Why I Do Not Support the Occupation Movement.

The Senate in 2016

When the Fascists rose to power in Europe, they did so by demonizing their opponents. In Spain, they were against intellectuals educating the peasants as it was anti-Catholic. In Germany, they worked on centuries of bigotry by promoting the International Jewish Conspiracy. Mussolini did things differently. His fascism welded bigotry and anti-intellectualism to progressive ideas like a minimum wage and women’s suffrage. While the Germans and the Spanish made fascists out of their right wings, the Italians made fascists out of their left wing.

The American government propaganda machine managed to take the anti-intellectualism of Franco, the bigotry of Hitler, and the pseudo-progressive chauvinism of Mussolini and apply them to both the left and the right wing. The anti-intellectualism is promoted by conspiracy theories. The bigotry is promoted by applying conspiracy theories to different ethnic and political groups. The chauvinism comes in with both sides convincing themselves that they are the only side with the answers.

Conspiracy theory is the idea that science is lying if it does not conform to preconceived notions. For instance, conservative Christians insist that evolution is a conspiracy as it denies special creation. The Truthers insist that relativity is a conspiracy as it disproves their notion that the government rigged the towers with bombs. We are seeing anti-intellectualism at its worst on the left as well as the right.

Both sides of the political spectrum are applying conspiracy theories to different ethnic and political groups. In the case of the conservatives, the targets of hatred are Gays. They will tell you they have nothing against homosexuals (hate the sin, love the sinner, and the rest of that rot.) They will tell you that they are against the “homosexual agenda”. Thanks to conspiracy reasoning, they see the LGBT community demanding equal rights and acceptance as a direct attack on their conservative values. Gays are then demonized along with others who supports gay rights.

On the other hand, the left is scapegoating Jews. Just like their counterparts on the right, people on the left will tell you they have nothing against Jews, they are just against Zionism. These stalwart champions of human rights have no more idea of what Zionism is than Michelle Bachman knows what it is to be a lesbian. All they know is that Noam Chomsky is against it, which is good enough for them. That statement sums up what Bachman’s followers know about homosexuality. The left is as delusional as the right now that the Truthers have jumped in with their mad accusation of the Mossad and bombs in the tower.

Chauvinism is the result of both sides so wrapped up in their different conspiracies that reason becomes impossible. Elements on the left are out to protect America from the International Jewish Conspiracy, blaming Israel for everything from September 11th to Obama’s adopting Bush’s idiot wars. The right is blaming the homosexual agenda for high taxes and unemployment. Neither side can be spoken to. The result is the descendents of the same people who took control of this country in 1790 are in control of it today, and continue to rob us blind as the right tries to save us from homosexuality and the left from creeping Zionism.

The Right had their Tea Party where they promoted their anti-intellectualism and bigotry. Now the Left has their Occupation Movement where there are as many signs promoting Jew hatred as there are signs demanding the demise of Wall St. In Oakland, I have seen so many signs calling for the end of the Jewish Banking Conspiracy, I just gave up on it.

Any real revolution in this country has to do two things. The first is The Occupation has to get it’s shit together. This means that the wing-nuts have to go. The Truthers/anti-Zionists are as aggressive as Born Again Christians. They will drive out anybody who does not believe in their paranoid fantasies. I watched them do this to the peace movement. They will do the same to the Occupation. The second thing is creating a reasonable agenda that people on the right can at least discuss.  I have seen this on the Las Angeles Occupation website.  They have adopted an agenda that include basic rights like food, shelter, education, and Medical care.  So far, Los Angeles and Berkeley are the only two Occupations supporting basic human rights.  Other Occupations are being too divisive in their antisemitism and determination that the Jewish bankers be punished.  Unless the other Occupations catch up to Los Angeles and Berkeley, we are going to end up like Egypt and our fundamentalist religious military will take over.

