The Obama Presidency

Will They Be This Happy in 2012?

Will They Be This Happy in 2012?

It’s called the bait and switch. It’s the most effective con game ever created. The conman offers to sell something bright and shiny to the mark.   When the mark looks at what he bought, he sees that it’s not a bright and shiny as he thinks.  The conman made it look better than it was.  The old bait and switch works best with intangibles.   If a mark buys a watch and it turns out to be a piece of crap, the mark can go to the police.  He can identify the conman in a line-up, or get his friends together to beat the hell out of the conman.  You can’t do that with ideas.  Ideas are intangible.   That’s why the bait and switch works so well in politics.  The mark put all his money and his energy into a dream, and the mark isn’t willing to let his dream go.  The mark will even make excuses for the con.  Bill Clinton campaigned by promising the public a national health plan.  To this day there are people who will not admit that Clinton conned them.  The idea is so bright and shiny that they cannot even admit to themselves that the guy who promised it to them was lying.

Barack Obama has promised America something even brighter and shinier than a national health plan.  Obama has promised us hope, and hope is the most intangible idea of all.  Like the song asks, did you ever have a hope sandwich?   That’s when you have two slices of bread and you hope that you get some meat.   We have our two pieces of bread, where’s the meat?   When are the troops coming home?   When are we going to get our national health plan?   When is Wall St. going to be held accountable for its crimes? So far, Mr. Obama has not given us any definite answers to those questions. He has been elected because we hope he will give us acceptable answers to those questions.   I voted for Nader because Obama did not answer those questions.

Obama has not given any satisfactory answers to those questions, but the American voters continue to hope. They assume that Obama will improve health care even though Obama has put his health care plan on the table, and it sucks.  Obama has made quite a lot of talk about the economy, but he has not mentioned the fact that the SEC and the FTC as well as the Treasury service have been underfunded to the point where they cannot do their jobs. Wall St. commits major crimes on a daily basis.  Will Obama put a stop to it?

What we can expect is more hope.   Barack Obama is a fantastic orator. Were he a life insurance agent, he would have a place at the million dollar round table.  The man is that convincing.   I can just see Obama telling us that we have to keep the troops in the Middle East to protect the victims of our own invasion.  We will all still hope that the troops will come home soon.   While Obama plans to throw billions of dollars to his supporters in the health care industries, we will continue to hope that the HMOs choose to treat our illnesses.  By the same token we can continue to hope that we can keep a house over our heads and hope that our jobs are not shipped to the mysterious East.

Then there are the issues that both Obama and McCain have just mentioned in passing.  Obama’s energy plan is utter and complete insanity.   Wake up and smell the coffee, folks, the planet is out of cheap crude oil.   Gas prices are going to jump higher than a kangaroo with a kink in his tail.   Obama wants to build more nuke plants.   I was an eye witness to the Three Mile Island disaster.  Nuclear reactors are not the answer.   Obama is promising us another meltdown.   The next one may very well bring us into a “China Syndrome”.  The nuclear fuel could melt through the container and make thousands of miles of the United States hostile to all forms of life.   Obama does not seem to care about that.   Unlike the new solar technologies, nukes will bring tremendous profits to his backers.   We already know that profits come before human life.  We are just supposed to hope that Obama’s energy policy doesn’t kill us all.

Then there is global warming.   We are watching new and stronger hurricanes hitting our eastern coasts.   Polar bears are losing their habitats.   Entire forests are being decimated by insects because the natural cycles are broken.  We continue to hope that Obama will support the ecological regulations needed to keep global warming from getting any worse.  At the same time the homeless can keep hoping that somebody will realize that it is not their fault that the jobs have been shipped overseas or that it was not their fault that their mortgages melted down.  We do have a lot to hope for.   Will Mr. Obama deliver on any of it?

If Bill Clinton is any indication, I doubt it.   Clinton joined with Gingrich’s so called second revolution and decimated the social safety net to make sure that displaced workers had nowhere to fall but the streets.   If Nancy Pelosi is any indication, I also doubt it.   Nancy was George Bush’s number one girl. She voted for everything he asked for.  She took impeachment off the table and made sure that Georgie could rape and ruin to his heart’s content without any sort of consequences.   I fully expect Obama to act the same way.   Bill Clinton and Nancy Pelosi taught me the futility of hope.

