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Spare Change?

Spare Change?

I am interrupting my series on Libertarianism to publish a letter that I am sending the Democratic National Committee.  I got a letter from them the other day asking me for money.  They think I should give them money simply because Barack Obama promises change.  Personally, I think it is the height of idiocy for millionaires to be asking me for money.  He’s a corporate candidate. Let the corporations pay for his campaign.  Me? I have a family to support, thank you.  I have a wife and kid in very bad health, and I’m still waiting for the National Health the Democrats promised us all the way back in 1996.

So rather than send them money, I used their self addressed stamp envelope to send them a letter.  Here is the text of the letter:

Democratic National Committee

re: Job Performance Review

I regret to inform you that I have been forced to turn down your request for funds due to your poor job performance.  The Democratic Party has totally failed to represent the interests of the People of the United States since Jimmy Carter left office in 1981.  The Democrats have joined in with their Republican colleagues to further the goals of Corporate donors to the detriment of the rest of the country.  The entire United States is suffering from it.

The eight years of the Clinton Administration are the perfect example of how the Democratic Party has failed to represent the interests of the American voters.  Clinton promised us a national health plan. Twelve years later we have not yet received our national health plan.  This is a direct breach of trust.  Since Clinton, a Democrat, has grievously lied to the American public, why should we trust anything any Democrat promises? Clinton is also the president who signed NAFTA into existence and then commenced to join with the Republicans to tear our social safety net to pieces.  Clinton also signed the Financial Reform Act which led to the tech bubble, the stock market crash of 2000, and the recent mortgage meltdown.  Clearly, in his own way, Bill Clinton has been as big a disaster for this country as four years of Bush senior and eight years of Ronald Reagan.  Why should anybody trust Barack Obama simply because he is a Democrat?

The United States of America has illegally invaded and occupied a foreign country and Barack Obama has not yet presented the voters with a withdrawal plan.  I refuse to support any candidate who does not present a comprehensive plan for withdrawal.  Obama’s energy plan is twenty years out of date, and will be an ecological disaster. He is ignoring global warming, and after Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, only and idiot would support nuclear energy.  On top of every thing else, Obama’s health plan benefits nobody but the HMO carriers. I see no difference between McCain and Obama.

Furthermore, in 2004, Barack Obama joined with Barbara Boxer and other Democratic Senators to protest the counting of the Ohio votes.  Obama promised the American people an investigation of the voting irregularities.  In 2008, that investigation has not yet happened.  According to the records in Project Vote Smart, Obama has not voted on any of the major issues that he has promised to change.  He has either been absent or he has abstained from voting.  Do you really think that I am going to believe a word Obama says?

Barack Obama represents 28 years of Democratic collusion with the Republican party.  From the Democrats who refused to stand up to Reagan’s insane economic policy, to Nancy Pelosi taking impeachment off the table, the Democratic party has completely failed to represent the people of the United States.  Therefor I have no choice but to terminate you as my political party of choice.  Please remove my name from your membership rolls; please do not send me any more pleas for money that you do not deserve.  I am not voting for Barack Obama any more than I would have voted for Hillary Clinton the WalMart Queen had she won the nomination.  I am not allowing fear mongering to affect my decision.  As I think that Obama will be as big a disaster for this country as McCain, I am voting for a third party to show my displeasure with your poor performance.

Democratic Party, you’re fired!

Please feel free to cut and paste this letter and use it on your own blog or egroup. If you like, you can copy it and mail it to the Democratic National Committee:

Democratic National Committee
430 South Capitol St. SE
PO Box 96585
Washington DC 20077-7242

There is never a good or ideal time to force change.  There is never a safe time to stand up and be heard. The Democrats have not been working for the majority of their members.  It’s time to tell them that we want real change or their jobs are off the table.

There is a wonderful organization out there called Peace Action West, which has forced Congress to listen to the American Public, and engineered the defeat of Bush’s nuclear weapons programs.  Visit their site, take a look at their congressional scorecard, and if you have a few extra bucks in this economy, donate. They perform miracles on a shoe string budget.  Check them out.

A Pair of Struggling Millionaires

A Pair of Struggling Millionaires

China and the Olympics, Perfect Together.

What Do the Olympics Have to do with Human Rights?

What Do the Olympics Have to do with Human Rights?

It is absolutely amazing how similar Chinese society is to our own here in America. I cannot believe that when I was a kid, I was actually raised to be afraid of our dearest friends and trading partners in the far east. Now that the “bamboo curtain” has fallen and Chinese goods are freely available at your local Wal-Mart, I am wondering what the hell all the fuss was about. Take Mao for example. Back in my day we pictured Mao with horns and a tail, but the truth is that he was simply a senile old man who sat as a figure-head. In that respect, he was no different than Reagan.

For example, take the rumors that China frowns on free speech. China respects free speech just as much as America does. Why China even has Free Speech Zones in the Beijing parks just as we have free speech zones in front of the Democratic Convention in Denver. Visitors to Beijing can enjoy the excitement and the pageant of the Olympics without having to be bothered by the people whose homes had been torn down to build the stadium. Democrats in Denver can go about the important business of government without having to be bothered with the the voices of the governed. So really, are the Chinese really that much different than we are?

True, the Chinese do tend to arrest the people who try to use their free speech zones, but so do we. The difference is that the Chinese tend to arrest their dissidents before the police start a riot. Here the police incite the riots first. So really, the Chinese are so much more civilized about it. I can remember my son being traumatized when we witnessed the police riot at the KPFA arrests in Berkeley in 1999. We saw a 50 something year old woman of our acquaintance being hit in the head by a police stick. Chinese children are not subjected to that kind of trauma. The Chinese method doesn’t have the public violence. The violence is hidden behind closed doors where children can’t see it, unless it is children who have been arrested.

The Chinese understand that appearances are everything. If you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist. This is why the free speech zones are so far away from the Olympic Stadium. If the thousands of visitors and athletes don’t see dissidents than the dissidents don’t exist. What can be simpler? Google certainly understands this. They are the ones who designed the censorship filters that the Chinese use on their Internet service. Yahoo understands that it only takes one loud mouth dissident to screw up the world’s denial. That’s why they are so eager to turn private Internet usage records over to China as well as the United States.

So let’s be honest. The Olympics are not about human rights; they are about appearances. What does it matter that the Chinese Gymnastics team are all underage? The important thing is that they looked good. So what if a prettier older girl lip-synced to the voice of another little girl. She looked good. So what if the fireworks were computer generated? They made Beijing look good. China is telling the world that they are ready to do business just like America. Never mind that they made thousands homeless to build the Olympic Stadium. How is that any different than the thousands who had been made homeless in the Bay Area for the Internet boom? China has joined the Capitalist world. They are just like us now.

The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

Support our Tibetan Friends and Neighbors.  Boycott Coca-Cola and all other Olympic Sponsors.

Support our Tibetan Friends and Neighbors. Boycott Coca-Cola and all other Olympic Sponsors.