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What I Hope for Prop 8 Supporters

Prop 8 Supporters in the After Life

The other night, I dreamed died and went to hell.   Since I had accepted an executive position, Satan himself was showing me around the place.   We came to an endless lake of fire where millions of naked men and women were screaming out their agony as imps with pitchforks were doing what imps with pitchforks are said to do.  Overhead was the gaudiest and most enormous disco ball in the entire universe.   On tiered balconies, same sex couples were dancing up a storm to the strains of the Village People.  Every now and then a group of gays and lesbians came to the railing and poured a bucket of coal into the lake of fire.  The flames would shoot up to the cheers of the partiers.   A whistle would sound and the DJ started up the music again.

This is Mormon hell,” Satan explained. “It’s our most profitable operation. Mormons suffer the usual tortures reserved for liars, but they have the added anguish of getting to watch the people whose Constitutional rights were denied due to the Mormons running a misleading campaign against same-sex marriages.   Gays and Lesbians are consoled for losing their rights by being able to come down here and party in front of the Mormons.   We charge them ten bucks a bucket for the coal.   It’s all profit and no overhead.”

I woke up in a cold sweat and with a clear idea of what has to be done.   We must save the Mormons from the torments that wait for them in the afterlife. Considering the number of Commandments the Mormons broke in preventing same sex marriages, I really doubt they have much hope in getting into heaven.  Their only hope is to have their souls consecrated to Satan.   As the Mormons dwell under the delusion that they are doing God’s work by denying their fellow citizens their civil rights, it is unlikely that they will consecrate themselves into hell’s service while they are still alive.   The only chance they have to escape the eternal torment waiting for them, is if we take the initiative and posthumously consecrate their souls to Satan.   Every Mormon soul that we consecrate to eternal darkness shall be taken out of the lake of fire and shall be placed on the right side of the Dark One Himself.

It is our sacred duty to study the genealogical records and find every endangered soul who has died in the Mormon faith.   Then somebody must stand in as proxy for the poor Mormon soul screaming in the lake of fire.   The proxy, acting as the Mormon being admitted into the legions of Satan, shall denounce the Mormon faith.   He will then symbolically divest the Mormon of his magic underwear while desecrating the Book of Mormon.   The proxy will then, in the Mormon’s name, swear eternal loyalty to the Lord of Hell.   The ceremony will end in a good old fashioned Black Mass.

Should the Mormons object to this, we will simply point out that the Mormons have been doing the same thing for years.   They baptize dead Jews into the Mormon faith.  They posthumously baptize Holocaust victims.  They even had the balls to posthumously baptize Simon Wiesenthal and Anne Frank.   It’s bad enough that these lunatics knock on people’s door with their religious idiocy.   Now they are harassing people in the grave.   It’s not only Holocaust victims getting posthumously baptized. Albert Einstein, Golda Meir, and Groucho Marx have all had the dubious honor of being welcomed into Mormon heaven.   The Mormons argue that the souls of the deceased have the right to refuse the baptism.   Well, the souls of the dead Mormons have the right to refuse service to the Lord of Hell and remain in the lake of fire with gays pouring coal down on their heads.

Fair is fair.  The Mormons signed an agreement to stop the posthumous baptisms and to remove the names of Holocaust victims and other Jews from the Mormon membership lists.   The Mormons immediately refused to honor the agreement, stating that posthumous baptism is one of their fundamental beliefs.   Well, guys, the First Amendment protects us, too.   Consecrating the souls of dead Mormons to hell is one of my fundamental beliefs.   I’m doing the first posthumous consecration at the next full moon, and I’m standing as proxy for Brigham Young.   Don’t worry, though. Brigham has the right to refuse the consecration.



You Play, You Pay

I Can Find Treasure For You Too

I Can Find Treasure For You Too

I am surprised and appalled at the media pundits who are blaming African Americans for the passing of Proposition 8.  I simply cannot believe some of the crap that I am reading.  It seems to me that all the blame for 8’s success is being laid at the feet of the African American voter and nobody is blaming the Mormon Church.   The Mormon Church joined with the Catholics and the Pentecostals in a Commandment-breaking smear campaign that was all lies, half-truths and fear-mongering.  The Proposition 8 initiative was a symptom of some very sick minds who were acting out their own sexual paranoia.   I think the funniest accusation was the one that stated all churches would be required to perform Gay weddings. That sounds like the block-busting ruse of the Seventies. Home owners were afraid that if one Black family moved into the neighborhood more Black families would move into the neighborhood and property values would drop. Are Mormons afraid that if one Gay couple gets married in their church, more Gay couples would get married in their Church, and the Book of Mormon would lose it’s value? What makes these jackasses think that a Gay couple would want to be married in a Mormon church?   Besides, the law allows for ministers to refuse to perform a marriage for any reason.  The sickest accusation was the forced sex ed for kindergarteners. What kind of demented minds think up this crap?

Speaking of crap, that leads us right back to accusing African Americans of 8’s so-called victory.  I think that shows a tremendous amount of cowardice on the parts of the so-called liberal pundits.   The Mormons are more than just a church, they are a major economic force with financial and voting interests in newspapers, radio, and television.  If a reporter messes with the Mormons he risks his job.   The Mormons are not above blacklisting reporters and commentators who stand up to them.  So it is simply easier and safer to pick on African Americans, who are still relatively disenfranchised in this society. Also remember that we now have an African American president-elect.   I would not put it past the Mormon Church to start a divide and conquer campaign over the gay marriage issue.   It would certainly fit into the Mormon racist agenda to have the left in a race battle over Proposition 8, instead of concentrating on the actual malefactors in this debacle.