Obama does not deserve a honeymoon period.   Yes, it will be a rare pleasure to have a President who can pronounce nuclear, but let us not forget everything that we are hoping for.   Let’s not let Obama forget it either.   I hope his inauguration is interrupted by major protests.  I hope he is flooded by emails and by petitions to end the war.   Remember, change is not created by protests alone.   We also need boycotts, works outages, strikes, and sit-ins. Johnson did not sign the civil rights bill because it was the right thing to do. That old Texas redneck signed it because there would have been civil war had he not.   Don’t let a Black President fool you.   Don’t be content to hope. Obama is not going to do anything for any of us unless we make him, just as Dr. King made Johnson sign the Civil Rights Act.

Don't Cry, John.  I Didn't Leave Anything Worth Stealing Anyway

Don't Cry, John. I Didn't Leave Anything Worth Stealing Anyway

23 Comments on “The Obama Presidency”

  1. mrquestions says:

    Can you at least give the guy a chance? My gosh Bill he hasn’t even been sworn in yet and your already kicking him in the ass. LoL. Talk about hope. It’s clear that you Hope he fails and you don’t leave even the slightest chance that he may be able to do some good? You don’t seem grumpy Bill, you seem hate filled and angry. You’re white for goodness sakes, what are you complaining about?Lol. White and male with all the advantages of being white and male this country has to offer. Stop your whining and complaining. If you didn’t get your slice of the American Pie, don’t blame Obama. You’ve been tricked and fooled more by your own kind than anyone else, particularly Obama. You are too old to be doing this. Yes, he is a politition, just like Nader, and if you don’t think Nader is capable of political monkeyshines, then you don’t need Obam, to trick or fool you, you’ve proven yourself capable.

    By the way, How the new job?? LOL

  2. billdunlap says:

    Sorry, but I lost all hope when Obama selected Emmanuel for his chief of staff. Emmanuel is a collaborator who is behind the reduction of Israel into a private army for the neocons. Emmanuel was also the bastard who pushed NAFTA through Congress, and screwed the American public through aligning with the Repubs for the Financial Reform Act and the Welfare Reform Act. To put it bluntly, Emmanuel is the master mind behind the uncomfortable situation you and I both share.

    My hope meter dropped into the sub-zeroes when Obama picked the Wal-Mart queen, Hilary Clinton, for Secretary of State. This is a blatant conflict of interest considering Clinton’s ties to Wal-Mart and the sweetheart deals Wal-Mart gets from the Chinese.

    I voted for Nader to make a point. In fact I joined with moderate Republicans in voting for Nader as neither of the other candidates were acceptable.

  3. mrquestions says:

    Bill, it is I who owe you an apology. For some reason I put people on very high pedestals from which they almost always suffer a humiliating fall. As this is the case, let me say… I’m sorry. Although in your case it wasn’t the height that did you in, it was my assumptions, after all, what else should I or anyone else expect from the grumblings from a grumpy old man? Rock on!!!

  4. billdunlap says:

    Here is a link for you.

    To me, this is the last word in what to expect from a politician. This is THE voting records. Take a look at Obama’s voting record. Look at Clinton’s. Look at Emmanuel’s and try not to throw up. I do not listen to anything a politician says. I look at what they do. So while you are at it look at what Pelosi has voted for, which is anything that Bush wants.

  5. mrquestions says:

    The last word in what to expect from a politician…

    What about the last word in what to expect from a white politician?

    Yeah, lets look at the voting recored. The record of lies told, the recored of bigoted laws. Look at the level of greed and violence.

    Following your logic, I wouldn’t trust any white person let alone a white politician. It is hope, and hope alone that I give white people a chance, and leave the door open that they wont be vicious, mean, and violent.

    To tell you the truth Bill, I feel more solace in having an African American in office if only for the slight chance that he will do things differently. But even if he wasn’t black, people of all races, colors, genders, are capable of the incredible good, and the same disappointing bad.

    Either-way, it’s not difficult to find a reason to dislike someone, and I guess you found have your reasons for your dislike of Barak Obama even-though he has yet to be sworn it.

  6. billdunlap says:

    You misunderstand me, Siddiq. I do not object to Obama because he is Black, I object to him because he is a Democrat. The Clinton (mis)Administration pretty much shows that the difference between the two parties is a difference in rhetoric. In actuality they are the same party. The Democratic Party’s purpose is the same as the Republican’s, which is to put our public money in the pockets of the multinationa corporations.

    Yes, Obama is African American, and yes his Presidency shows the power of the African American vote. Kerry dismissed the African American vote and he lost in 2004. The African American vote has put Obama in the White House, the African American vote to keep him honest. My objection to Obama is not his ethnic background, but the fact that he belongs to a turn-coat political party.

