Who Is Pulling the Strings?

A Very Good Question

A Very Good Question

We could always depend on John McCain to defend the free market. It did not matter what happened, John McCain believed in the Free Market as strongly as Jerry Falwell believed in Jesus.  The Tech Bubble burst, and John McCain blamed it on government regulations.  Nobody could deny reality better than John McCain.  He was the living embodiment of Voltaire’s Dr. Pantagruel, who preached that we are in a perfect world even after the most horrible things that happened to him.  Like Dr. Pantagruel, McCain lives in his own little fantasy world.  Despite the reality, McCain could be depended on to preach the Free Market.

Today, John McCain has become the champion of strong market regulations.  How the hell did that happen?  McCain ignored our sick economy for years.  He ignored the growing homeless crisis while pointing to the booming stock market.  He ignored the reality that the U.S stock market is no longer an indicator of U.S economic health.  How can the stock market reflect American economic health when American industry has been outsourced?  Today the U.S stock market is more of an indicator of Chinese economic health.  Now, all of a sudden, John McCain is pointing the finger of shame at the regulatory agencies for not doing their jobs.

How can the regulatory agencies do their jobs without the funding or the personnel needed to do the job? McCain was an active supporter of the deregulation that made the economic meltdown happen.  How can the regulatory agencies do their jobs when McCain helped legalize corporate crime?  Instead of going up before the American public and saying; “oops, I kinda’ screwed the pooch there, didn’t I?” McCain blamed the very regulatory agencies that he helped to emasculate.  Talk about blaming the victim.

What caused this change of heart?  Why has John McCain changed his tune and championed strong economic regulations?  I think it has something to do with the fact that the European banks are going to want a return on their investments.  Those banks are not propping up our sick and dying economy simply because they love us.  They are propping it up because they don’t want to be pulled off the cliff after us. After all, these are not American loan officers.  They are not going to give billions of dollars in loans to an indigent nation just for the commission. Europe has regulations against making bad loans.  The European banks are going to want full value for every Euro they put in the U.S.

John McCain is not just being examined by the American public, he is also being examined by the European banks.  They want to make sure that our next president will turn over a new leaf for the American economy.  The European bankers want to know that the next president will restore the financial regulations that FDR instituted in the Thirties.  They want to know that the regulatory agencies are fully funded and once again watching out for the American economy.  Europe wants to be certain that American tax money will be used to invest in U.S industry and economic growth, and U.S based corporations pay their fair share. The Europeans will want U.S jobs pulled out of China and Mexico and returned to American soil where they belong.

We are in a unique situation to take back our government and our economy.  Do we want national health? This is the time to demand it.  Do we want an end to the ridiculous war on drugs?  Go for it!  Do we want to stop the Middle Eastern Wars and limit the president’s powers to start them?  We will never have a better chance. Today is the day we take back our government.

The Neocons have utterly destroyed our economy.  They are no longer in control.  Somebody else is holding the other end of John McCain’s leash.  That somebody has Obama’s leash in the other hand.  I imagine that particular somebody speaking with a British accent.  Now is the perfect time to pressure Congress for the social changes we need.  Demand national health, demand the end of war and the end of nuclear weapons.  Demand the pretty moon.  Chances are we’ll get it.

We'll Promise you Anything as Long as You Give the Job to John


The only thing I’m afraid of is that the American public will swallow another free market pipe dream. Then our grandchildren will be reliving this same nightmare.

7. Obsession With National Security

The Face of Safety

The Face of Safety

The Libertarian hostility towards undocumented workers in an example of an obsession with national security.  According to Libertarians, people are crossing the border from Mexico to steal hard-earned American tax dollars by using our non-existent social services .  This ties in with the Myth of Government Spending.  Like all fascist supporters, the Libertarians are accomplishing the opposite of their stated goals.  Thanks to their obsession with national security, Libertarians are making America more of a police state.  Governments do not build fences across their borders to keep foreigners out.  Fences are built to keep their citizens in.  Yet, Libertarians seem to sleep better knowing that armed Homeland Security Guards are safeguarding their tax money.  It never occurs to them that those guards could be pointing their guns at them someday soon.

Libertarians either don’t realize or don’t care that their obsession with national security is neither reasonable nor Constitutional.  It is not even in the Federalist Papers.  This is a purely fascist phenomenon which undermines the very freedoms which Libertarians claim to be defending.  Please note that the fence across Mexico prevents individuals from crossing the border, but not corporations.  Corporations can send their factories and jobs across the border to Mexico without hindrance.  Corporations can send finished products across the border into the United States. It is the corporations and outsourcing which are destroying the American Economy, not undocumented workers.  Yet undocumented workers are the target for all Libertarian hostility, while corporations are supposed to be regulated by the mysterious force known as Market Place.  The hostility towards undocumented workers is just another example of Libertarians protecting corporate power.

Another parallel between Libertarians and the old German Nazi party are the numerous and ridiculous conspiracy theories.  Hitler had the International Jewish Conspiracy.  The Libertarians have Sept. 11th.  Had George W. Bush done his job, Sept. 11th would never have happened.  The Towers fell and American citizens died due to incompetence in the highest office in the land.  Yet the Libertarians see conspiracies in the entire event.  Bush was allegedly in league with bin Laden, even though bin Laden belongs to a Saudi faction that wants the Saudi throne for themselves.  The Mossad is secretly pulling Bush’s strings, even though the U.S totally dominates and controls the Israeli economy. There is no difference between Sept. 11th conspiracy theories and the Nazi conspiracy theories. Both are designed to protect corporate power.

