The Gift That Keeps on Giving

If there’s one thing I cannot tolerate in this world, it’s bigotry, and I’m sorry to say that I have personally experienced more bigotry from the left than I have ever experienced from the right. I try to be a grownup and associate with people on all sides of the spectrum. I’m finding that I am losing more friends from the left because I just can’t deal with their bigotry.

As I look back at the last decade, I never got any shit about my special needs son from my friends on the right. Intelligent questions, I got. Sympathy and assistance, I got. The support I got from my conservative friends has been nothing less than incredible. From the left I got, “he doesn’t look disabled to me”. “Maybe you should stop coddling him”. And my all time favorite, “but he’s so intelligent.”

Another thing I get from my conservative friends is respect. I’ve met a couple of people who were so prejudiced and so self righteous about it that I have had to block them, but not half as many as there have been on the left. For the most part, conservatives can be spoken to and reasoned with. I have had amazing success talking about race and prejudice to my right wing friends. They even look at evidence such as actual welfare regulations and newspaper records.

Left Wing bigots, on the other hand, have a really nasty self righteousness about them. My conservative friends who read this know just what I mean. Many have mentioned the liberal lack of empathy, compassion, and stunning ignorance. I haven’t been able to reason with many people because I can’t explain or rationalize left wing bigotry. The left is actually more to blame for the current state of the nation than the right. The right can be spoken to.

The David Dukes and Scott Roeders of the right are a minority. However, those types of people seem to dominate the left. For every Pat Robertson freak tweaking about gay marriage and Blacks on Welfare, there are at least a dozen lefties freaking out about Jews defending their lives and the fact that Israel is part of the world economic system. Just because they identify on the left doesn’t make them anything more than bigots. The Israel they decry is as fictional as the Black Culture many conservatives are frightened of. It’s a PR lie. But American liberals are less likely to fact check than conservatives.

Both sides seem to be happy having their information pre-digested and regurgitated by pundits. Neither side has any sort of intellectual high road here. They have found an ideology and they are not about to leave their comfort zone. Just like any movement based on the media, they are not going to move out of the herd. Their fellows won’t let them. After all, when you’re a Jet you’re a Jet from your first cigarette to the day that you die.

Conservatives may be easier to talk to because their world is changing around them. The young parents who once fought school integration are now caring for bi-racial grandchildren. So many Mormons have left the closet, and so many Mormon families have been supportive, that the Church of Latter Day Saints has ceased its official resistance to same sex marriage. Most youngsters in conservative churches are catching up with the times and abandoning the prejudices of their parents.

Not so liberals. Liberals feel they have the moral high ground when they don’t. They feel they lack prejudices when all they have done is apply their bigotry and ignorance to other places and other people. Just like the KKK they claim not to be bigots while repeating many of the same lies and libel as the Nazi skinheads and Klan. Only they have tarted it up with liberal jargon and ideology. They still haven’t learned that ideology is a greater source of prejudice than religion.

Ralph Nader has promoted the idea of an alliance between conservatives and liberals. We both want an end to the idiot wars. We both want accountability in Wall St. and jobs back from China. The list of things liberals and conservatives want to see is practically identical. Unfortunately, Nader is dreaming. Liberals are Jets and Conservatives are Sharks. The laws of the playground apply and the two gangs won’t mix.

And who wins from this entire situation? Wall St. They’re the ones who have been paying the advertisers and the public relations specialists to reinforce the prejudices of each side They’re the ones who hire Noam Chomsky to mislead the left and Allen West to mislead the right. Most of the ideologies in the US, from McCarthyism to the American Communist Party have been products of American advertisers. What’s their secret? The same as Jerry Falwell’s and the Ayatollah Khomeini’s. Find out what your demographic wants to hear and repeat it to them over and over again. It worked for Hitler as well as it worked for Obama. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.