Mormons were not the only ones behind the campaign of lies for Proposition 8.   The Catholics and the Pentecostals joined in with the Mormons in breaking the Commandment against bearing false witness.  There is some comfort in the thought that these hypocrites are going to hell for pushing 8 through.   After all the lies that were spread by these churches, it’s a wonder that their angry and jealous God hadn’t destroyed Rome and Salt Lake City like he did with Sodom and Gomorrah.   It’s almost heartening to see two churches like the Mormon and the Catholic getting along so well.  Both Churches have accused each other of heresy, apostasy, and halitosis for decades, but they managed to close ranks and behave like long lost brothers when it comes to denying a minority their civil rights.  Then the Pentecostals come along and join with the Catholics and the Mormons just as if all three have gotten along for years.  It seems that religious differences takes a back seat to the true purpose of the Christianoid Churches, which is to maintain their political power at any cost.

The doughty followers of Joseph Smith have been the backbone of the religious movement to send America back to the 19th Century.   Pat Robertson and the Catholic Church would have not been able to do the social damage they have accomplished if they did not have the Mormon financial empire behind them.  Mormons have spent billions of dollars in campaigns against women’s rights, teaching science in the classrooms, and most recently in pushing through Proposition 8 in California.  The Mormons spent over 20 million dollars in influencing an election in California, and they blatantly broke election laws to do it.   They organized phone banks in Utah and Nevada and sent bulk mail from Salt Lake City to push through a Proposition in California. That is as illegal as registering dead people to vote.   Most aggravating of all, some of our religious initiative money went to fund this, and the Mormon Church still enjoys federal and state tax-free status.

Needless to say, interfering in the electoral process is a direct violation of the current tax codes.   Jerry Falwell and his Old Time Gospel Hour lost their tax free status for pulling the same dirty tricks that the Mormons pulled during the 8 campaign.   So why do the Mormons still enjoy their tax free status?   For that matter, why do the Catholics or the Pentecostals?   It seems to me that if Churches want to participate in the electoral process and impose their degraded superstitions on the rest of us, then they should be required to pay taxes just like everybody else.   They play, they pay.   I think that’s only fair.

But God Loves These Losers

But God Loves These Losers

The Cold Winds Of Change

Average Proposition 8 Supporter

Average Proposition 8 Supporter

Those of you who, like myself, have a gay youngster living happily at home can skip this post.  You are the good guys.   You are the chorus I would be preaching to.   Of course if you feel the need for a little bit of support and goodwill, please read on.  This piece is written for the idiot Californians who have been supporting Proposition 8.  Specifically, it is for those coprolite-brained idiots who objected to first graders attending their teacher’s wedding.

For those of you who do not live in this strange land called California, Proposition 8 is the final gasp of the Christianoid bigots who would ban gay marriage in California.  These mewling velociraptors are not quietly surrendering to extinction.   They are fighting it tooth and nail, and spitting their poison at any and all targets.   You can read the entire story here, but to give you the short version: a lesbian first grade teacher got married to her same sex partner.   The parents of her students are amongst the nicest people on earth.  They brought their kids to their teacher’s wedding.   Armed with pink rose petals and soap bubbles, the kiddies greeted their teacher and her new spouse as they left the mayor’s office.

Of course, if this was a heterosexual marriage, the Christianoid velociraptors would go all misty-eyed over the story.  If the marriage was in an Assembly of God Church, I would have no doubt that the whole pack would dissolve into gooey puddles of Christianoid love.  However, this was a gay wedding, so the Christianoids are having a hissy fit.   Their reaction to this brings me back to 1967 when the New Jersey school system was first being integrated.  You should have heard the Sussex County bigots scream!   To believe them, all the innocent young white students would be indoctrinated by sinful Negroes.   If you believed them, we would all grow up to be beret-wearing, fried-chicken-and-watermelon-eating, gun-toting radicals.  Forty one years later, I am hearing similar inanities out of the opponents of gay marriage.

These morons must know that they are fighting for a doomed cause.   Even if they do manage to pass Prop 8, the meteor of civil rights will not be stopped. In 1967, Jesus did not want African-Americans teaching in white schools. Well, screw Jesus, African-Americans are teaching white students anyway. Twenty years ago the Aryan Nation was sued out of existence for trying to reestablish segregation.   Twenty years from now, the American Civil Liberties Union will be suing these Christianoid numbnuts for objecting to gay marriage. I hope I live to see the day.   I would just enjoy that so much.

The kids who attended their teacher’s wedding learned a very important lesson; love is good and hate is bad.  These kids are learning that equal rights means that everybody is equal.  They are also learning that marriage is a happy thing.   The parents who brought them to the wedding are to be applauded, praised, and cherished.   They are the heroes who are making a better world.  The hell of it is, I bet that most of those parents are just too modest to admit it.   Maybe their parents raised them to be the good and decent people they are.  The proponents of Prop. 8 are dinosaurs.   Their true objection is that the world is changing.  Gays and lesbians are simply an easy target for their fears.   These Christianoids are heading for extinction.  The kids attending their teacher’s wedding is proof of this.  Gays are part of the real world, and there is nothing the Christianoids can do about it.

Let’s also face the fact that I am just a romantic at heart.   There is something about moppets tossing rose pedals at weddings that makes me misty-eyed.   If I am ever so blessed that the teacher, Erin Carder, ever reads this, I would like to wish her and her wife Kerri McCoy all the joy in the world.   May you be as happy as my own wife and I have been for the last 26 years.

To the Happy Couple, All the Good Things on Earth

To the Happy Couple, All the Good Things on Earth