9/11 Truth Movement. Part One E=MC2

World Trade Center

That's Right. Millions of People Were Tripping on Acid That Day

The claims of 9/11 conspiracy theorists are too ridiculous to take seriously. They expect us to give crackpot ideas the same respect we give informed decisions. As it is politically incorrect to silence crackpots, they take over. The Sept 9/11 Truth Movement is the left wing Tea Party. The accusation that the Mossad planted bombs in the towers is as bigoted as the Tea Party accusing Obama for being a socialist because he is black. Both points of view are from Crazytown, but it is considered censorship to silence ideas that have neither proof nor logic. Worse still, by giving Truthers free reign to spread their delusions, there are important questions which are not being asked.

Truthers think the laws of physics are subject to debate. If they don’t like a fact they ignore it or rape it beyond recognition. As E=MC2 contradicts their preconceived notions, it is ignored in favor of the phantasmagorical, Photoshopped evidence on the World Wide Web. The simple, straightforward evidence of science is treated as a lie and unreliable. Since scientists are part of the conspiracy, the only scientists you can trust are the grifters who profit from conspiracy. We end up with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, which is led by an architect who made a career out of redesigning gas stations. Richard Gage has no high iron credentials, and his accusations that the Twin Towers were rigged to blow is idiotic. The Towers would not have blown so much debris over New Jersey if bombs were used.

It’s not rocket science, guys. OK it is rocket science, but it’s really not that hard to understand. Putting it in the simplest terms, a 310,000 pound Boeing 767 moving at a speed of approximately 300 miles per hour is going to hit a standing building with 1,395,000 tons of kinetic energy. That’s a hell of a kick. Of course most of that kinetic energy is going to transfer into debris. That’s why there were tiny pieces of airplane, building, and humans scattered all over New Jersey. Some of the energy was converted into thermal energy, which set the jet fuel and building’s dry wall on fire. A lot of it converted into mechanical energy which broke walls, tore off the fire protection, and compromised the support. The damage done was perfectly consistent with the kinetic force of the airplane.

Truthers are as aggressive about their delusions as the worst Creationists and are as persistently resistant to reality as Birthers. The Creationist non-debate taught them them faith is more important than reason. Nobody should be surprised that Truthers are as racist as Birthers. While Birthers are tied up in knots over a Black man as president, Truthers can’t get over the fact that Jews have their own nation. With all the possible countries to choose from, the Truthers have decided Israel is behind Sept 11th. They pulled their evidence from Nazi blood libel and Henry Ford’s paranoia. According to their delusions, the international Jewish Conspiracy rules the United States and Sept 11th was engineered to further their imperialist goals. There really isn’t that much difference between Truthers and Birthers.

If you are part of the peace movement, put yourself into the shoes of a novice. There you are at your first rally, and you see all these tents with signs saying 9/11 is an inside job. Let’s say you took physics in high school and you got a C. Chances are you know the damage a Boeing 767 can do when it hits a building at 300 MPH. In the light of the Truther’s impossible claims, why would you believe anything anybody says about anything else? Now let’s say the novice is Jewish and he gets a hand-out accusing the Mossad of sabotaging the Towers. That’s not just bad science, that’s Nazi style blood libel. The Peace Movement has lost that guy and his entire family.

I think that if we want a strong and effective peace movement, we need to step up and take responsibility for what is said in our name. It is not censorship to tell an unreasonable person to shut up. There is absolutely no state or federal law that says protest organizers must allow the Truthers space on their podiums. The peace movement should not be a platform for antisemitism or Creationist style science. I think this is the main reason we have seen a sharp decrease in attendance at peace rallies. If the peace movement wants to be effective, we have to recognize that some truths are unassailable. E=MC2 is an inarguable truth. It is not censorship to respect that. 76% of polled Americans are against war. If we want their support we have to stop insulting their intelligence.

