Who Is John Galt

Who Is John Galt?

The Question on Everybody's Mind

Tea baggers across the country have this bumper sticker on their gas guzzling SUVs.  It asks who is John Galt?   Being literate, we know that John Galt is the mysterious stranger of Ayn Rand’s epic piece of capitalist drivel, Atlas Shrugged.   Rand, a Soviet refugee, brought PTSD to new heights when she declared that anybody who did not smoke is a communist, and accused tobacco researchers of treason.   Despite this obviously Stalinist line of reasoning, Rand continues to be the darling of the libertarian right.  Just who is John Galt?

Rand gets really cute in the name she gives her character.  His first name is the most common in the English speaking world.  That represents his populist roots.  His last name Galt, sounds like a Anglo-Saxon surname, but it is also the alias used by the God Odin when he walked amongst humans. Odin was in the habit of handing doomed swords out to unsuspecting vikings, and when asked, Odin would say he was Galt.   At that point the viking would know that he was completely and totally screwed.  If he followed the course of common sense, dropped the sword, and ran like hell, he would earn the wrath of Odin.   If he kept the sword, he would be led to a particularly tragic and heroic doom.  So Galt is God Almighty, but a particularly sadistic and untrustworthy God who has no use for free will.

Now, what captains of industry do we know who are in the habit of giving out cursed gifts?   I can think of two right off the top of my head: Henry Ford and Prescott Bush.  Their support of Hitler and the Third Reich resulted in death, devastation, destruction, and the systematic murder of 10 million human beings.   It ended in the deaths of many Nazi leaders; most dramatically in Joseph Goebbel’s murder of his innocent daughters.  I think it is safe to assume that John Galt is somebody who thinks he’s God Almighty, and does not shrink at murder as a means to an end.   As a God, Odin was a great fan of war and destruction, we can say that John Galt is a warmonger.

To understand why John Galt is such a bloodthirsty bastard, we need to look at the Odin myth a little more closely.  Why did Odin, reputably the wisest of the Gods, have this compulsion to create death, destruction, and misery amongst the mortal population?   He was serving a higher purpose, and one that only he in his wisdom could truly understand.  The other gods had a partial understanding of that purpose, and mere humans could receive glimpses of that purpose.   Only Odin could see the whole purpose, and he gave up an eye to do it.   Like Odin, John Galt is the one eyed man in the land of the blind.  The world depends on his vision so that it can keep on turning.  This is why the Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the same rights as human beings.  Captains of industry, CEOs, Chairmen of the board are all ubermench. It is only right that they have more power than us lesser mortals who are too humble to share in their great vision.

Next, you may ask, what is this great vision Galt cannot share with the rest of us mere mortals?  Simply that there is a war coming up between the good guys and the bad guys.  It will be the war to end all wars and humanity needs to be ready for it.  Odin keep humanity in training by stirring up wars, and choosing the best of the slain to be his warriors when the final conflict happens.  Our captains of industry, our John Galts, also see a great war coming, but instead of the Frost Giants, we’ll be fighting godless communists. No, that was two generations back.   Instead of the Frost Giants, we’ll be fighting the drug cartels in South America. That really didn’t work out that well. This time, we will be fighting the Jihadists. True, they are a handful of extremists whom our forces chase around the Himalayas like it was a Keystone Kops movie, but they are the enemy that will destroy our way of life!  We better get them before they get us.

Ultimately who is John Galt? He is a war mongering bastard who does not care how many people he has to have killed to achieve his goals.  He is a captain of industry who knows better than the rest of us as to how we should run our lives.   He is a man with such power that governments declares anybody who opposes him as the powers of darkness.  John Galt is a man who kings and presidents listen to because in Galt’s mind he is always right.  What historic figure fits this mold?  There is only one, Joseph Stalin.

Stalin began as a peasant and worked himself up to the head of the Soviet Union through his own talents for murder and lack of ethics.  Stalin was responsible for the deaths of millions, and used the needs of the state justification.  Stalin was a strong man who commanded the resources of all of Mother Russia and a good chunk of Eastern Europe to boot.  On top of everything else, the crazy bastard thought he was God.  To this day, there are Russians who still support and apologize for Joe Stalin.

