Hannity Has Done His Job Well

Change?  Surely You Jest?

Change? Surely You Jest?

When is criticizing a politician racism?   When the politician is Barrack Obama, of course.  Obama can back away every one of his promises regarding taxation, and anyone who points it out is accused of bigotry.  Obama can turn all his promises regarding the economy into a lie by appointing Timothy Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury, and I am called a horrible person for mentioning Geithner’s part in NAFTA and outsourcing.   Obama can also appoint that war criminal Gates to continue the job he has mishandled for Bush, but Barrack Obama can do no wrong. Apparently I am wrong for pointing out that appointing Gates is a sign that the war is going to continue.  The right wing pundits have done their job. Obama can continue the same failed policies of his predecessors, but nobody dares to point this out without being accused of racism.

As a marketing and sales professional, I have to admire the right wing pundits as well as the people who write their scripts.  They are brilliant.   By carefully mixing truth and psychotic racism, they have made Obama invincible.  When one mentions the incestuous relationship between Hillary Clinton and Wal-Mart, one automatically becomes a KKK member.  Obama can ask John Yoo to be a member of his national security staff, and I allegedly become Sean Hannity for pointing out that Yoo was the person who advocated the torture of Guantanamo inmates. John Brenner is the CIA executive who oversees torture, and Obama wanted him to head the CIA.  Ask how this means change, and cries of racism echo from the hills.

This does not mean that racism does not exist.   On the contrary.  Hannity’s script writers depend on racism.   When Buster Beer-Belly redneck hears Hannity’s rants, all he is going to hear is that the Black President’s middle name is Hussein, and that the good white Republicans are protecting his interests by continuing Bush’s policies.   All Mr. Cardboard Liberal is going to hear is the racism, and will associate any criticism of Obama with the racism. Thus, when Obama continues the failed economic policies of his predecessors, it’s all going to be somebody else’s fault.  The rednecks will blame the Muslim-loving liberals and the liberals will blame the redneck Republicans.

The amazing thing is that anybody even listens to Hannity, Limbaugh, or the rest of the troupe of right-wing howler monkeys.  It’s not as if they have anything worth listening to.   I spent my entire life not even knowing what Sean Hannity looked like until I lifted his picture off Google.   I could pass him on the street without even recognizing him.  I watched some of his stuff from YouTube when I was accused of being him.  What person in his right mind would even listen to his shit?   Maybe I have been in the business too long, but Hannity is the worst salesman I ever experienced.  Yet people on both sides of the political spectrum listen to him as if he even matters.

All Hannity has to do is pick on Nancy Pelosi, and that godless neocon becomes Ms. Super Liberal.  Pelosi, who continues to vote in favor of the Iraq war and illegal wiretapping, is a champion of the downtrodden because Hannity says something bad about her. Jesus H. Christ on a crutch!  The woman is a bald-faced liar.  Check our her voting record.  Project Vote Smart records the voting record of every politician in Washington DC.   There is no excuse for anybody to fall for Hannity’s tactics.   The truth is out there for anybody with enough brains to look for themselves.

Hannity and the rest of the right wing pundits have successfully applied a peer pressure element into American politics.  You are now either for Hannity or against him.  If Hannity labels somebody a bleeding heart liberal, you have to either condemn him or support him as a bleeding heart liberal.   It’s an us or them attitude where truth does not matter a whit.  The fact that Pelosi has been an ardent behind-the-scenes Bush supporter seems to be irrelevant in the light of Hannity’s mighty rhetoric.

Perhaps familiarity breeds contempt, so I should not be too terribly surprised that people are falling for the Hannity smoke and mirrors show.  How many people in California lost their homes because some stranger called them up during dinner time and offered them a “free, no obligation, assessment of their present mortgage”?  Sounds pretty dumb, doesn’t it?   There are just some things that people have become conditioned to respond to.   The words “free” and “no obligation” are guaranteed to catch one out of every five prospects.   This holds true in politics as well. Say the right words and you get people’s money.  Say other right words and you get people’s votes. Say other magic words and a politician becomes god or the devil depending on the audience you are aiming for.   Sometimes you can accomplish both with the same sentence.

