be reached by either reason or logic. There is only one way to face evil like theirs and that is to laugh at it. The winds of change are here. Gay rights are here to stay. Anybody who does not like it can just go away and sulk.

  14. Tony Sidaway says:

    Keep on fighting those idiots, Bill. You’re right, they’re dinosaurs. We’ll probably both live to see their own children and grandchildren shaking their heads in disbelief at the spiteful and hateful lies that were spewed out in the name of protecting them.

  15. billdunlap says:

    I am shaking my head at the religious idiots who wanted to protect me from African-American teachers. The saddest part is that they do not see the parallels.

  16. Tony Sidaway says:

    And in case you haven’t seen it, here is strong evidence that the new generation isn’t anything like the old. The shift is already well underway.

  17. That “lesbian teacher” just happens to be the closest thing I have to a sister. I also happen to be a Christian. However, I love her because she is who she is. I love her wife, because she is so good to my cousin and makes her happy. Not all of us are judgemental and nasty. Some of us love unconditionally. My 5 year old daughter has cancer. My eyes have been opened to all that is good in the world…and my cousin is good! As are a lot of us “Christians.”

    • billdunlap says:

      Here’s my problem with the term “Christian”. There are too many of you, and the likes of Fred Phelps, the Mormon gay bashers, and Pat Robertson also use the term Christian to describe themselves. So what do you do when the scum of the earth use the same noun, adjective, and adverbs to describe themselves? Doesn’t make things too easy for me. The problem is that when I say “Christian” the first thing most people think of is the religious right.

      Simply to state an opinion here, liberal Christians like you need to be more active and more visible. You have a legitimate point. Be you Muslim or Christian, the good guys outnumber the bad guys. Even a cynical atheist S.O.B like me recognizes that. It’s just a damned shame that when we say “Christian” the first thing most of us liberal types think of is Focus on the Family and other blights upon humanity. Another Christian of my acquaintance suggests using the word “Christianoids” to describe the likes of Jim Bakker and the rest of the rabid dogs who den in the megachurches. The problem is that sometimes “Christianoid” becomes too awkward. I still try to use it whenever possible.

      I do apologize for hurting your feelings. You are definitely one of the good guys, one of the people I was writing in praise of.

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