Once we establish that science is science and not government conspiracies, we can start asking questions about the real conspiracies. I haven’t heard anybody ask about the motivations of the hijackers. Personally, I don’t believe they killed themselves for religious reasons. They may have had a legitimate grievance against us, and Sept. 11th was a desperate attempt to bring it to our attention. Why in the name of hell was Condi Rice National Security Adviser? She is an Eastern Europe and Russia expert. What does she know about the Middle East? For that matter, why did she have George Tenant thrown out of her office? He is a Middle Eastern expert. Any real investigation of Sept. 11th is not going to involve the Mossad or planned demolition, or any of that rot. What needs to be investigating is the head-pounding stupidity of the Bush and Obama administrations, but as long as we keep having to fight make believe science, we are never going to get the answers to the real questions.

In my next post we will examine the real questions that come out of the Sept 11th tragedy. The most important one is why so much time and effort is being wasted on bad science. Then we will take a closer look at the history of blood libel and how it has been used as a political smokescreen throughout the ages.

With My Magic Wand, I caused the Towers to Fall


18 Comments on “9/11 Truth Movement. Part One E=MC2”

  1. tiredoffalseflagattacks says:

    Are you kidding me? “Truthers think the laws of physics are subject to debate” The 9/11 Commission thinks the laws of physics do not apply and have ignored them since 9/11/01. People that want a reinvestigation are using actual physics to prove that the towers fell at free fall speed. Did a plane strike WTC 7? NO, but it also fell at freefall speed just as the other two did. Interesting the BBC announced 7 had fallen 20 minutes before it actually did. They didn’t know the time line of the script they were following.
    “The Towers would not have blown so much debris over New Jersey if bombs were used”. What does this mean? So the pancake action of floors from gravity threw massive steel beams laterally hundreds of feet? All the concrete was turned to dust but wouldn’t if explosives were used? Do you read what you write? Never mind about all the nano thermite found in the dust.
    What salary does the US government pay you to write this crap? 1300 state certified Engineers have no reason to lie about the physics of steel, jet fuel and structural failures. As for false flag attacks, do your homework; start off with the Gulf of Tonkin Incident and learn how our government starts wars. Lastly; “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

    • billdunlap says:

      No, buddy, I have no idea how old you are, but if you are my age, you never went to high school. If you are a decade or more younger, then you really can’t be blamed for your ignorance. Kids today do not have the educational opportunities that us old farts have. I once met a high school student who only knew that World War II had something to do with a dude named Hitler.

      To explain it to you in the simplest possible terms, the planes hit the towers with over 13 million tons of kinetic energy, The Hiroshima bomb was 20 tons of kinetic energy. Had an equal amount of explosives been used on the Towers, blocks of Manhattan would be rubble due to the accompanying thermal energy. If nukes were used the fall out would be much more than could be explained by destroyed servers and if there was 13 million tons of kinetic energy, Manhattan would look like Hiroshima. The towers were hit by pure kinetic energy. The planes disintegrated on impact because matter and energy are one and the same. When the energy dispersed, the planes dispersed. Debris was tossed around for miles.

      If there is a government cover-up regarding Sept 11th (And I feel there is) the so-called Truth Movement is it. Your Creationist style physics and religious-like logical fallacies stink of publicists and Public Relations work. Your accusations sound more like a dimwit Christianoid telling a school board that the bible is the only real science and evolution is a government plot to undermine Christianity. In my next post I will going over the questions the real Sept 11th commissions should be asking and how the “Truth” Movement silences them and helps the war machines keep going.

      Secondly, no thermite was found in the wreckage. If Thermite was actually used, it would have left no traces

      • ALS says:

        I don’t know who is right or wrong, but there is something I would like to say:
        I don’t know the “educational opportunities” you had, Mr. Billdunlap, but to measure kinetic energy in tons is nonsense. I will explain:
        k=(1/2)*m*v^2. This means that if we have 16, 20 or 1,000,000 tons of anything and they are still, there is no kinetic energy at all. Although after reading you I am beginnig to think that “laws of physics are subject to debate”.
        Have a nice day!

      • billdunlap says:

        I am beginning to understand how the PR people who fuel the misinformation regarding the Twin Towers get away with their shit. What they do is they give the Newtonian explanation without adding in Einstein. This is what is called a lie by omission. They tell enough of the truth to sound plausible and then they simply leave out what they don’t want you to know.

