Who Are They?

Aren't They Part of the International Jewish Conspiracy?

Aren't They Part of the International Jewish Conspiracy?

They conspired with the Mossad to destroy the Twin Towers. They have conspired to poison our water with fluoride. They are conspiring to give American jobs to undocumented workers. They have conspired to destroy American freedoms through the income tax. They are like rats in the walls, working tirelessly to undermine the Constitution. Whoever they are, they are a busy bunch of bastards.

So who exactly are they? Nobody really knows who they are. Some say they are “Skull and Bones”; a Harvard student’s club. Others say that they are the International Jewish Conspiracy, and that Israel is secretly running the world. I have also heard that they are a secret cabal of Kaballah masters called the Illuminati. That last one just doesn’t make any sense. The Kaballah is a Jewish mystical discipline. So wouldn’t the Illuminati be part of the International Jewish Conspiracy? Who would I go to for an answer to that question?

Americans seem to love conspiracy theories. There are so many of them. Feminists are conspiring to destroy the American Family through abortion. Unions are conspiring to rob honest libertarians from amassing wealth. The number of conspiracies and conspirators is endless. All the ills of the world are because of some mysterious conspirators are manipulating world events for their own sinister ends.

The utter absurdity of conspiracy theories is enough to give me a migraine. Sorry, America, George W. Bush is not Lex Luthor, and Batman and Superman are not going to depose him. If Magneto was real, he would be in his 90s right now. Dr. Evil is a movie character. There are no evil magicians manipulating the world through Kaballistic Numerology. Two high level stock brokers making a deal on a golf course is not a conspiracy. Even if they did belong to Skull and Bones together, it is not a conspiracy.

Why bother doing anything about the state of the world when it’s all the Illuminati’s fault? Were I a member of the Bush misAdministration, I would be encouraging conspiracy theories as much as possible. I would be hiring on-line guerrilla marketers to post phony conspiracy evidence in chatrooms, social networks, and bulletin boards. I would be hiring ghost writers to produce books that “prove” the Mossad conspired with bin Laden, or that jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel girders. There is nothing that can effectively squash the investigation of real crimes as accusations and phony evidence of false crimes.

Conspiracy theories also serve an emotional need for stability. They assure the American public that there is indeed somebody in charge of their lives. Christianoids have Jesus running their lives, and Libertarians have Thomas Jefferson as their savior. Conspiracy Theorists have the International Jewish Conspiracy to blame their failures on. Conspiracy theories assure us that somebody is in charge even if that somebody is a James Bond villain.

The fact is, we are living in a Capitalist chaos with thousands of different factions maneuvering to take advantage of each other. The big fish are out to eat the little fish, and the rest of us are only here to buy gasoline from them. The United States Constitution gives us both the power and the responsibility to put a stop to this kind of capitalist chaos. We have the constitutional power to enforce limits and reasonable laws to end the abuse in government. We are the actual government, and we are not doing our jobs. It is much easier to put another $150 into the tank of the old SUV and blame the price on those damned Illuminati.

Ultimately conspiracy theories are an excuse to continue to avoid our responsibilities to ourselves, to our nation, and to the world. Nobody conspired to have us ignore the corporate abuses happening in the Middle East right now. Nobody conspired to have us ignore the warnings about Global Warning. Nobody forced us to listen to the Capitalist bullcrap spouted by the neocons. We all know the homeless are out there, we ourselves chose to ignore them. The state of the world is our fault, and only we can fix it.

It's not a Conspiracy, it's Just Business as Usual.

It's Not a Conspiracy, it's just Business

Time to Scrap the Olympics

The Olympic Committee; Child Labor Pimps

The Olympic Committee; Child Labor Pimps

Face it, folks, the Olympics have become a farce. Sure, they were a good idea at the time. I would even go so far as to say that they were a brilliant idea. Getting all the nations of the world together for a gigantic play date was sheer genius. The hosting nation got to strut its stuff and show off to the rest of the world. Everyone’s top young athletes got to compete in the world’s arena and make friends with their fellow competitors. This was meant to foster international friendship and understanding and prevent the scourge of war. Maybe the inventors of the idea were a little naive and idealistic, but it was still a damned good idea.