And if you don’t think this can happen here in America, think again. The military is already dominated by Born Again Christians. The Air Force is the worst, and they have access to nukes. Rick Perry, in his latest round of idiocy, is calling for an end to civilian management of the military. This is the one thing separating us from a fascist dictatorship. It doesn’t matter if Perry becomes president or not, if Wall St. wants an end to civilian management, Wall St. is going to get it. After all, Wall St. actually runs this country and its propaganda mill. Besides, a military dictatorship is the usual way an imperialist nation ends.

After long and careful consideration, I will not be supporting the Occupation Movement unless those two criteria are met. My energy is going to keeping my family and me alive for the next ten years of military rule. Unless Americans abandon conspiracies for reason, this is all we have to look forward to.

Joseph Stalin

I knew Wall St would figure out how to do it. You make the kulaks enslave themselves

12 Comments on “Why I Do Not Support the Occupation Movement.”

  1. libramoon says:

    I don’t see where you get any of your ideas about the Occupy movement, unless you are only listening to the wingnuts (who, we unfortunately must admit, we have no control over and can only do our best to ameliorate — from any side).

    • Bill Dunlap says:

      The Wingnuts have already destroyed the Oakland Occupation due to their refusal to agree to a non-violence statement. Quan used that as an excuse to clear out the occupation again, and this time it did not come back.

      The problem with wing-nuts is that they are very aggressive. The anti-Zionist loonies and Truther goonies tend to take over by driving out everyone else. It happened to the peace movement. Attendance at peace protests did not drop due to support for Obama’s wars. Attendance dropped because the crazy-people took over. They destroyed the Oakland Occupation. My son and I gave up on it when we heard a speaker ranting about how the Mossad ran Wall St with Bible quotes for proof. It is only a matter of time before they destroy the rest of the occupations from within. The only hope is a good old fashioned purge.

    • Bill Dunlap says:

      I give you credit for a quick riposte and acknowledge I have been adequately riposted. I have no idea what I have been riposted on, but I’m an absurdist, so what the hell? I am puzzled as to why you would invoke the fearful name of Godwin when the subject was the rise of Fascism in the United States. I used three examples, Spain, Germany, and Italy. Of the three only one was the Nazis. Any correlation to my post and Godwin’s law is purely a matter of your imagination or, perhaps, guilty conscience.

  2. El says:

    Well, Bill, you know I love you, but I just don’t see it. Here’s what I know: 1)Many Jews here in Humboldt County, including our Rabbi, are openly supporting OWS. 2) The only people I hear charging OWS with anti-antisemitism are Right Wing news sources (Fox News, Rush Limbaugh etc.). 3) I think this may be a case of YMMV, and that Bay Area Leftists may actually be more anti-Zionist than Leftists are elsewhere (example: San Francisco’s attempt to outlaw circumcision). I get shot down on a regular basis for my assertion that the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan IS Western Palestine, usually from that group.






    And there’s a whole lot more where those came from. These are just the tip of the iceberg I am afraid.

    • Bill Dunlap says:

      There are just as many conservative papers and columnists who find OWS to be extremely antisemitic. Why are their feelings ignored? Is it because they are conservatives? I would hope not. Conservatives have rights too. They also have feelings. Why would they be less human than a liberal. Jews can also go into denial as well. There is a lot of emotion invested in this movement. It wouldn’t surprise me if the antisemitism passed them by because they didn’t want to see it, but it is there. The signs are out there. I have to give the people in Zucatti Park credit for both acknowledging it and dealing with it. I wish other occupations were so together. Oakland reminded me of stories about Berlin in 1939.

      American liberal culture reminds me of my years working in Eastern PA. As long as you avoided actual racist language, you could get away with anything. Any sort of racist, sexist, homophobic, or antisemitic remarks was acceptable. If anybody objected, they were being “political correct” and after all, nobody used the “N” word. Why would he object? The whistle blower was then subject to bullying and harassment. Even loss of their jobs. Liberal culture does exactly this. Any sort of blood libel, insult, lie, or skin head rhetoric is perfectly acceptable as long as you make it clear that you’re talking about “Zionists” and not “Jews”. After all, Jews don’t have to be Zionists. I find this as objectionable as Bull Conner stating he liked “good” Negroes”. When this is pointed out, the response is an accusation of supporting the actions of the Israeli government. This is a false comparison, as it is perfectly possible to object to Nazi blood libel and the actions of the Israeli Government. Of course there is a spectrum that ranges from active antisemites to silent enablers. A few weeks ago, my wife was at a meeting where one of the members started ranting about “The Jewish Lobby”. Nobody shut him up except her, and she was subjected to bullying for doing so. Even objecting to obvious antisemitism has become taboo.