Ayn Rand took the Stalinist qualities that so scarred her as a child and deified them into her character of John Galt.  Let’s bring things back to reality here.  Who is John Galt?  John Galt is a parasite who grew up in a privileged class and accepts these privileges as part of his due.   You can also look at John Galt as Bill Cosby, a man who feels that he owes nobody anything because he paid his own way into the upper class.   John Galt can be seen as National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who does not want the world to think that she got her job through affirmative action.   After all, her grandfather paid blood to bring his family into the ruling class.   George W. Bush is also John Galt. We all know that the draft was created for poor people, and not the son of the EXXON heir.  John Galt is every politician in Washington who denies the majority of Americans jobs and health care.

John Galt is useless, because if John Galt was really all that talented, he could make it to the top in any economic system or society.  This makes Galt just another one of Timmy Geithner’s Wall St. cronies, stealing money from honest tax payers.  That’s who John Galt really is.   Stop and remember, Stalin made it to the top by robbing banks.


I was very surprised to discover an article about Rand on Alternet today.  (Okay, I admit it, my wife discovered it for me.)  In this chilling article, we see that Rand was a serial killer groupie, and that her heroes was based on a sicko who strangled and dismembered a little girl.  What does this say about the people who take her nonsense seriously.  What’s worse, is that Alan Greenspan was one of her buddies.

Joseph Stalin

I Am What Libertarians Long For In Their Secret Hearts

13 Comments on “Who Is John Galt”

  1. I tried to read that book over Christmas and I just could not make myself care about any of the characters. Bleh.

    • billdunlap says:

      Hello, Rechelle. I have really been enjoying your blog, and it is an honor for you to post here. Thank you.

      It does not surprise me that you could not stand that book. I don’t see how any intelligent person could. Rand, like Aleister Crowley, Deepak Chopra, and Pat Robertson, simply restates and reaffirms the protestant work ethic. In short, the protestant work ethic states that God shows who is the true leaders by making them rich. Those who love Rand truly believe that rich people have the right to oppress others as their power comes directly from god.

      The absurdity of it is enough to make a strong man weep.

  2. john says:

    The author of this article obviously has not read the book. To say that Galt, a fictional character in a book, wants to tell others how to live is untrue. ” I shall not live my life for the sake of another man, or ask another man to live for the sake of mine.” Amazing how you liberals are afraid of a book and fictional man. To say no intelligent man would ever read Ayn Rand proves your ignorance and narsacism. An intelligent individual reads as much as he can even if he does not agree with the views. What is the point of reading about something you already believe in. You leftist are so well rounded.

  3. john says:

    Read the book before you comment about it. Intelligent men are well rounded and read as much as possible. Please provide me an example of oppression done by Galt in the book.

  4. billdunlap says:

    What makes you think I did not read Rand? For your information, my mother was Rand’s class of 1949. She was a full part of the little psycho-cult Rand was running in Greenwich Village. My brother and I frequently joke about Mom sitting in a smoke filled coffee shop while Alan Greenspan farted out beatnik jazz on his saxophone. Rand was required reading while I was growing up.

    BTW Mom was bi-polar with a diagnosis of obsessive compulsive disorder. She refused to go to doctors because that would have been a weakness, and taking medication or even getting help for her psychotic episodes would make her a parasite.

    So tell me, John, what is your excuse for defending the Ruskie psycho-bitch. Anybody who takes Rand seriously must have an undiagnosed mental illness.

  5. Matt says:

    The Supreme Court did not give corporations rights. It affirmed the rights of the shareholders, who are people. Believe it or not. You see, you liberlas need to understand that rich people have rights too, not just poor people, gays, negroes and hispanics and other disabled people. Rich shareholders get access to the government just as the poor do. I could argue that poor people get a great deal living in this country paying no taxes and getting gov. benes. If life were fair, poor people would be even worse off.