The Olympics had its ups and downs; it’s good moments and its bad moments. The event even kicked off some great careers. Johnny Weissmuller the movie’s greatest Tarzan started off as an Olympic swimmer. Basil “Sherlock Holmes” Rathbone was an Olympic fencer, and who can forget Muhammad Ali, who will always be “Champ” in my heart? There was the obscenity which was the 1936 Berlin Olympics and their was the tragedy which was the 1972 Berlin Olympics. Who can forget the poetry on Ice that was Dorothy Hamill? Then, of course, there was the Jamaican Bobsled Team. Those guys would have been hilarious if they hadn’t gotten hurt.

Today, The International NeoConservative Conspiracy has taken over the Olympic Games and infected them with the same lack of ethics and need for greed that caused the mortgage meltdown. Olympic athletes are no longer amateurs competing against other amateurs. They are now paid professionals working for a paycheck. Originally Olympic sponsors were limited in the amount of support they could give an athlete, and cash bonuses for gold medals would have disqualified a competitor. Today it is simply part of the pay package. I remember that it had been a scandal when professional tennis players turned back to the amateurs so they could compete in the Olympics. Today there is no boundary between amateurs and professionals. When U.S Olympians wear the Nike logo rather than the American flag, we know that the United States has totally whored itself to the multinational corporations.

It would seem that the entire Olympic committee has sold its collective soul to Satan. Not only has the committee allowed multinational corporations like Nike to buy Olympic Athletes like they were junk bonds, but they have totally scrapped any pretense at supporting human rights. The selection of Beijing as the Olympics host city is an affront to civilized people everywhere. I watched China’s Olympic preparations with amazement and horror. 100,000 Chinese citizens were evicted and left homeless in the construction of the Olympic Stadium, and those who would advocate for the homeless were arrested and are being held incommunicado until after the Olympics are over. The indigent were chased out of Beijing with no means of support. People’s pets were killed before their owner’s eyes to assure Beijing’s reputation as a “clean” city.

As shocking as all this is, nothing tops the Chinese Girls Olympics Team. Those poor girls are taken away from their parents as if they were Labrador Retriever Puppies. They are then isolated and forced to train in gymnastics like they were animals in a Siegfried and Roy act. They are not given any education. They are not allowed contact with their families. They are not allowed to play, or do anything except train in gymnastics. Ringling Brothers treats their animal acts with more humanity than China treats its girls gymnastics team. This is what the Olympics have been reduced to; child labor as shocking as anything that happens in a Nike factory.

Sometimes the spirit of the true Olympics come through, such as when the women of the Georgian and Russian sharp shooting teams hugging as an antiwar statement. I choose to see that as an omen of hope for the world, but not for the Olympics. The Olympics have been reduced to treating little girls like they were a trained dog act. The Olympics are no longer about human rights. Forget about fostering international understanding. The Olympics are about selling Coca-Cola, and furthering Chinese economic imperialism. Boycott the Olympics folks. Boycott Olympic sponsors. Say no to child exploitation and child labor, don’t drink Coke and don’t wear Nike.

Say No to Child Exploitation.  Boycott the Olympics

Say No to Child Exploitation. Boycott the Olympics

Mortgage Melt Down Reaches Hollywood

Fire The Bastard

Fire The Bastard

I remember being in the fourth grade at the Florence M. Burd School in Andover New Jersey. I must have been all of nine or then years old. My teacher, Mr. Schierholtz was showing us slides of his adventures while hitchhiking across India. We saw pictures of people literally living on the streets of New Delhi. This was scary stuff for a nine or ten year old during the wonderful years of 1967. So Mr. Schierholtz got in front of the class room and promised us it would never happen in the United States.

Mr. Schierholtz explained all about FDR and the New Deal, and how the government had laws to prevent the conditions that created homelessness in America from ever happening again. He explained about unions and how they work with industry to create fair wages and safe working conditions. Then Larry, who sat in front of the class told us about all the neat benefits his father’s union had. Poor Mr. Schierholtz, he didn’t mean to lie to us. Back in 1967, we were still riding a wave of optimism. The economic equality that came out of unions was still fully in effect and even janitors could afford their own homes. Jim Crow had been exorcised out of our national society, and the idea that war and violence was wrong hit our national consciousness like a bolt of lightning.