The liberal who has the nerve to criticize Obama becomes the eternal outsider.  Even though Obama has already gone back on many of his promises, and made frightening choices for his cabinet, I am called a bigot for daring to mention it. That’s cool. I can live with it. I have received some really nasty email, I have been called a pig on my own blog, and even my wife has been slighted over this.   I do not take any of this personally. The unconditional Obama supporters have a hard lesson coming to them.  Many of them can see it coming.   Really, how smart do you have to be, to know that Rahm Emmanuel is bad news for any sort of positive change?   They pick on me for pointing out the obvious.

What bothers me is the opportunity that is being lost.  Why is everybody dropping the ball?  Why is putting a Likkudnik in as chief-of-staff acceptable? Why is Gates acceptable?   Why is pointing out that they are not acceptable labeled racist?  Because Sean Hannity opened his mouth?  Cut me a break.   If Obama’s supporters want actual change, they are going to have to react to what Obama does and not what Sean Hannity says.   Hannity is just hot air. Geithner is a danger to our homes, our jobs, and our savings.   Don’t fall for the Hannity con game.  Get on the web, get on Obama’s site, and remind him that you voted him in for change.

Do You See Any Change?

Do You See Any Change?

24 Comments on “Hannity Has Done His Job Well”

  1. jonolan says:

    It was the Left, not the Right who branded anyone who criticized Obama as racist.

  2. andeeroo says:

    Don’t be fooled by the left or the right. Money is the deciding factor for all politicians. $$$$$

    Why’s Obama most admired?


  3. billdunlap says:

    Strangely, it seems that the left is as affected by the right wing howler monkeys as the right. Hannity makes some idiot comments that is barely on this side of hate-speech, and the left jumps up and down and claims you are a racist for observing that Obama is bringing in the same crew or criminals.

    It’s all public relations.

  4. mrquestions says:

    Bill, I doubt you have the courage to post this, but if you do, you know well that this is not about politics, it’s about character.

    As an African American, I was offended by your use of the term trained monkey to describe Obama. However, this was the last in a series of offensive words you used when describing him as well as others you disagree with. This isn’t a political issue, this is personal.

    Politically, I’m just intelligent enough to know that you are not clairvoyant, and therefore have no way to predict the future about Obama, or anything else. So your political rants were never an issue for me, I simply tried to be a good neighbor and give your blog a fair read.

    You may not take this personally, but I do. I have lost a potential friend, and it’s hard for me not to take it personally.

    What does this say about you and your character that you invited me to read your blog only to offend me? In the least, I was an invited guest to your blog, in the very least, I was an African American guest that you invited to your blog. It’s hard to believe that you are so “boxed-in” that you didn’t know that any association involving an African American and the term “trained monkey” would be offensive. Politics aside, what did you expect when you invited me to your blog? I happen to know for a fact that you could have made the same point using a more civilized selection of words, and it wouldn’t have diminished you point in the least. Since you invited me, you should have taken your audience into account.

    What does it say about your Wife who comes to my door with one face on November 4th and shares a very special moment with me and my family, only to suddenly grow another face and inform me that she personally edited all of your blogs, and was in fact now against Obama?
    What did she expect when she tried to once again inject herself in to share another special moment with me and my family for Christmas? What’s the deal with you guys?

    What does it say that you have now re-framed this issue and are now playing the victim with this ridiculous post? If you valued our “relationship” you could have at least taken the few steps needed to knock on my door to try to talk me down, I deserve at least that much consideration.

    What does it say that you have shown a great sensitivity on your blog, and in person when it comes to gay rights, and autism, blasting the few who have spoken ignorantly about these issues, but then rail against Obama using ignorant words?

    We both are aware the you of all people should be aware of the devastating power of words. Obviously you expect me to avoid words like “retard” or ” rain man”, or lame brain, and you know why. You also would not expect me to use words like “faggot” or “cock sucker” — again, you know why.

    More than your political views, it’s the open hypocrisy that is difficult to tolerate. You can give it harsh, but you can’t take it harsh. And now you have painted yourself as victim by blogging about the fall out you received because you invited an African American Obama supporter to read you ani-Obama blog, and he told what he thought of you. What did you think would happen?

    As for Obama, I’m simply not in such a rush to judge him as you are. In the very least, I’m willing to wait until the man is sworn it before judging. In fact I tend to be that way about people, I like giving people a chance and not prejudging them. If this makes me some sort of Obama Clone, then so be it.

    If this is not you way that’s ok. Just don’t invite a known Obama supporter to read your blog and then become indignant when when they call you a pig. And don’t get hurt when people raise an eyebrow or two at the many faces your wife reveals to them.