Even the United Nations is seen as a dark threat against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  The idea of working with other nations to establish minimum standards of living and human rights frightens Libertarians.  They see it as establishing a single world government.  A world government will eliminate war, poverty, and tyranny if its a government of the people.  Libertarians will fight a world government based on human rights but will defend the New American Century while crying against it.  In other words, Libertarians will defend the corporations in establishing their rule, but consider attempts to limit corporate power as a threat to freedom.

Even the Libertarian resistance to the Iraq war and the invasion of Afghanistan is based on an obsession with national security.  Libertarians agree that the war is wrong because it does not do enough to protect them from their pretended enemies, whom they see slipping through our borders every minute.  The Libertarian obsession with terrorists reminds me of John Birch Society obsession with communists and minorities.  It all comes from the same source, the Goldwater conservatism of the nineteen sixties, which also gave birth to the Born Again Christians and the Neocons.

The Libertarian obsession with national security may prove to be the greatest danger to American freedoms ever seen.  It may be a greater danger than the McCarthyism of the nineteen fifties, as it presents the government and respect for the real Constitution as the true “enemy”.  The most frightening thing about it is that Libertarians totally ignore the corporate role in the Sept. 11th attack.  They fail to notice that most oil corporations had their headquarters in the Twin Towers.  It would never occur to them that Sept. 11th may have been the result of the corporate support of dictatorships in oil producing countries.

Can They Save Us From Fascism Within the United States?

Can They Save Us From Fascism Within the United States?

Let the Follies Begin

Twin Siblings of Different Parents

Twin Siblings of Different Parents

Who here actually believes that the next president is going to be any more legitimate than the last president? If the voting machines were rigged to give us 8 full years of the Bush misAdministration, what makes you think that a Democrat is going to be legally elected? Oh, we are going to end up with a Democrat in the White House in 2008. I Have no doubt about that. If McCain was meant to be president, the news services wouldn’t be pushing his divorce so heavily nor would they be emphasizing Obama’s stable relationship. I cannot remember the last time Hillary Clinton had been embarrassed by a Monica joke. I think that the fix is in. We are going to have a Democrat in office in 2008 for all the good it is going to do us.

Yet the Democrats seem to be playing along with this. Take a good look at the 2004 election. The Democrats were playing that one to lose. Who was running? John Kerry and Howard Dean. Neither candidate promised to end the Iraq war. Neither candidate promised to levy fair and just taxes on the corporations. Both candidates were in favor of restoring the draft. John Kerry’s wife is a mover and shaker in the Republican party and John was famous for voting for everything that Bush asked for. Dean, as former governor of Vermont, automatically gets a seat on the board of directors of National Life of Vermont. I used to be an agent for NLV. I remember that when the Iraq war started, one of their top agents made his staff recite the Pledge of Allegiance before meetings. The fact that Dean is now head of the Democratic National Committee shows there is collusion going on between the two parties. Is there any other reason that Pelosi took impeachment off the table?

In the 1992 presidential campaign, Bill Clinton promised us a national health plan. We did not get a national health plan. Clinton palled around with Newt Gingrich and screwed us out of our social safety net instead. I bet a lot of people who were cheering about all those welfare mothers having to get jobs see things differently now that they are the welfare mothers. These are the people who are cheering Obama because the want change. I’m sorry to break this to them, but Obama is not going to bring us any change. If Obama was going to bring change, he would not be on the ballot. I hear that Hillary has been acting like the queen of the Democratic Convention. Why not? I think that she had been promised the presidency when Bill left office. That’s why she became the senator of a state she barely stepped foot in before she ran for office. Hillary Clinton is not the Senator from New York. She was never from New York. She never lived in New York before she ran for the Senate. Hillary Clinton is the Senator from Wal-Mart.

Regardless of which one of the Democratic Bobbsey Twins wins the nomination, all we are going to get is more of the same that we got from Clinton. The next president is going into a government which has been bankrupted by the current misAdministration. Clinton or Obama will try to raise taxes on the middle class while continuing to give tax-breaks to the corporations. Can you really expect Chevron to start paying its fair share after not paying any taxes in 8 years? Do you really think that Microsoft and Google are really going to stop outsourcing their tech jobs and pay a living wage to U.S workers? Do you really think that either Obama or Clinton will put their feet down and do what has to be done to save the status quo? Personally I doubt it.

The Bush misAdministration has run America into the ground to the point where they are selling our national highways and bridges just to make payroll. Outsourcing has destroyed our industrial infrastructure so that only oil production is keeping our dollar afloat. Without industrial jobs or a social safety net, only the black market keeps most of our poorest eating. I strongly doubt that either Clinton or Obama is going to end the Iraq war. America needs those oil fields to keep our GNP up and the dollar solvent. Without oil production, corporations might have to lose profit by bringing jobs back to America

The only differences between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Democrats are telling us what we want to hear. This is why I am not voting for either of them. What possible use is it to choose between two corporately approved candidates who are not going to do what is needed to get us out of this mess? I want change but I’m old enough to know that I am not going to get it now. I don’t care if McCain wins because at least McCain is honest enough not to whisper sweet nothings in my ear before he screws me. So I am voting for a third party candidate because it is the only way to vote against corporate domination in American politics.