The clock was ticking down to the year 2000, and America was waiting to become the Jetsons. The 24 hour work week was being experimented with. The link between cancer and cigarettes was being explored and cigarette ads were being banned on TV. In South Africa Dr. Christian Bernard was pioneering organ transplants while the rest of the world protested Apartheid. With all this wonderful and exciting stuff going on, how were we to know that in 1968 a man would be elected to the presidency who would be the seed that brought all this down. While the man himself, Richard M. Nixon, left office in disgrace, the aids and assistants he brought to Washington with him remained to become The Legion of Doom who destroyed the United States.

How could Mr. Schierholtz ever dream that people could be so short sighted as to attack the very investment laws which American prosperity depended on? Who would have thought that America would be so spineless as to get behind Reagan and his Nixon Administration survivors as they attacked the very unions that protected the rights of the working man? Employment benefits are now “golden handcuffs” used to make workers too afraid to stand up for themselves lest they and their families be left without medical care. Jim Crow triumphantly returned on the shoulders of his neocon supporters after affirmative action was struck down. Universities can once again safely discriminate against minority students. How could anybody dream that in 2003 we would get embroiled in another Vietnam? The Neocons successfully derailed the year 2000 and turned the clock back to 1929 through deregulating the stockmarket. The Market crashed partly because brokers were selling on the margin again. Those Americans still fortunate enough to have a roof over their heads have to work 90 hours a week to keep it. Health care is reserved only for the healthy as the HMOs try to drop all the terminal cases to die as indigents. All of America has become New Delhi in 1967

Last month 1 out of every 464 homeowners had foreclosure papers filed on them. The neocon locusts who have literally eaten us out of house and home, have been pointing the finger of blame at subprime mortgages, crooked mortgage brokers, and the victims of the meltdown themselves. They have been blaming everything except themselves. They lowered the standards and changed the laws which would have prevented the meltdown from happening. These locusts have so badly screwed the economic infrastructure that the mortgage meltdown has reached Beverly Hills and a celebrity is having his house foreclosed on.

84 year old “Tonight Show” co-host Ed McMahon broke his neck and has been unable to work. What has this country come to that an 84 year old man is unable to enjoy his retirement, and has to work to keep his home? What has this country come to that an old man ends up having an accident and instead of being able to recover in peace, medical expenses force him to lose his home? What’s worse is that the only reason this has made the news is that McMahon is a celebrity. Thousands of other retirees have also lost their homes and are now living on the streets, but that never makes the news.

We don’t have to worry about Ed McMahon living on the streets, because his fellow T.V. Star, Donald Trump, is coming to his rescue. Donald Trump is probably the biggest media whore in America. Starting with his divorce from Ivana in the 90s and his marriage to his current trophy wife, Trump all but throws himself into the path of the paparazzi. His reality TV show demonstrates the Financial Industry’s favorite past-time of psychologically torturing and humiliating anybody whom they see as having less power than they do. His signature “you’re fired” is actually a mercy-bullet for those he turns it on. Take my word for that. I had once been a trained monkey for something as evil as Trump. The people you need to pity are the ones he keeps.

Le’ Donald, as his ex-wife called him, was one of the architects of the current housing crises. As an untiring opponent of federal regulations and rent control, Trump helped to create the conditions of homelessness. As a mortgage investor, he was part of the refinance shell game that caused European investors to pull their money out of the American market, and triggered the meltdown. As a business man, he was not above cutting corners or breaking laws as the fines he had to pay were way less than the profits that he made. Yet, you might notice that Trump is not losing any of his properties. As a matter of fact he is gobbling up foreclosures like they were M&Ms.

One of the Foreclosures he wants to gobble up is Ed McMahon’s house. So here’s Trump trying to look as if he has something that resembles a human conscience. He stands up so the Paparazzi can take pictures of him buying Ed McMahon’s house so that he can lease it back to McMahon. Not give it back to him, lease it back to him.  He is going to make McMahon pay rent for his own home. McMahon is 84 years old with a broken neck. He is not long for this world. After McMahon dies, Trump can either evict the widow McMahon and sell the house or continue to lease it back to her. Either way, Trump has himself some prime Beverly Hills real estate.

Well, I guess that’s a little better than simply kicking the McMahon’s out in the street like he’s done with so many other elderly home owners, but you have to be touched by the ironic hypocrisy of the whole thing.

The Thin Veneer Over Genocide and Oppression

Boycott the Olympics: The Thin Veneer Over Genocide and Oppression