    • billdunlap says:

      The shareholders have exactly the same rights as poor people. That’s why the rich in this country feel justified in cheating. Having the same rights are not special rights, and everybody knows that rich people are special and above the rules.

      Maybe we should change the rules and make shareholders responsible for the crimes of their corporations. After all, life isn’t fair.

    • libramoon says:

      Liberals are those who believe in liberty as trumping governmental control. Learn the language of your forefathers.

      • billdunlap says:

        Which forefathers do you speak of? Are you talking about George Washington who was the first American on record to break a treaty with the Native Americans? Perhaps you are talking about John Adams who refused to sign the Constitution because the presidency and senate were not hereditary positions. Or maybe you are talking about Alexander Hamilton, America’s original “Bankster”. Of course you might be talking about Tom Jefferson, a man so vile he owned his own children like cattle. Maybe you might be talking about the entire monied class of the late 18th Century, who used to call the rest of us “White Savages”.

        The language they spoke was a Middle American dialect which is no longer used today. Languages change and grow to keep up with changes in population and technology. Our forefathers spoke a dialect which we can understand easier than Chaucer’s or Shakespeare’s, but still uses quite a few outmoded word definitions and usages. I speak modern American English.

        So did Rand. As a matter of fact her forefathers were slaves to the Czar or oppressors of their own class. Rand herself was a head case. Her idea of freedom or lack of government control was that of a child who wants icecream for dinner and to stay up to midnight every night. It was not a concept used by mature and functioning adults.

  6. James Willems says:

    Wow, billdunlap, you are quite eloquent in speaking your truth. It seems to me that you are not surprised by the public resurrection of Ayn Rand and John Galt. Good for you. I was a bit surprised. If one looks back at the reviews when Atlas Shrugged first appeared, Rand was lambasted as a really poor writer, which she is. Now the almost divine qualities given to her and John Galt indicates a profound shift in public opinion.

    You might be interested to know that one place where Galt has also reappeared is with the new age thinker, Ken Wilber. On his website, Integral Life, an eight part interview with Nathaniel Branden (a long time lover of Ayn Rand) has appeared in which Branden explains why he broke up with Rand. He says he discovered compassion and emotions which, of course, were both alien to Rand.

    This country still struggles with the profound burden of the Protestant Ethic, the myth that you deserve poverty. It is the punishment for not getting the point: It’s a hostile world and one has to be brutal to get by.

    Having lost eight family members in the 30’s to Stalin’s purges, I was fascinated to see you speak of his effect on Rand. I believe you are exactly correct. Thank you for your writing.

    • billdunlap says:

      Thank you for your kind words, James. You are right, I am not surprised by the resurgence in Rand. She was trotted out during the “New Age” of the 1980s and was influential in the revival of the OTO and Aleister Crowley, Anton LeVay and the Church of Satan, as well as the neo-pagan Church of all Worlds. Having been raised by a total lunatic who thought Rand was the bomb, I am convinced that only the insane could have any interest in her.

      • Izi says:

        Wow someone has mommy issues. Leave out the teen angst and maybe your argument would be convincing. If your argument consisted of anything except how much you hate your mentally ill mother. I am not on board completel with Rand’s ideas but she was never about oppressing people. Her biggest contribution in her work was her vehement anti-violence stance. The violence done to geniuses and intellectuals throughout history was particularily disturbing to her. I am also certain she suffered from PTSD and pity her, something you seem to be incapable of given your hatred towards your mother.

      • Bill Dunlap says:

        Take a look around you. See how 1% of the population commands 99% of the wealth? This is certainly oppression. Part of Rand’s madness was her inability to put cause together with effect. That led to another utter lunatic named Stockman plugging in made up numbers to prove deregulation worked and his equally crazy mentor, Greenspan, saying, “I don’t understand. I thought Wall St. would behave with better self-interest.” As far as I am concerned, if you are even considering Rand in any serious way, it’s time for you to partner with your mental health professional. You are as hopelessly insane as my poor mother was.

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