      You are right, the Bay Area is as antisemitic as Northern Florida. I should know, I’m in Berkeley. (I’m in hell. Somebody please shoot me.) There will be other places which are not as antisemitic. It will differ according to location. The day is rapidly coming when the Oakland Occupation may refuse to work with the Miami Occupation because there are too many “Zionists” (Jews) in Miami. As consensus breaks down, which it inevitably antisemitic rhetoric and bullying will increase. No doubt a majority of people will turn a blind eye to the bullying and deny it while under their nose. The only question is will the Occupation blow up or fizzle out like the Peace Movement.

  3. Bob Snizek says:

    As your token Tea Party lurker, I appreciate your intellectual honesty. It is important to dig into every movement to see what is at their root. There does seem to be some anti-semitism at the root of the occupy movement. The other thing I would suggest, is that there appears to me to be a big difference between Democrats and those groups that are fueling this movement. Democrats are not violent, lawless and anti-semitic. This movement has crossed this line a few times, and in my opinioin does not represent the Dems well.

    I also believe that Revolutions almost always end badly for those that start them — America would be better served by a restoration of those principles that made her great. Thats my take anyway. Also Bill, if you could email me to this email, I will send you the herman Husband picture — it is done.

    God bless

    • Bill Dunlap says:

      Playing devil’s advocate here, I do not think that antisemitism is at the root of the occupation. It is simply that the (maybe) ten percent of the occupants are mentally ill. It is the nature of insanity to be loud and aggressive and to chase out those who do not feed into their delusions. That creates a peer-pressure type of bigotry that I experienced in Pennsylvania. If you dare comment or call them out, you end up with these lunatics harassing you.

      Also, Democrats are right wing as well. The bald eagle is the only bird on earth that flies with two right wings. Our left wing is hopeless. For some reason people believe the media and think the Middle Eastern Occupation happened spontaneously. It didn’t. The Middle East has been working up to it for ten years. The first Occupation was in Tel Aviv with wealthy and poor alike living beside Palestinian citizens protesting high prices and unemployment. (The news never made the US, and I have my suspicions why.) The Middle Eastern Occupants had non-violence training, were disciplined and focused. The American Occupation is (if you will pardon the crudity) a clusterfuck, with everybody doing their own thing and with no plan, set goals, or real accomplishments. So they closed down the ports, what did they win? My son was at the Oakland Occupation the night the police raided. Nobody there was violent except for the police. At the same time, nobody had non-violence training so half the occupation panicked. (My son got out of Dodge before the tear gas flew, btw.) The Berkeley Occupation was also non-violent, and there was plenty of gratuitous police violence there, too.

      If there is anybody here who deserves to be called Revolutionary or Intellectually Honest, it is you, Bob. It is a truly revolutionary act for you to come into a socialist’s blog, offer said socialist the hand of friendship, and agree to disagree. I love you for it.

      • GameCzar says:

        Thanks for the props…

        If one gets all their info from just one source their brain might shrivel to the size of Phillis Dillers…well, I better stop that anology before I get into trouble with the AARP.

      • Bill Dunlap says:

        If you guys actually accomplished anything you might have a point. The fact is, you’ve accomplished shit. More and more people are losing their homes, and you guys are in a pissing contest with the cops over sleep overs in public parks. Or is that your solution to having us old foggies lose our homes, jobs, and pensions? Give us a tent and have us live in the park?

  4. “Why I Do Not Support the Occupation Movement.
    Grumblings From A Grumpy Old Man” was indeed a incredibly awesome post,
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