2. Disdain for Human Rights Part 2: The Minutemen

Nazi Minuteman

Nazi Minuteman

There is no branch of the Libertarian Party that shows its true fascist colors better than the Minutemen. That they are tolerated within the ranks of the Libertarians is proof that the Libertarians have absolutely no respect or regard for the Constitution they claim to be defending. The Minutemen are the Libertarian version of the Nazi Brown Shirts. Rather than tormenting Jews, the American Fascists are tormenting undocumented workers. Their actions vary from posting bizarre paranoid articles on the Internet to threats of actual violence and bodily harm to Mexican immigrants; documented and undocumented alike.

Claiming 2nd Amendment rights, The Minutemen are armed and claim that they are a legal and well regulated militia. They are not legal. Minutemen exist in defiance of the 14th Amendment.


Everybody within the borders of the United States has the same legal protections. Undocumented workers have the same rights to legal protection for their lives and property as American citizens. Undocumented workers have the same rights of due process and a jury of their peers. So far, the Minutemen have contented themselves with blowing off a lot of hot air. They do some counter protesting, or they swill beer in their yards while watching the border. So far there has been no violence. Once the Minutemen harm an undocumented worker, they will prove themselves to be an illegal organization and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The Minuteman are a perfect illustration of the mindless nationalism which dominates the entire Libertarian movement. It is reminiscent of Nazi Aryan superiority. To the Libertarians, only American citizens have the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Apparently Constitutional rights are so rare that there are not enough to share with guests. The very name “Minutemen” brings to mind the Revolutionary War and Paul Revere’s famous ride. It is a chilling reminder of the Brown Shirt’s association with the Teutonic Knights and the Vikings. The Minutemen evoke mythic history to confront their make-believe danger.

Indeed, undocumented workers pose no danger to either the American economy or the tax payer’s money. Undocumented workers take jobs that the average Libertarian spits upon, and the undocumented worker’s role in agriculture is the only thing that keeps the small farmer competitive with the agromonopolies. In a healthy economy, the cost of medical and social services are easily absorbed through the intelligent investment of our tax money. True, right now we do not have a healthy economy. Thanks to the Neocons and their Libertarian lap-dogs, we have a very sick economy. Still, that is no excuse for ignoring the 14th Amendment.

This brings us to the Libertarian disdain for human rights. Just like the Nazi Brown Shirts, the Minutemen exist only to deny rights to a minority. In this specific case, to a brown skinned Spanish speaking minority. You might notice that the Minutemen are not that active at the Canadian border, even though we do get our share of undocumented Canadians. I have not heard of the Minutemen protesting the undocumented Irish in San Francisco. The Minutemen are simply an expression of economic white elitism that is one of the cornerstones of the Libertarian movement.

In my next post I will be describing scapegoating in Libertarianism, and then we will return to the subject of the Minutemen.

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2. Disdain for Human Rights Part 1; Overview

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

There are few things that threaten corporate profits more than human rights.  Laws that protect the rights and dignity of humans beings also protect human beings from corporate exploitation.  Human rights include the right to housing, the right to medical care, the right to a living wage, and the right to legal protections from abuse.  Each of these rights limit corporate profits.  All fascist movements exists to destroy all laws that limit corporations.  That is why eliminating human rights is amongst the Libertarian Party’s highest priorities.

Disdain for human rights goes along with the rampant nationalism.  In Germany the Nazis had their myths of genetic superiority.  Nationalism was equated with Aryan purity.  If you were pure Aryan, you were superior to non-Aryans, and that gave you more rights than everyone else.  So the rest of the population had to identify with Aryan superiority or be treated as a lesser person with fewer rights.  Sympathy and compassion towards the genetically inferior people (Slavs and Jews) was seen as inferiority by the master race.  This perceived inferiority became a reason for arrests and imprisonment in work camps.

In the case of the Libertarian movement,  disdain for human rights is presented as a religious principle. (We’ll go into the confusion between government and religion in the appropriate place.)  The American myths taught in the school rooms take on a religious aura.  The westward expansion stops being the story of blatant imperialism and becomes a myth equal to Moses leading the Children of Abraham into the promised land. Native Americans cease to be the victims of Imperialism and become “The Enemy”. Minorities who have been exploited by Corporate America become naturally inferior to those Americans who have embraced the values of our pioneer ancestors.  African Americans,  Gays,  and Hispanics who have been historically oppressed by American Society,  are seen as weak and inferior for demanding their Constitutional rights through the courts rather than embracing the Social Darwinist principle of survival of the fittest

The myth of individualism and dog-eat-dog Capitalism extends to the Libertarian’s own rights as workers and members of society.  This is shown by the heavy influence that the Protestant Work Ethic has on the Libertarian movement.  The original Protestant Work Ethic of the Puritans stated that wealth was a sign that you were going to heaven.  Poverty was God’s way of telling the world that you were damned.  Amongst Libertarians wealth is seen as a sign of superiority and poverty a sign of inferiority.  Therefor,  impoverished African Americans are impoverished due to their inferiority,  not because of prejudice. Their inability to find work is not due to the fact that American jobs are being outsourced but through some imagined inferiority. Like all other movements where religion gets confused with politics, Libertarians see no need to be logical.