        In engineering, it is not customary to measure kinetic energy in tons, but it is not incorrect. Matter is energy and energy is matter. This was not known during Newton’s day, and if you apply strict Newtonian physics to the situation, you are right. A 310,000 pound airplane could not possibly tear down the towers. Then along came this joker by the name of Einstein, and he gave this funny twist to physics after observing the Doppler Effect from his sale boat. He noticed that the stars turned red and blue in relation to the direction of his sail boat. And so Relativity was born.

        Now for the record, Relativity means in relationship to. It does not mean any fucking stupid thing that you want it to mean. Specifically we are talking about a body in motion in relationship (Relativity, people) to a body standing still. Since matter is energy and energy is matter, physical objects are as much a part of the Doppler Effect as light or sound. The faster an object is moving in relationship to a stationary object, the more concentrated the object’s mass becomes. Time dilates and moves more quickly for a moving mass, and when the object strikes the stationary object, the damage is going to be much higher and create much more damage.

        Let’s use another example, let’s say a bullet. According to Yahoo answers, a .50 caliber bullet weighs about 1.65 ounces. Let’s say that you take that bullet and touch me with it. It’s not going to do anything at all. Stand three yards away from me and throw the bullet at me. If you have a really good arm and the bullet hits me, the worse that is going to happen is that I get mad. Put the bullet into a gun, aim it at me, and fire. That bullet is going to move at 5.30 miles a second. Apply E=MC2 to that and you have 46.35 pounds of lead heading at me at five miles per second. When that bullet hits me, I am going to be hurting. Now does the bullet actually get heavier? Of course not. But matter being energy, the atoms concentrate toward the front of the bullet so it weighs 46.35 pounds in relationship to poor little old me who is not moving at all.

        The relative difference in mass between a standing object and a moving object is kinetic energy. When that bullet hits my chest, the energy is going to transfer from the bullet to me. My lungs are going to shred, my ribs are going to shatter,my heart will explode, and pieces of Bill are going to splatter all over the environment. The bullet is going to pass through me and slow down having lost a major portion of its kinetic energy from sending me to hell.

        The same force that makes a bullet a deadly object destroyed the Twin Towers. To say that it was an inside job is as stupid as saying the Mossad put bombs in my chest and it was the bombs and not the bullets that killed me.

      • nogod says:

        I agree that the Truth Movement is a line of shit. But i do not fall for the whole todays youth is ignorant line of bullshit. Not to mention the internet or technology in general. Todays youth is undoubtedly much more educated then yours or my generations.

        For example todays youth can type much faster then any generation from our own dark age of typewriters. More youth are involved in the sciences then any other generation through out history.

        Your ignoring reality and all its variables.

  2. Stoner says:

    Dumb shit…the only crackpot is some one like you that can’t and won’t see the truth…the plain truth spelled out in so many logical articles, interviews and video.
    You are headed for the FEMA camps if you continue to believe their lies.
    So sad…but it fits.

    • billdunlap says:

      Stoner, I suggest that you change to a nice sativa. Indica seems to make you too paranoid. So let me explain it to you again. It is not that difficult. A common Boeing 767 weighs between 310,000 to 450,000 pounds. You can check this out on wiki answers. So we take the lowest possible weight, which is 310,000 pounds. This is the mass we are dealing with. Next we take the speed. According to all the sources I could find, the plane was moving between 300 to 500 miles per hour. So we take the speed, which is our constant and we multiply it with itself. 300 X 300 = 90,000. So we take the constant squared and we multiply that into the mass so we have 310,000 X 90,000 = 27,900,000,000 pounds of kinetic energy. Divide that by 2,000 and we get 1,395,000 tons of kinetic energy. That is certainly enough force to destroy the towers as each one absorbed an entire Boeing 767.

      The entire equation can be eloquently as E=MC2. E=MC2 is the constant state of the universe. It does not matter who is in the White House. E=MC2. It does not matter how evil Dick Cheney is. E=MC2. The government does not need FEMA camps. When they have you doubting that E=MC2, you are as much a prisoner as Winston Smith when his torturer got him to say that 2+2= anything he wants.