    When we first met, I offered to help you with your boxes because I could see your back wasn’t that sturdy. I asked for nothing in return except that you call me to help you when you needed it. I deserved better treatment than to be invited to your blog while you throw trash at Obama. You didn’t have to mention you stupid blog at all.

  5. dozotheclown says:

    For the record, I do not edit Bill’s blog for content. I do line or copy editing, which is correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. I may suggest changes in content, but I don’t have the final say.

    As for being for or against Obama, no. I voted for Cynthia McKinney. I’m glad we have Obama rather than McCain or Bush. I don’t like his cabinet choices or his desire to intensify the war in Afghanistan. I don’t see much difference between him and any other mainstream Democrat politician. If you like mainstream Democrat politicians, that’s a good thing. I’m Green, not Democrat. I make alliances with Progressive Democrats, but Democrats don’t automatically get my vote. I’ve been clear about this from the start. Who argues politics with a clown? Only other clowns.

  6. mrquestions says:


  7. mrquestions says:

    But to be fair, I never argued anything political with you. But since you seem to have something to say, let me go on “record” and tell you that I’m well with in my right to question your motives when you knock on my door…. for any reason political or not.

    Regardless of your policies, you knew we supported Obama and made no mention of Cynthia McKinney, mainstream democrats or any Progressive Democrat Alliances, when you knocked on our door November 4th. So, for the record, you could have stayed home.

    Line copy or not you knew the contents of the Blogs you were editing. And while you may not have the final say, you most definitely have a say, and should have said something either for my understanding or Bill’s.

    What kind of clown invites themselves to an Obama party full of Obama supporters, when they themselves are not an Obama supporter?

  8. mrquestions says:

    For the record, I don’t really care about your politics. It’s the strange behavior of you and you husband. Amazing how you missed the main point of my post.

  9. billdunlap says:

    If Obama’s selection of war criminals and corporate pirates is acceptable to you, if the selection of people actively involved in supporting Israel in the Palestinian genocide is acceptable to you, and if continuing the War in Afghanistan is acceptable to you, you are certainly one to talk about strange behavior.

  10. mrquestions says:

    The only thing strange about my behavior is that I’ve wasted so much time trying to be kind to you and your wife.

  11. billdunlap says:

    You objected to the term “trained monkey” even though we discussed it in person? Fine. I changed it to “Corporate Talking Head”. Happy? Now go away.

  12. mrquestions says:

    We never discussed, you never told me you changed it, if you had, there I would have relented.

  13. mrquestions says:

    Bill, please. We never discussed the trained monkey issue in person, and you know it. Like I said before, I was simply trying to be a good neighbor when I accepted your invitation to read your blog. But now you have flat out lied on your blog and are attempting to mislead the few people who read it.

    You dedicate a whole post to the false argument that Hanity has somehow made it difficult for anyone to criticize Obama without being called a racist
    when you know that’s not the truth in this case.

    It was you who used the offensive term trained monkey, not Hanity. Why slight people on your blog with a racial slurs, and then feel victimized at their reaction? You act as if you have been wronged.

    Did you really think that you could invite me to your blog and I would just sit there and say nothing as you trashed Obama? Thats like inviting me into your home and serving me a hot bowl of shit…..and then sighting Sean Hanity as reason I find that hot bowl of shit offensive. Some how Sean Hanity has had an affect on peoples perspective on hot bowls of shit.

    It’s clear that you lack the strength of character to be truthful in your blog, and are just looking for attention for your blog. Rather than grow a pair of balls and admit you were wrong, you set up Hanity as your straw man. When charged with racism, knocking down a straw Hanity is a cowards way to defend yourself.

    I’ll go now, but perhaps you’ll consider the loss of respect. We looked up to you and your wife, and I saw you as my Mentor, developing a younger version of you in the grumpy persona. I saw the man behind the grumpy old persona, and I enjoyed him, respected him, But no longer.

    I’ll go now, but perhaps you’ll think twice before inviting a African American Obama support to read your stupid blog. Not every African American would handle things by blogging if they knew they had the option of knocking on your front door.

  14. billdunlap says:

    And here folks is the shape of things to come. Never mind that Obama has done a total about-face on taxation. Funny isn’t it? There is never enough money for needed social programs, but there is always room for another tax-cut. Never mind that Obama has chosen a total racist for the head of Homeland (in)Security.