    The African American voter needs to know that Obama’s chief of staff is Raul Emmanuel who is such a rabid weasel that he savages his fellow Jews. Obama’s choice of Secretary of State places the interests of Chinese factory owners ahead of the American citizen. You need to keep your eyes on that.

  7. Thanks for the heads-up, But what makes you think we don’t already know about …. [Raul] Emmanuel? Just one point, there aren’t enough African Americans in the U.S to put anyone in the white house. We can help, but we don’t carry that much weight.

    Again, following your logic, African American voters should fear any and all White Politicians outside of an Obama Administration. Following your logic that is.

    Can’t we just enjoy this… just for a moment? Can’t you rant about something else for a while? like…. The President of the United States?

    You have several weeks before Obama takes office, and there is plenty to rant about thanks to Bush.

    After all, what did you expect Obama to do? Take a dive and lose to Mc Cain? Not run?

    Which do you hate the least, Obama, or the thought of third Bush term?

    Which do you hat the most Obama, or the thought of a third Bush term?…Trick question.

    Considering the fact that Obama is African American, can’t you at least give him some credit for getting elected?

    I don’t care how eloquent of a speaker he is there is not enough eloquence to explain him getting elected. There has to be something more.

    If he was smart enough to get elected, there is a safe bet he is smart enough to control his cabinet.

    I just think that you are a bit pre-mature when it comes to hating Obama. And way too early on name calling.

    All I am sayin’ ……. is give peace a chance.

    If you would like to read more, Visit

  8. billdunlap says:

    Don’t underestimate the African-American vote. African-Americans kept that neocon Kerry out of the White House.

    Looking at Obama’s first draft picks for his cabinet, I become even grumpier. He wants to keep that war criminal Robert Gates as Secdef? That kind of kills both his credibility as well as any hopes for peace.

  9. Me says:

    Bill, is it possible that it’s not that Obama baited and switched anything, but that perhaps the reality of enacting actual change is a lot more difficult while sitting in the Oval Office than it is to make statements about change before entering the office?

    Is it possible, Bill, that our government is so large that it’s very difficult to make swift changes? Would you allow that THIS is perhaps the reason why these changes have not happened and NOT “bait and switch”?

  10. billdunlap says:


  11. LS says:

    Dear Bill,

    I know that its easy to be cynical about the world and all of government, especially when you feel like there’s nothing you can do about the world around you; however, I think that a simple “no” is not a fair answer to any question.

    Reasoning would be a lovely addition.

    Also, please give credit where credit is due: it is President Obama, not “Mr. Obama”. I see you respected Dr. King’s title because he brought about change and has been posthumously honored across the world for his part in alleviating racial tensions in America.

    Just because Obama has not yet succeeded in changing the entire world or any tensions in America does not mean that he will not.

    I believe your inability to trust the government, politicians, and the traditional “left” or “right stem from a deeper psychological distrust of those around you. This most likely originated in a parent or authority figure letting you down when you were a child.

    Do not burden the general public with your emotional issues and clear trust complex through the forum of political discussion.

    Thank you.

  12. billdunlap says:

    Dear LS.

    I am very afraid for you. It seems that the Obama presidency has hooked you on a dangerous drug called hopium. Hopium is the worst of peer pressure drugs. It has caused the IQ of the entire Democratic voting public to drop by a factor of 50 points. Brain damage is the only reason anybody would support a health care bill that makes poverty illegal. Hopium also causes moral corruption in its victims. Hopium smokers actually think that the United States Armed forces are doing the right thing by killing innocent Afghan and Pakistani women and children if it’s a Democrat telling them to do the killing.

    Hopium also keeps its victims from telling the difference between Dr. King and that rat bastard Obama. Dr. King was a great man while Barrack Obama is nothing but a lying thieving sack of neoliberal horseshit. Another Chicagoan, Malcolm X, would have spat on him for kowtowing to the white financial industry, and so do I.

  13. billdunlap says:

    Oh, and LS

    At least the totally incompetent moron hasn’t completely destroyed all life in the oceans by sitting around with his thumb up his ass while BP tries to save its assets.

    At least it hasn’t yet.

  14. LS says:

    Bill –

    I’m beginning to see a trend in your arguments which is fairly disturbing.

    I see very clearly that you are a generalist. If the majority acts a certain way, then everyone who believes in something which that majority stands for, only one issue mind you, is automatically drawn in.

    You’ve created a new class of human beings named “hopium smokers” who each go through the same acts of what I can only assume that you believe is depravity. Not everyone fits into your categories, Bill. The world and politics are not that simple.