      • nogod says:

        Most data says that the planes that hit the towers were traveling near 600 mph. So you should update your math to reflect that common held fact.

    • nogod says:

      Awesome I want my own FEMA trailer!.

    • anonymous says:

      The enemy has deep pockets, is well organized, wide and huge in professional diversity and scope. The Truth Movement should be thankful to the apologists of the official 911 fairy tale for sticking their heads up to be identified as agents for the enemy.

      • billdunlap says:

        You, my friend, are a tool. You are so brainwashed that you think the government is powerful enough to manipulate the laws of physics. This is just too sad. You truthers remind me of little children who discover that daddy is not really all powerful.

        The fact is not only is the Middle East capable of hurting us, they have and may do so again. If the hijackers felt justified in destroying the towers back in Sept. of 2002, imagine how much more justified they may feel in 2011. The entire “truth” movement is a Government Bernays operation to distract us from oil corporation business practices and other atrocities, and you poor idiots are falling for it hook, line, and sinker.

  3. psikeyhackr says:

    {{{ Putting it in the simplest terms, a 310,000 pound Boeing 767 moving at a speed of approximately 300 miles per hour is going to hit a standing building with 1,395,000 tons of kinetic energy. That’s a hell of a kick. }}}

    Kinetic energy is measured in TONS? ROFL

    Your speed is all wrong. The plane that hit the north tower was doing at least 400 mph and most sources say the south tower was 550.

    What we NEVER HEAR is that the south tower moved

    Wait for it:

    FIFTEEN INCHES due to the impact and then oscillated for FOUR MINUTES.

    But we are supposed to believe that 50 minutes later the entire top 29 stories broke loose and rotated 22 degrees in a couple of seconds and then came straight down crushing everything below. But then in 10,000 pages the NIST does not even discuss the center of gravity of the broken top portion of the south tower.

    This is the biggest FARCE in the history of physics.

    9/11 is the Piltdown Man Incident of the 21st century.

    • billdunlap says:

      So, who do you work for? By the idiotic science in your moronic video, I would guess Sawmill Marketing. Sorry, Bunkie, I know your bosses want you to keep the true believers organized, but some of us are familiar with the works of Albert Einstein. Matter=Energy, and that’s exactly what keeps tripping you morons up.

      • psikeyhackr says:

        You left out the C squared.

        Was any of mass involved with the World Trade Center destruction doing 1% of light speed?

      • billdunlap says:

        No, I did not leave out the C Squared, and the speed of light has nothing to do with the situation. The Equation is energy is equal to Matter times the constant squared. It is a very handy equation that serves a number of uses. So let me give you a little background. In the case of the truther idiocy, I am using it to demonstrate the kinetic energy or more properly, the relative mass of the jets when they hit the towers. In this case the E is equal to the kinetic or potential energy that hit the towers.

        Now we look at M or matter. How is matter measured? In this particular instance I looked up the weight of a Boeing 767 on wiki answers and chose the minimum weight. 310,000 pounds is the minimum weight. It could possible be as high as 450,000 filled with passengers, crew, and cargo, but I’m being conservative. 310.000 translates into for the sake of ease, I converted that into 155 US Tons.

        Next we take the Constant. A common mistake is thinking that the constant has to be the speed of light. The constant can actually be any speed. If you remember Einstein’s famous example of time dilation, he used 20 MPH as the Constant. I used 300 MPH as that is the minimum speed a Boeing has to move in order to fly. You claimed that the jets were actually moving at 400 MPH. So I will redo the equation using the speed you prefer.

        So to establish the kinetic or potential energy of a Boeing 767 when it hit the tower we take 110 tons using our constant with is 400 Mph times itself, Or E=110 Tons times 160,000.

        110 X 160,000 = 1,760,000 Tons of Kinetic Energy. Now why do we express it in tons? Because Kinetic energy is also relative mass. I’m a banter weight of about 159 pounds. Let’s say I am riding a bicycle weighing about 30 pounds. rounding it out let’s say that the bicycle and me weigh 190 lbs. I’m cruising down the street at 2 miles an hour.