    Never mind that Obama ran a totally misleading slogan loaded campaign. We do not dare criticize Obama. We do not dare organize against the major screwing that poor people of all races, creeds, and nationalities are going to get. No, to do so is to be racist.

    Talk about viciously attacking your friends while defending your enemies.

  15. mrquestions says:

    There is a difference between a criticism and a racial slur.

    Calling an African American a trained monkey and showing little remorse makes you look like a racist, even if you aren’t.

    This has nothing to do with Politics.

  16. billdunlap says:

    If you feel that the term was racist, I most certainly do apologize. I have used the term in reference to myself in our conversations together. I was the trained monkey for a couple of really high profile people. I was not even thinking of it in any racial term. When I said trained monkey I was also referring to Nixon, Reagan, Ford, Clinton, and the current moron currently wasting space in the Oval Office. I was not thinking in terms of race. Had you knocked on my door and pointed the perception out to me rather than going off, I would I would have changed the term immediately as you watched, and thanked you for being friend enough to catch my mistake.

    Corporate talking head says it just as well.

  17. mrquestions says:

    I knew you had it in you Bill. I didn’t give up on you and you didn’t let me down. I just kept on writing.

    Moving forward, I’m man enough to leave room for the slight chance that you might be right about Obama, after all he is a politician and by nature can’t always be trusted. So I don’t ever want you to stop blogging.

    Nevertheless, it’s in my nature to give people a fair chance to show what they’re all about. As I have mentioned before, a paint brush in the hands of one is not the same as a paint brush in the hands of another, in one instance we get the mona lisa, and in the other we get graffiti.

    Since he is the POTUS, we all should be hoping for the Mona Lisa.

    Other than that we are friends. Keep in mind, not all of your readers know you as I do and might be turned off by your colorful phrases. That would not be good for your blog.

  18. billdunlap says:

    Excuse me. Perhaps you took the time to stick your nose in a newspaper? Maybe you noticed that Israel is rocking and rolling through the Gaza once again? Do you know why? It’s because that red handed bitch Hillary Clinton is going to be Secretary of State and is guaranteed to block any adverse action from the UN. Emanual is Chief of Staff and will continue to bull through military aid to Israel, which does nothing for Israeli security but assures that Israel remains economically dependent on the U.S and remains a U.S client state. This guarantees plenty of refugees willing to work for sand in the oil fields, and Blackwater will be there to slaughter them if they strike for better wages and treatment.

    No, Siddiq, any defense of a man who put together that Cabinet and that staff is a walking affront to humanity. Any defense of that man in any way manner or form is a direct insult to me.

    Besides, my wife was an innocent by-stander in this whole thing.

    I will reiterate what I said before. Leave me alone.

  19. mrquestions says:


  20. mrquestions says:

    Thats right, overlook your racist comment about Obama, overlook the current administration, overlook the group of people who got us into this mess to focus on Obama. He hasn’t even been sworn in yet.

    I’ll stick my nose in a newspaper as soon as you pull your head out of your ass.

  21. Besides, there is a long list of people to blame and rant against before you get to a man who has yet to be sworn it. You behave as if he is personally responsible for everything that has happened in this country. Get a clue.

  22. billdunlap says:

    I predicted that the Likkud would be rocking and rolling in the Gaza as soon as news got out that Clinton, Emanuel, and Gates would be on the staff and the cabinet. I was right.

    My next prediction is that we will be in either Iran or Syria within six months of his inauguration. The draft will be mandatory within eight months. The problem is not that I don’t have a clue. The problem is that I happen to know what I’m talking about.

    The only time I have been wrong is when I have been optimistic.

  23. jonolan says:


    I think your predictions are likely with the the exception of the draft. That is highly doubtful because the military doesn’t really want the draft reinstated. It takes too long to train modern US soldiers in the craft for the draft to be useful anymore.

    Oh, and you left out adventures in Sudan. That’s a very probable near future event since Biden and Obama both want us to intervene there.

  24. billdunlap says:



    Both Kerry and Dean were campaigning for the draft back in 2004. The war in the Middle East isn’t about highly trained modern soldiers. If it were, the army and marines would protect their investment by providing proper armor. This will be more like grabbing some minority kid off the street, giving him a gun, and sending him out to be cannon-fodder.

    With such a busy schedule of invading and looting, the only way they will have enough soldiers is to reinstate the draft.

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