    For instance, I am as much of a pacifist as you’ll find and I’m am personally infuriated that we still have troops overseas. War is the only thing standing between the world and actual progress.

    I am not comparing President Obama and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; I am merely stating that Obama is our President for the time being, so the title “Mr.” is an unnecessary backhand (when included with your other comments). You can say what you like about him, but he is still the President for now and no matter what you think of him, it would be good to at least use his formal title if you are to use a title at all.

    And another thing, this oil spill reminds me a bit of Katrina; however, it is important to note that the response to this crisis is significantly larger and swifter than it was under the Bush administration.

    President Obama is not an all powerful God sitting in some oval-shaped piece of heaven yelling down commandments. There are three branches of government, all equally responsible for the laws and injustices that emanate from our government. The President and Congress have power over actions and law making. The Supreme Court has power over constitutionality regarding those laws and actions.

    Therefore, the blame cannot fully be Obama’s for anything that occurs.

    There are 435 other politicians who share responsibility in most of our governments actions, including law-making, taxing, spending, etc.

    You may choose to blame Obama for the oil crisis. That is fair.

    Unfortunately, he didn’t let the battery in the control panel die which subsequently set off a sequence of mechanical failures, causing the pipes to break apart. And it is a shame he isn’t doing more to solve this issue with both of his degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Science.

    – LS

  15. billdunlap says:


    I am seeing another serious symptom of hopium addiction. The hopium addict continues to rant on long after his audience has seen through his pipe dreams.

    >>I see very clearly that you are a generalist. If the majority acts a certain way, then everyone who believes in something which that majority stands for, only one issue mind you, is automatically drawn in.<<

    Buddy, a good part of the Democratic voter has seen right through your paper president. I don't know whether it is the health care bill that does not put a ceiling on premiums or the fact that BP is still screwing around with the oil leak. The upcoming elections show that long time established Democrats are losing in the Senate and the House. Looks to me like the voters are smarting up. When the next Republican president screws up as bad Obama and Bush, maybe we'll see a third party candidate in the White House.

    I blame Obama for his sins, the Congress for their sins, and the Supreme Court for being a bunch of corporately owned jackasses. As far as Obama is concerned, he is owned by the Chicago machine, the crookedest and most corrupt political entity in the United States. Our first Black President is a minion of the same political faction that murdered the Black Panthers and authorized violence during the 1968 Democratic Convention. This is why every word out of Obama's mouth is a lie.

  16. LS says:

    Bill –

    You just hate government, don’t you?

    You’re also assuming that I identify myself as a Democrat.

    All of this generalization and these assumptions (when combined with your cynicism) are what cause you to be highly arrogant and allow your readers to love to hate you.

    And speaking of ranting: you’re far worse than I am or could ever be. Every one of your posts starts with a sound premise, but they just don’t stop.

    I’m arguing for any particular “pipe dream”. I’m simply arguing against your misanthropic view of everything.

    He’s your President, too. Just thought I’d let you know in case you hadn’t gotten that memo.

    I would enjoy you providing proof for you statements. Just because you claim something is true doesn’t mean it is, no matter how loud or often you yell it.

    – LS

  17. LS says:

    Also, I believe you’ve fully confused hope with blind faith.

  18. billdunlap says:

    I figured out why the Democratic moonies are out trolling today. Today is California primary election day. They are desperately hoping that if they push the hopium a few of their incumbents might stay in business.

    No LS. I do not hate government. Government is a necessary evil. I am, if you have read any of my other blogs, a big fan of the parliamentary system. It is Obama I hate as I hate hypocrites and liars. I also hate Underground guerrilla marketers who spam blogs with hopium induced propaganda. Oh, and by the way, I’m also not too fond of you.

  19. LS says:

    Bill –

    Everyone is “trolling” today regardless of party. That’s what happens on election day.

    Backtracking for a moment:

    Has it occurred to you that President Obama has authorized 17,500 National Guard troops to participate in the response along with the over 1,900 vessels which are already assisting in the environmental cleanup?

    What about the bill (preliminary, at that) which has been sent to BP for $69 million in economic injury claims?

    I wouldn’t call that nothing.

    – LS

  20. billdunlap says:

    I would call it putting a band aid on a gushing artery.

  21. LS says:

    What would be better than that?

  22. LS says:

    I think what is being done is all that can be done, realistically, that is.

  23. billdunlap says:

    I’m not ignoring you, LS. It is simply that my answer grew into my next blog post

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