        My relative weight is expressed as 190 lbs times 4 or 760 pounds. If you’re just standing there and I hit you, you will go flying. You are going to be hurting.

        Using your speed, both planes hit both towers at a relative mass of 1,760,000 tons. This is why drywall was found all the way to New Jersey. This is why the third tower fell. There was too much damage to be accounted for by explosives.

  4. billdunlap says:

    No God, you have put words into my mouth. I didn’t say anything about today’s youth. As a matter of fact I personally met very few young people in the “Truth” movement. Those few who have fallen for this line of shit are on drugs or simply insane. Those few who are taken in are simply misinformed. Most of them get the point immediately when I sit down and explain it on paper.

    As far as 300 MPH or 400 MPH or 600 MPH, nobody is sure. Tracking technology is not that accurate when there are so many buildings in the way. The estimates I saw are between 300 and 500MPH. The newspapers say 600MPH because that is the highest end estimate as well as the most spectacular. I said 300 originally because at even the most conservative, the 767s hit with enough relative mass to ignite the drywall and the gas mains, and cause enough structural damage to affect the surrounding buildings. I gave you the formula. Play around with it.

    As far as the FEMA trailers are concerned, I fucking wish! The problem with the FEMA conspiracies is that if they house us, they have to feed us. It is much more cost effective to send our jobs to the mysterious east and to let us starve in the streets or put us to work as cheap prison labor if we steal a loaf of bread. The idea of FEMA camps is just too funny for words.

  5. Bill Dunlap says:

    What official story, Stick? There is no official story. Everything you are saying is made up. There is no independent verification that Dick Cheney gave any orders on that day. Besides, Cheney was the Vice-President. The only thing he could order was a pizza. In cases of national emergency or enemy attack, there is only one person in charge. That is the President. The Secret Service is responsible for the communications equipment, defense codes, and all the other guns and whistles regarding armed attack on the United States. The man in charge, God help us all, was a pathetic trained monkey named Bush. Is it any wonder that things got utterly fucked up.

    My advice to you is to get your anxiety disorder under control. I do not say this to be mean. I am simply being up-front. Everything you have posted is bullshit. It is utter bullshit. What you and the rest of you “Truthers” are doing is acting out your mental illnesses. That doesn’t do anything for you, and it only fucks things up for the rest of us. E=MC2 is true universally. That is the real reason “(WT7)” fell. The plane hit with the relative mass of 200 Nagasaki bombs. Of course other buildings would fall because of it. You know what else? There are other buildings that are getting ready to fall as well.

    We all want to know the Truth about what and why it happened. That is why the corporate PR Weasels created the “9/11 Truth” movement. It is to hide the real reasons the hijackers did it so the oil companies can do business like always. That makes you a tool, Stick, a pathetic tool being used for Wall St. I feel so sorry for you.

  6. Bill Dunlap says:

    I had a crises of conscience today. Stick it To The Man posted two replies which were utterly incoherent. They did not pertain to anything I said, in fact, they did not pertain to anything remotely close to consensual reality. Amongst his mad ranting was to demand why the military did not do the impossible and shoot the planes down in the East River. This would be an impossible feat of marksmanship considering the planes were moving between 300-600 MPH, not to mention all the buildings that were in the way. He also accused me of “letting Bush off the hook” by pointing out that The Dumb Chimp was too incompetent to hold the office of president.

    As I believe strongly in Freedom of Expression, I, as a rule, refuse to delete any comments in this blog. The only reason I don’t allow them directly is that I’m an old fart and I can’t figure out how to turn off the screening feature. So I approve everything, no matter how stupid, how bigoted, or even if it’s a personal attack. I even approved a comment where I was called a pig. Also, believing in freedom of expression, I do not hesitate to pay back in kind. As a general rule, homophobes don’t post here twice. If they did, I would have twice the fun.

    However, I do have limits. When somebody tried posting the “N” Word, that post was never approved and I sent the poster a stiff email telling him to never post on my blog again. After due consideration, I deleted Stick it to The Man’s last two posts and consigned them to the trash. I told many people that it is not censorship to stop a mentally ill person from acting out. I took my own advice. I am sending him a stiff letter asking him to either control himself or not post again.

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