Our Puritan forefathers also believed that illness and tragedy were signs of God’s displeasure.  If you were wealthy and died of pneumonia,  it was a sign that God wanted you in heaven early.  If you were not so wealthy and died leaving a small estate or no estate,  it was a sign that you were screaming in hell and that your wife and children would soon be screaming with you.  So in the Libertarian mind set,  getting a fatal disease or suffering a disabling accident is a sign of inferiority.  Only the inferior demand a national health plan because true Americans can pay their own way.  If a True American gets sick or injured he has the insurance or the Capital to pay outrageous medical bills.  If he is too sick to work and the medical bills are too much for him,  then he is inferior and he can beg pennies in the streets or die in the gutter.

Any one of us can find ourselves in financial trouble through no fault of our own.  As one speaker I heard stated it, “we are all one paycheck away from homelessness”.  Tragedy can hit any one of us at any time, and it is not a sign from a non-existent God nor is it a sign of inferiority.  The only people who benefit from the Libertarian movement are the corporations.  As corporations have the most money,  they are perceived as being superior and having more rights than the rest of us.  Collective bargaining,  employment laws, and nondiscrimination laws are seen as weaknesses.  Therefor corporations can under pay their workers,  can have dangerous work environments, and discriminate without restraint.  Corporations can also hire goons to break strikes, refuse medical treatment to the terminally ill or indigent, and evict poor people from their homes.  According to the Libertarian movement It is the fault of the victims for not being “American” enough.

The myth of the individual is simply a divide and conquer tactic designed to prevent Americans from working together.  If we work together for common goals, such as human rights for everybody and not just the wealthy, we are a threat to corporate profits.  We will look at this in more detail in my next post,  which will concern the Minute Men.

A Republicrat Like Biden is Change?

A Republicrat Like Biden is Change?

1. Powerful and Consuming Nationalism Part One- Overview

The True Face of Libertarians Today

The True Face of Libertarians Today

Libertarianism is fascism tarted up in the American Flag. The original name for fascism was corporationism because fascism is rule by the corporations. Hopefully, the discerning reader will see the parallels between Libertarianism and Neoconservatism, and realize that they are two faces of the same worthless coin. Libertarianism organizes non-conformists to support Neoconservative goals, and those goals are no less than the corporate tyranny of the United States.

This is not to say that there are not major differences between American fascism and German fascism, but the Libertarians have adopted the basic structure. For instance, the Nazis had a very subtle propaganda method based on their public school system. The Libertarians have adopted the very same propaganda method, and why not? The American public school system is based on the German one. This method can be described as a direct and shameless appeal to national pride.

Fascist propaganda reduces history to bedtime stories. The Nazis treated the legends of Charlemagne as if they were real. They spoke of a time when Germany was united behind the Kaiser, and all of Germany lived under the code of chivalry. Hitler promised the German people that he would turn the clock back to a time that never happened. The Libertarians are making the same promise.

Here in America, Libertarian propaganda is a shameless appeal to elementary school stories. George Washington and the Cherry Tree becomes more real than the fact that Washington was a slaveholder. Everyone is supposed to forget that John Adams was a royalist who wanted the president addressed as “Your High and Mightiness”, and as president, Adams had a reporter jailed for criticizing him. Libertarians who oppress undocumented workers call themselves Minutemen.

The American founders are reduced from being real people to puppets mouthing whatever the Libertarians want them to mouth. They serve the same purpose Charlemagne served for the Nazis. The American Founders are presented as prophets whose words are sacred and not to be questioned. This places the Federalist Papers as the last word in American Politics instead of the Constitution. The Constitution gives the American people the right to limit the power of the corporations while the Federalist Papers were written to convince corporate officers to accept the Constitution. This is why Libertarian propagandists constantly confuse the Federalist Papers with the Constitution, which will better serve the cause of corporate tyranny.

American fascism promises to turn back the clock back to a revised history where the Federal Government did not tax the citizens. This is patently untrue, because the first thing Tom Jefferson did was impose federal taxes. George Washington put down a rebellion over whiskey taxes. Libertarians want to ignore the entire second part of the Constitution. This is the part that gives the American people the power to enforce laws to regulate corporations. For instance, Libertarians claim to be against censorship, but oppose laws to prevent Fox McNews from lying. They would confuse the Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers to justify allowing corporate propaganda.

In short, Libertarians want to further corporate tyranny by ignoring any part of the Constitution that limits corporate power. They use the Founders as puppets to justify their emasculation of the Constitution. Is it any wonder that George W. Bush called the Constitution “just a god damned piece of paper”? This is how Libertarians use rampant nationalism to trick us out of our right to stand up to the corporations. We’ll come back to this in the next post.

Vote for the Corporate Approved

Vote for the Corporate Approved