Now They Are Trying To Bribe Us

They Won't Be Happy Until This Becomes AmericaB

They Won't Be Happy Until This Is America

It must have come to a terrible shock to Wall St. that we, the American people, did not simply lay back and let them screw us again. Now that we said no to corporate welfare, they are starting to get cute and they are trying to bribe us. Okay. Let them bribe us. I mean if we are going to get screwed, let’s make them give us flowers and dinner first. But really, they are going to have to do much better than this.

“The Senate pushed toward passage Wednesday of a $700 billion financial industry bailout, and opposition to the package among House Republican conservatives appeared to be softening as well, thanks partly to a provision to increase insurance for people’s deposits.”

Hey this is great. The FDIC hasn’t raised its limit in over 60 years. Many people have much more that one hundred grand riding in the banks. So let’s raise the amount to, a million maybe? If it takes a million to retire decently, then maybe we should demand that Congress raise the FDIC limits to a million. So I urge you to call your Representative and Senator and tell them that yes, we want to raise the FDIC limit to a million dollars. Also add that if they vote for the new bail out too, their jobs are off the table. The FDIC is covered by a private insurance company. Lloyd’s of London, last I heard. It is not going to cost Congress anything to raise that limit. We, the depositors, end up paying for FDIC insurance through interest that never reaches our bank accounts. So let them work harder for their welfare money. Let’s make the bail-out corporate workfare instead.

“The revised package to be voted on in the Senate also would add $100 billion in tax breaks for businesses and the middle class besides temporarily increasing the deposit insurance cap from the current $100,000 to $250,000. Meanwhile, the Securities and Exchange Commission has said it is easing the accounting rules in some cases.”

Once again, 250K just doesn’t cut it. We want a million, and why the hell should we be giving business a tax cut along with 700 billion dollars in welfare? Come on, America. Call your Senator and your Representative and say, “we want you to triple corporate taxes, and we want another individual tax cut, and please raise the FDIC limit to a million dollars. Oh, and by the way, if you give that 100 billion dollars away, you will lose your job.”

While we’re at it, why don’t we put some limitations on this money. Why should we give these idiots $700 billion dollars to spend on junk bonds? No, if we are going to give them $700 billion dollars, let’s make sure that they do some good with it. Let’s have them use it to update their hiring practices and limit it to investments right here in the U.S of A. Let’s have them put it into industries right here and jobs right here. We don’t want this money sent to China. China has enough of our jobs and our money as it is.

No more business as usual. No more of this nonsense. We, the voters, are the people in charge. We, the voters, are the people who are fronting this money. We, the voters, should have the last say. Remember to call or email your Senator and your Congressional Rep. ASAP. Make sure you give them your name and your address as it appears on your voter’s registration so they know you are a registered voter. Let’s not keep America in the hands of these idiots. Don’t let the media pundits scare you. If you want change, say no to the bail out.


In the “is my face red” department, I made a mistake and said that “Skull and Bones was a Harvard club.

Actually Skull and Bones is a Yale club. My mistake. I want to thank Abraxas Apocolypsis for pointing it out so that I could correct it.

Dear God, Somebody New Has Our Strings

Dear God, Somebody New Has Our Strings

Who Are They?

Aren't They Part of the International Jewish Conspiracy?

Aren't They Part of the International Jewish Conspiracy?

They conspired with the Mossad to destroy the Twin Towers. They have conspired to poison our water with fluoride. They are conspiring to give American jobs to undocumented workers. They have conspired to destroy American freedoms through the income tax. They are like rats in the walls, working tirelessly to undermine the Constitution. Whoever they are, they are a busy bunch of bastards.

So who exactly are they? Nobody really knows who they are. Some say they are “Skull and Bones”; a Harvard student’s club. Others say that they are the International Jewish Conspiracy, and that Israel is secretly running the world. I have also heard that they are a secret cabal of Kaballah masters called the Illuminati. That last one just doesn’t make any sense. The Kaballah is a Jewish mystical discipline. So wouldn’t the Illuminati be part of the International Jewish Conspiracy? Who would I go to for an answer to that question?

Americans seem to love conspiracy theories. There are so many of them. Feminists are conspiring to destroy the American Family through abortion. Unions are conspiring to rob honest libertarians from amassing wealth. The number of conspiracies and conspirators is endless. All the ills of the world are because of some mysterious conspirators are manipulating world events for their own sinister ends.

The utter absurdity of conspiracy theories is enough to give me a migraine. Sorry, America, George W. Bush is not Lex Luthor, and Batman and Superman are not going to depose him. If Magneto was real, he would be in his 90s right now. Dr. Evil is a movie character. There are no evil magicians manipulating the world through Kaballistic Numerology. Two high level stock brokers making a deal on a golf course is not a conspiracy. Even if they did belong to Skull and Bones together, it is not a conspiracy.

Why bother doing anything about the state of the world when it’s all the Illuminati’s fault? Were I a member of the Bush misAdministration, I would be encouraging conspiracy theories as much as possible. I would be hiring on-line guerrilla marketers to post phony conspiracy evidence in chatrooms, social networks, and bulletin boards. I would be hiring ghost writers to produce books that “prove” the Mossad conspired with bin Laden, or that jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel girders. There is nothing that can effectively squash the investigation of real crimes as accusations and phony evidence of false crimes.

Conspiracy theories also serve an emotional need for stability. They assure the American public that there is indeed somebody in charge of their lives. Christianoids have Jesus running their lives, and Libertarians have Thomas Jefferson as their savior. Conspiracy Theorists have the International Jewish Conspiracy to blame their failures on. Conspiracy theories assure us that somebody is in charge even if that somebody is a James Bond villain.

The fact is, we are living in a Capitalist chaos with thousands of different factions maneuvering to take advantage of each other. The big fish are out to eat the little fish, and the rest of us are only here to buy gasoline from them. The United States Constitution gives us both the power and the responsibility to put a stop to this kind of capitalist chaos. We have the constitutional power to enforce limits and reasonable laws to end the abuse in government. We are the actual government, and we are not doing our jobs. It is much easier to put another $150 into the tank of the old SUV and blame the price on those damned Illuminati.

Ultimately conspiracy theories are an excuse to continue to avoid our responsibilities to ourselves, to our nation, and to the world. Nobody conspired to have us ignore the corporate abuses happening in the Middle East right now. Nobody conspired to have us ignore the warnings about Global Warning. Nobody forced us to listen to the Capitalist bullcrap spouted by the neocons. We all know the homeless are out there, we ourselves chose to ignore them. The state of the world is our fault, and only we can fix it.

It's not a Conspiracy, it's Just Business as Usual.

It's Not a Conspiracy, it's just Business